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Quality Archery Designs Ultra W-QURH Rest Quad Hunter,Review, 3.Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy Oak, Review, 4. This full-containment rest stays up as you draw and will remain up even if you let down on the draw. The main purpose of buying the best fall away arrow rest for hunting is to improve your archery skills. Performance & security by Cloudflare. Videos for related products. Account Order Status About . VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. LOL. No matter how well rated a rest is, overlook it if it is not compatible with your gear. 6. Watched a friend's break this year. The wait was well worth it. Bowtech Insanity Cpx SpecsI'm getting 331 fps out of my Bowtech Insanity CPX with 62 Ibs. Riser Interface, Epsilon Arrow Rest w/ Mathews Approved Bracket Installation Instructions, Exploded Parts View Epsilon w/ Mathews Approved Bracket, Exploded Parts View Epsilon w/ Universal Attachment Bracket, Hybrid Pro Arrow Rest Installation Instructions, Exploded Parts View Hybrid Target Arrow Rest, Exploded Parts View Hybrid Hunter Arrow Rest, Exploded Parts View Trinity Target Arrow Rest, Exploded Parts View Trinity Hunter Arrow Rest, Adjusting Drop-Tine Release Trigger Tension, United States Military and Law Enforcement. So is this true? With real experience and top-level engineering, it provides a clearer sight picture that eliminates left and right impacts caused by inferior clarifier systems.". For the full reviews, read further down. This is no way undermines its performance. I have 3 hamskeas. I will, however, recommend that you use the setup videos on You-Tube. My only true low moment was when I attempted a shot from my tree stand. Then watched a ripcord and a QAD freeze up to where they wouldn't drop in the snow this year. The latter adjustment makes it easy to set up your center shot as well as your rest height. Coil on the launcher arm to prevent bounce back. Great Value for the Money; if you are hunter, bow fisher. CD371EB8-461E-457A-A29C-A647A2BEE099.jpeg, 6A09B8A1-2F00-4A82-8EB5-E7F196382638.jpeg, 98126FD9-4D77-4BB1-8C3A-6CC278980760.jpeg. They'll probably be the last that I consider. The groups seem to have been shot by different people. Thus, it is the arrow rest of choice for hunters looking for a cheap arrow rest without compromising on quality. $239.95 New. To make it adjustable to arrows of different sizes, it also features a laser-cut felt. The full containment feature of this rest accommodated very many angles. DropForgedSurvival 388K subscribers The New GEN 7 Vapor Trail Pro V Rest is pretty Incredible for the Hunting Community. Brake system to tackle rest bounce-back. Vapor Trail Gen 7 ($159.99) Because the Vapor Trail Gen 7 is a dealer-only rest, don't expect to find it at your local box store. Thus, it is my hope that this article has been of great help to you. Lol. It beats cheaper models on almost every sphere of comparison. It features integrated roller bearings for smooth mechanics, and the full over-molded containment ring has a built-in sound dampening system. It was actually ripping fletchings off my arrows. The durability and solid design will enable you to pull in stubborn fish, hunt deer, and still shoot up the archery range. I prefer the limb driven. Another great feature of this arrow rest is the textured adjustment knob that allows you to adjust the rotation tension of the launcher shaft. Therefore, it is important to consider what material a drop away arrow rest is made of. There are worth the upgrade. For improved performance, use tailor made rests. One of the must have tools for modern hunters is the drop away arrow rest. $229.99 Vapor Trail Gen 7. The Pro V by Vapor Trail LimbDriver beings a high level of improvement to archery and bowhunting accessories and is essentially a good buy for the money. Behind its easy to set up nature is its side-to-side and vertical adjustment. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Join other outdoor enthusiasts who already get great content delivered right to their inbox. Hamskea InSight Peep Interview with Kyle Douglas; Rebound Dampener. It is very well built and the launcher springs are housed inside of two sealed bearings. Very many moving parts. Ask yourself this question, if a whitetail approached your stand while you slept, would you set up and shoot before it walks away or hears you? My guess is for someone to get an arrow off center like that, you'd have to draw the bow pretty damn torqued to one side. Stainless steel, Delrin, and CNC aluminum parts. Whether you hit the bulls-eye or both lungs is still up to you. Watch out; the Hamskea will soon be topping many arrow rest review. Prefer over QAD, of 3, 2 had to be replaced. You must log in or register to reply here. The opposite seems more likely but is not. Its simplicity is its greatest asset. Capture bar is curved increasing compatibility with many bow types. It may be a little pricey but well worth the extra dollars. The two pillars glide out of the way upon release; its been tested with rigs shooting 418 fps. Vapor Trail Gen Integrate 8. Everything about it screams quality, from the stainless steel bearing balls that on which the launcher shaft rides on to the zero tolerance technology. These are the two main benefits of using the best fall away arrow rest. Current members will need to follow these steps to upgrade: 1. Pricing is the only negative thing I could find with this rest. Would it be worth paying the extra to put on my bow, or should I just go with the Trinity? What rest do you guys prefer? Not only is it easy to set up it is also more accurate than other rests. $121.99 New. If you shoot longbows, drop downs, no matter how good they are, are all but useless to you., This seemingly simple logic is hard to grasp for many archers. Limb driven rests are the clearance solution. There are other factors to consider when buying a drop away arrow rest, these are; Remember: Don't buy any arrow rest for your hunting crossbow or recurve bow because they are useless and need lots of modification if you want to use them in crossbows. I like the blade style, but not those. Thus, the best hunting arrow rest is one crafted from stainless steel. Your email address will not be published. Trinity- co-founder Andrew Munsell discusses the similarities and differences of our TRINITY, HYBRID and PRIMER arrow rests. 1. It also isnt fussy about vane orientation. On the other hand, the drop dead internal brake system eliminates bounce back. . Otherwise, it is a pretty decent purchase. Carter Releases; Spot Hogg Releases; UltraView Releases; Peeps . Choosing a limb driven rest will save you a lot of headache. They will save you a lot of headaches. I also like a limb driven over a cable driven and think $250 is a little hefty as well. Sample of one here but my first bow had a QAD setup with a string activation on a fast Hoyt carbon spyder turbo. Hamskea Rebound Dampener Features and Technology; Hamskea - How To Install The Rebound Dampener; Sight Leveling . I'd like to hear some opinions about the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail delay vs the Keeley Magnetic Echo - if you wanted one delay, playing mostly clean, rock genre. From: TREESTANDWOLF 01-Mar-19 Vaportrail here also.! Although I've heard just as good reviews on Winner's Choice and 60x so it might be worth looking for the best bargain among the top contenders. I've install hundreds and had nothing but great luck. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Is it worth the upgrade? The Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest is a pretty pricey arrow rest. Ease of set up is another important factor to consider in your search for top rated drop away arrow rests. You can make very intricate adjustments for that perfect shot. I have even been hired to try out and suggest improvements for many a rest. Go with the best performer. I've been using the QAD now for three years and haven't had a single issue with it after 30k+ arrows through it. It addresses all the issues I have had with many a drop away arrow rest, namely: What I loved most about this rest is the fact that it is a full containment rest. Generally, this arrow rest is compatible with arrows of up to 4 inches shorter than those of other rival arrow rests. vapor trail vs hamskea. Super impressed with the Hamskea and micro tune. Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro Right Hand Microtune - Black Review Conclusion Things To consider Before Buying Best Arrow Rest After understanding yourself as an archer, here are requirements the rest must meet. Contrails may last a matter or seconds or persist several hours. Arrow Containment still needs improvement. Was back to shooting a minute or two later. Laser graduation for improved fine-tuning. Unlike other arrow rests, this rest supports up to 70% of the arrow during launch. Spending 250 on an "integrated rest" is a little much. Apparently, the best arrow rest for archery should also take noise levels into consideration. The design is innovative, and it works. The question what is the best type of arrow rest can be answered based on your preferences. One thing I like about the qad is how it stays locked up and holds the arrow in place. QAD seem to have salvaged its name with this rest. Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Series Drop Away Arrow Rest RH . It may not display this or other websites correctly. One thing I learned from many years of hunting is how to remain virtually soundless. Additionally, it should always be locked to avoid causing you harm. AroJac; Interviews. Input and output jacks are located on the crown of the box and a . It hasn't needed adjusting at all once I got it set up. Stainless steel is both durable and resistant to rusting. Hamskea Arrow Rest Comparison Andrew Munsell explains the difference between the Primer, Trinity and Hybrid series arrow rests. The Trinity Hunter Pro Arrow Rest simply outperforms all others combined! Former is analog, has the interesting TRS insert loop; latter sounds great and does some tape modulation (but is digital if that. I did have a containment cage break though. Are you changing your other bow over to a Hamskea too? I don't think they are anywhere near as tough as the Hamskea's. I will probably try the Hybrid Hunter on my next setup. I have both on my 2 different bows. i like them both. A rest that lasts you a couple of decades should be very welcome. Not saying the pro v is a bad rest. He told me that the noise agitates him as he aims. Advanced Search . 11-Oct-16. It is also silent and, therefore, perfect for tree stand hunting. Wyoming NR Special increase headed for the Gov's signature, FORLOH AllClima Softshell and AllClima Stretch Woven Pant Review, NEW built-in bubble level for quicker/easier setup, Proven limb driven system (same reliable torsion spring system since inception), Full capture carbon core containment cage (rubber overmolded). This side-loading full-capture rest uses the company's proven limb-driven system. It is one of the few arrow rest that can shoot straight down. Getting a second bow and am trying to decide what rest i want to use. It works well with a wide range of arrows. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. I just upgraded from the trinity and I'd say it's worth getting. Never have had a problem with a QAD. Your email address will not be published. Now that being said if you ready have a Trinity I'd hold off on upgrading and keep . Trophy Taker built a name for itself among western spot-and-stalk bowhunters (the company began in Montana), and the SD LockUp should continue this legacy. The click micro-adjust feature provides precise movements; each click moves the rest .003 inches. I cant imagine a better rest. The drop away arrow rest installation will depend on these two things; It needs to be quick to set up. It works great as well. They may be pricey, but they are Americas favorite fall away rest for a good reason. A marksman friend of mine also tweaked his gear to have minimal noise. But overall my choice is the Gen 7. For those that have used both, which do you prefer and why? This full-containment rest has a high-speed, stainless-steel launcher arm. The two smaller rate and depth knobs control the modulation section. There are many things I like about my Ultra-Rest HDX. I bought one , out it on my bow, took it off and ask my girlfriend if she wanted it and she said, I dont want that ugly piece of $&@. Hunters do not welcome sudden changes on equipment. Meaning that the rest drops away faster allowing my arrows to travel faster and unhindered. This new-for-2019 full-containment arrow rest provides micro adjustability for both windage and elevation, which makes for precise tuning. Plus I also hear that missing parts are not as common as they used to be. Personally, my groups do not show much difference when using different recurve bows. My RX-1 is supposed to ship next month. The W-QURH also has a camouflaged padding that really helps a stalking hunter. State of the art vibration management system. It is the best fall away arrow rest for short arrows. It also didnt fit my wife's Mathews stoke. contrail, also called condensation trail or vapour trail, streamer of cloud sometimes observed behind an airplane flying in clear cold humid air. A reasonably priced arrow rest, the QAD ultra W-QURH rest is a great arrow rest for hunting. Click on Account upgrades 3. It has a feature to accommodate each. Very easy to set up with easily available You-Tube set up videos. You are using an out of date browser. Durability is important if you want a bang for your buck purchase. Beginner to advanced concepts. The last factor considered was durability and versatility. whats the price of vapor trail run vs winners choice. I have had a QAD seize up on me before I switched to a smackdown pro. I also review whisker biscuits, and bowfishing rests for the die-hards who will not leave them for fall away rests. A contrail forms when water vapour produced by the combustion of fuel in airplane engines condenses upon soot particles or sulfur aerosols in the plane's exhaust. The Hamseka is just as simple to set up and if theres ever been a touch rest, the hamseka target is as good as it gets. It is not compatible with some popular bow types. I also loved the felt on this rests fork. Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro Right Hand Microtune BlackReview, Full containment;Noise reducing felt;Launcher arm stays up on let down, Noise reducing laser cut felt and cobber dampeners, Sleek curved capture bar for more versatility, Easily adjust the timing cord with Clamp or Cord Lock, Precision CNC aluminum, stainless steel and Delran components. If you don't want to bring your iPad into the bathroom, we can send you a magazine subscription for free! It comes with one of three mounting brackets: Hoyt, Mathews or Standard. This is the most comprehensive arrow rest overview we have produced, and will give you all the information you need to decide which arrow rest is best for your archery application. With the Mossy Oak, I was keener to find negative reviews. Zero Tolerance System to eliminate lateral play of shafts. As every archer knows, it is easier to adapt to a new rest than to a bow and arrow. 7. I give not only my review of the best arrow rest but, time-tested guides to choosing a rest right for you. Each type of arrow rest has many rests under its belt. Drop-away arrow rests are more sophisticated than their steel spring, or prong arrow rests. It also comes with a solid metallic frame. I just switched from the QAD. In other words, the use of the Berger hole is no longer needed. 6. Proven limb driven system (same reliable torsion spring system since inception) Adjustable spring tension Free-floating head Full capture carbon core containment cage (rubber overmolded) Side-load arrow gate All machined aluminum/brass. Built with better components, faster than a cable driven rest. Been shooting Vapor Trail for the last 11 years, has never let me down. The rest has the convenience of a Whisker Biscuit plus the agility of a fall away. My brothers have run newer rests from them for years though, with no issues. Rubber boots for low noise arrow loading, Worlds most-popular rest sought-out by bow hunters of all skill-levels, Reversible medium brown mount design for use with left- and right-hand bows, Easy corrections with advanced windage and elevation adjustments, Increased strength with the composite-encased biscuit, Speeds up retrieval and offers full containment of your arrow, Reversible to accommodate both left and right-handed. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. No one seems to find fault with this rest. Groundbreaking InSight. HAMSKEA Trinity Target RH Micro Tune - Black (5) Total Ratings 5. Built on AAE's proven Pro-Series frame, thenew full-capture, fall-away Prophecy rest has vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment for simple set up. Nevertheless, they are worth the price. I can see the rest improving a hunt, bow fishing, and target shooting. Extremely unfortunate. The Ripcord affords arrows very accurate flights. Finger released arrows flex to the horizontally. The biggest seller, for me, however, was its fine adjusting capabilities. I adjusted it to accommodate arrows as short as 22-inches. No issues. The only downside would be the price. Reply Quote. This drop away arrow rest qad is thus worth its rather hefty price tag. Comments on this site are submitted by users and are not endorsed by nor do they reflect the views or opinions of COLE Publishing, Inc. Easy to set up (if you ignore the manual and use one of the many You-Tube set up videos). A place where archery/bowhunting/crossbow enthusiasts can mingle and talk about their craft! monster10rackstack Decreased setting up time will be very helpful in the woods. You can learn Where to shoot a deer with a bow for single shot kill for improving your shot placement. Other features include: noise-reducing, lazer-cult felt on the launcher; centrally located thumb lever for cocking the Virtus; and patented latch-and-brake system for smooth, reliable performance. JavaScript is disabled. In this regard, it makes a great addition to any hunters arsenal of arrow rests. This is the rest for you if you want to have the edge over the competition. NO plastic. I was getting a lot of fletching strikes. I called the outdoorsman and was talking to them and they said the vapor trail was the best string they sold then winners choice. Here's another one. However, there is nothing inexpensive about the feel of this arrow rest. The LimbDriver Pro V is one of those rests that can make anyone feel like a robin-hood. I remember reading that one reason hunters dont like limb driven is because if u draw and let down , u cant just redraw. Lake Streeter, A Gun enthusiast, and loves to hunt in the middle of the wood. The Ripcord fall away arrow rest is a great rest that works with a wide variety of bows. Far Quieter than the Previous Version because when on the Hunt! The rest is very silent for its price. Even short arrow die-hards will have their day with this rest. Consistent arrow flight thanks to its braking system. A drop away arrow rest comes into contact with the arrow shaft during the first four to six inches of the arrow travel. So is the Apache really worth its price tag? For all you 600/1000 yard BR guys. saddleback tortoise vs domed tortoise / cat officers ranks in school / vapor trail vs hamskea. Made 100% in USA locally. First Look: Vapor Trail Pro-VX Arrow Rest 1,613 views Aug 9, 2021 25 Dislike Share Save HuntStand 56.6K subscribers Team HuntStand was among the first to test the exciting, crazy-accurate new. The Hamskea Hybrid Hunter can best be described as a lighter version of the well-known versa rest platform. I just know the hamskea has never given me any reason to try it. Eight sided compression clamp on the lever. It is one rest that I am tempted to tag as a one-fit-all rest due to its versatility. Crafted from top quality materials, this arrow rest will serve you for a long time. I'll probably just leave it on the gt500 or sell it and the rest of my bows are getting hamskeas. Similar to the set-up, tuning this arrow rest is also simple. RUGGED & LIGHT - The Hybrid Target Pro takes design elements from the proven VersaRest platform in a more streamline package that is 20% lighter, ZERO STOP TECHNOLOGY - The Hybrid Hunter Pro adopts adjustment features like Zero Stop Technology for the up and down positions of the launcher which makes for an absolute repeatable launcher position ensuring accuracy, ULTIMATE ACCURACY - Coupled with the 8-sided, non-slip, compression clamp design of the lever arm and the anti-bounce back dampening coil give you all the elements for ultimate tunability to maximize your accuracy, DURABLE & QUIET - The containment bracket is completely covered in a soft-shell rubber type coating wrapped around a composite core structure for durability and quietness, EASY SETUP - To make setup easy and fast, the Hybrid Hunter Pro comes standard with the Universal Limb Clamp Assembly that can be adjusted to put the patented in-line dampening coil under the exact tension for optimum performance. There is more to this amazing product such as the fine-tuningfor the performance boost. I can't remember if it actually even knocked the rest out of alignment, maybe, but there was just a mark on it and that was about it, pretty much as good as new. Going to be hard for me to switch from a Hamskea but I'm intrigued, to say the least. In this regard, this is an ideal arrow rest for anyone wishing to make the transition from a whisker biscuit to an arrow rest. 2. I havent used the vapor trail but love both of my trinity rests on my elite option 7 and my new VXR 31.5. either way I think you will be golden both are proven rests. Arrow rests are the modern archers weapon against the paradox. Ive not had the trinity but had the hunter micro and its a great rest so much versatilitybut for me the gen 7 is so simple and lightweightI just appreciate the simplicity and have gone back to the vapor trail again. JavaScript is disabled. I had the pleasure of using a Schaffer Archery XV rest on a Mathews TRIAX during the 2018 deer season. I went with trinity and never wished for more, however the epsilon being 50$ more then trinity Id just get the epsilon. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Therefore, when you want to tune this rest all you do is loosen the adjustments. What really got me was the accuracy. I gotta agree with what's been posted.. light weight, simple , reliable and accurate. It is also made of very, VERY durable materials. I seem to recall arrows getting wedged between the Hamskea launcher arm and containment loop in the early goings, up to the Trinity at least, resulting in an arrow that was not centered for the shot. Do not let the price discourage you. 4. V- arrow rest containment ensures that the arrow is always where it should be. Too many moving parts increase the risk of mechanical failures. As the pioneer arrow rest with limb-driven technology, its fine-tuning option offers great performance. For starters, it offers 360 degrees of arrow containment. While each one is different, they all share a single trait: When set up correctly, these rests are dependable and capable of outstanding accuracy. For hunters, noise spooks away game. 6. Schaffer Archery XV rest in the open (left) and closed position. An inline cord clamp makes it easy to set cord tension, and a double ball bearing drive ensures smooth operation. Is that true of both of these? I've seen them just sh*t the bed for no reason, and I've seen them ice up in cold weather and refuse to drop, and I've had them stop dropping reliably. I rank the best fall away arrow rests. NB: A left hand version of this rest is also available. Thus, most drop away arrow rests have a hefty price tag attached to them. $199.99 New. The Trophy Taker SD LockUp wont drop until you release an arrow. Gen2Pro Third Axis Level; Hamskea . So, how do you pick out the best arrow rest between various arrow rest types? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The mounting brake is a little too large for some bows. 2. Your email address will not be published. I dont know if this helps you because I am still adjusting to it but that is my reason going with Hamskea. The rod loads evenly down the length of the blank, but there is enough flex in the tip to work pencil poppers with ease. Peep System "The Insight Peep System is a breakthrough in peep systems. Maybe the VT is just as good. While drop away arrow rests are generally harder to install than other types of arrow rests you can find easy to set up arrow rest. Locking feature that prevents bounce back and vibration, Used rubber dampeners for noise reduction. Anyone ever had any issues with the arrow bouncing around or anything in a Hamskea? Before settling on a drop away arrow rest do some research first. I am a seasoned hunter with good experience with rests. The Vapor Trail series of rods, which consists of six blanks in medium, heavy and extra heavy models from 11 to 12 feet in length, feature a moderate, parabolic action that I have always preferred for working the surf. Do not let the fear of missing parts keep you from buying yourself this magnificent rest. It affords archers very good angles and is very durable. I went with trinity and never wished for more, however the epsilon being 50$ more then trinity I'd just get the epsilon. The Ultra W-QURH boasts of impressive features at an affordable price. N.B. It wasnt till I was bare shaft tuning and noticed the arm still up after the shot that we figured it out. Learn how your comment data is processed. That being said, the above drop away arrow rest reviews will help you find the best drop away arrow rest. Am I totally overthinking that? We've been working hard the past few weeks to come up with some big changes to our vendor policies to meet the changing needs of our community. As such, it is not surprising that this is the priciest arrow rest on this list. This arrow rest attaches to a bows downward moving buss cable. 5. 3. $ 199.99. That said, my biggest concern was having a cable or string running down to my limb. Some rests are very noisy. It is better than its predecessor and beats its closest competitors on all aspects of design. JavaScript is disabled. Hunters can raise the launcher arm by pushing a button or simply drawing the bow string. I said thats y Im offering it to you. Click to play video. Had it to the pro shop many times trying to diagnose the issue. The containment bracket is covered in a rubber cover that ensures minimal noise. Frequent visitors of this website might have seen two previous articles that highlighted some of the top bowhunting products I saw during my 3-day visit to Louisville for the 2019 Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show. I have always displayed poor groups every time I delay follow up shots. dropdown to the dropdown container. Before buying a rest, research on its performance. The Vapor Trail covers classic analog delay textures with ease. Comes with a setup DVD to aid setting up. However, given that it is easy to set up, this top drop away arrow rest can be used by virtually any hunter. Hamskea Arrow Rests; Ripcord Arrow Rests; Vapor Trail Rests; Stabilizers . It is a skill that sets apart pro-hunters from the rest of the pack. 2. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. On the other hand, the patented cam/break feature allows for increased spring tension. Is it really not a problem? And yet you dont see any drop away rest on the bows of the pro shooters but the Hamseka rest. I've used a versa rest for years. The Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V rest is truly a wonder arrow rest to use. I'll have to confirm that once the final run comes in! Drop away arrow rests are considered to be high-end rests. Plus the QAD's are cable driven which I don't like. Included in the package is a set of screws and a bolt that you use to attach the rest to your bow. Bowtech Insanity CPX By Hunting NetworkJanuary 16, 2012 16 Comments The all new Insanity CPX from Bowtech uses the best industry changing technologies from the Destroyer and Invasion CPX and amped them up to insane level. Ive had the Hamskea Hybrid hunter for a season now and I wont be switching anytime soon. Click here to see a full review of the rest by Bowhunting World Editor-in-Chief Jace Bauserman. NB:For improved performance, use tailor made rests. $249.99 Vapor Trail Gen 7x. If you have not yet tried any of them, pick one and get back to us on the comments section. Ive owned both. Upwards of 70% arrow cycle support for increased arrow holding capabilities. so server type drop down exist on another page ServersNames. We want to hear from you. Confession: I was late to the full-containment arrow rest party, but the XV rest made me a believer. Im running the Mathews qad integrated rest on my v3 but I keep hearing great stuff about Hamskeas and Im looking at the new epsilon model. They are rust proof and last long. Once set up, this rest awed me. It's now on a gt500 and works great but I dont like the fact that I've had so many issues with it fitting on bows. 6. Additionally, its mossy oak color is appealing and makes it blend in perfectly in the field. Performance is critical for every Bowman. I seen a video and the vapor trail rep said they where coming out with adapter to make it where the Gen 7 would be able to run off bottom limb???

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