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? Is That Dragon Can Place In a Light Habitat Or Just In A Legendary Habitat? February 23, 2021. Can I please just get a main link with this page to help me out? Does anybody know which monster to breed for vadamagma or another legendery except arch knight? hey this really a good website but what really weird is that electrex n scrochpeg make life legendry which weird because electrex is a uncommon not a epic monster n by the way do u have to place legendry monsters in a legendry habbitat or can they stay at their other habbitat e.g vandamaga since its a flame legendry can you place in a flame habbittat, I Hope theres an Event that Legendary be buy worth of GOLD 5million, why Gold Core has Low Stats?? just try to breed always. Can someone tell me which legendary monster is strong and that can help me in adventure map in Magic island. that is how I know. (Firanda still comes in some of the Mistery Eggs.). vadamagma has insane attacks.ignite ground,mars punch,portable vulcano and burning cut!!! it was proven by mating my higher level monsters multiple times and coouldnt get the ones i wanted they have to be below level 10! Collect monsters, choose different sets of skills and boost your strategy in action-packed battles. How do you add people as friends? add me guys i need monster legend friends, Ginie+mersnake=drop elemental GOT IT AFTER (AROUND 20) TRIES. this is so not acoount was reset to lvl 1 BloomskipsTime: 0:13:00:00Odds: 8.33%Expected: 5:18:35:05 Have anyone kimmels gift , teddy fear , rosanha etc. DF There are also some elements that dont fall into these categories. asa, Why? Mining helps you to collect resources to upgrade your laboratories and to perform researches. please fixed the bug in pvp when i use skill its will lag, you actually get gastosquish more than Musu. Why in this list there is no 3 hour list? Being a month shy to celebrate its sixth anniversary, the game has gone through a lot of updates and developments over the years. I got razfeesh by breeding mersnake and flipoch. I was wondering how I the legendary habitat just appeared in my storage. Its weaknesses include the water and nature but have immunity to blind spells. Mia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia KiaraMia Kiara. im discourage on this game many Errors Admin wont help me with my Problems -_-. Dark monsters should focus their attacks on Earth beasts when possible while avoiding the obvious Light element. its a bad game. Look in your Market under the Featured tab to find returning breedable dragons. ^^, i have a rocknatium but no legend habitat can it b placed in earth habitat? Shock TurtleTime: 0:06:00:00Odds: 14.00%Expected: 3:16:34:48 Its natural habitat is Earth, Magic, and its weaknesses are dark magic, nature. Its now all completely wrong. I just saw a recipe for Fire Lion is that new? Can someone tell me which breeding is the best to get legendary monster by trying one time Skipples + skipples OR scorchpeg + scorchpeg? Ive tried 16x to get Darknubis with Tyranoking and genie the odds are 33%. Is it confirmed?? Do i really need to reach lvl 25 1st before Im able to breed any legendary monster? how to breed arch is simple pandaken+thundress simple. Nothing listed as such. 01231654+45797+*43446-4-74574-765464+45er4t543467tdrg455666666 10.0865498714562879213554896548551455554544554458sdt. can a legendary monster like vadamagma can live in fire habitat? . Tyrannoking + Light Spirit = Fayemelina (3 days 1 hours), Given the percentages by the calculator ask yourself DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?. can you tell me , wow just bred a djinn-terracrankegg returns in 16 hours which = genie , i have now my first legendary the nemestinus. sasa i need help on how to breed the new monsters. IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET WOLFKAMI AND IROCKMAN WHITE BREEDING? I have confirmed this twice. ?? Basically, Monster legends are all about the monsters and breeding them to create your own epic monster. i tried to get thorder ,i did the combination for about 5 times but still i cant get the legendary monster., does the level of monster affect on what will be the result in breeding? I wonder how much they are worth selling them? why all the monsters life is now low,even the legendary? wtf i lost all my gift,i dont accept them yet.can someone help and tell me what is going on? do anyone knows the confirmed combination for arch knight.. please please please. The Breeding Process The actual process of pairing two monsters to create a more dominant beast is straightforward. what are these numbers under the tribute sign. The best level to breed MUSU with PANDALF is 20 and above. What might it be please. Scorchpeg + scorchpeg is not working, and according to me nebotus and goldfield should be breedable as they give 20000xp im lv 18 and dont know should i grow up which monster. hji . Check out the How to Breed pages for: Do Not Sell My Personal Information Exercise your consumer right to opt out. Need to get Musu, going have to wait I wish they had a cancel breeding thing lol. RaaneTime: 0:21:00:00Odds: 6.00%Expected: 3:10:43:12 thanks i have got 10 legendarys now and all different . Thanks.. Terracrank + Fliploch = Rockantium So Lord of the Atlantis + Sheluke can result in Treezard and Mersnake (plus the hybrids that were already showing). i dont want to get thorder again. s I finally got one but had to switch the breeding pairs never got one with this combo. Give me some monster name to breed which i can get duchess, musu rhynex goldcore and pandalf are nowhere to be seen in the legend combos. electrex x turtle = 6 hours. A Light Spirit cannot breed with a Fire-based monster because they are considered opposite elements. I help out all neighbors in need, Pandalf +firekong =terracrank and duchesse tararus, Add me! Breeding, research, mining, and evolution are a few of the most important gameplay concepts in almost every multiplayer game available on almost any platform. Well that sucks. But, the thing is that even if you have a legendary, you cannot put it in any other habitat except Legendary habitat. Do you have the same problem? The first of each parent Monster must initially be teleported from their Natural islands (Shugabush can be bred on Plant Island and its Mirror Island). I dont know what is this yet :)~. does your system is not stable and not consistent about rules? how am i enjoy playing your games if the game itself did not follow the set of rules you made ? what we will get when we breed rhynex level 20 and dolphchamp level 8, hlzjkvnjzjohzokkhtth,t.ghuzzjutzuhh76ul jlzuhjzut6tc-.lpdf ffldlfflg flghzzlgplt fkfrlgptop ktkgbgklb frigttrtzi5gplb6lplkpz,optzplhlp6lppp6p7+u6u76iu767i788i87i8+8+899 jtzo0p7pupio+o76z7ubtpzlp gklt5tko gl bvklp erkb, is there new breedable Monster?? These are the types of questions that many new players ask when they begin playing. i alway been attacked by the arena It has a lifeforce value of 11,007, 2,510-speed value, and stamina worth 110 points. dolphchamp+genie=drop elemetal 100 percent, Add me. add me to facebook I play every day and need friends who play monster legends. Terracrank + Fliploch = Rockantium i need just habitat and upgrade dark temple to lvl 3, BTW, i noticed some people have the exact same monsters as me but with much higher stats and better attacks at the same level. LMBO! The following are some well-known Dark breeding pairs along with the resulting hybrids for each. Add me for monster legends and Dragon city, hey friends i have got my first legendary monster rockantium, if someone needs some friend for playing monster legends, add me, Add me ! Today is the first day I have gotten Monsters from there, I am overly excited! honestly with all the monsters available and limited space they need a storage building for them so you dont have to sell to make room for breeding Electrex + Scorchpeg = Nemestrinus once I get them to level 20 and up Ill be unstopable. percent? I breeding Hellberus and musu can someone please tell me.what it will be? Play it daily! Volzerk: Monsters And Lands Unknown is a cross-breeding action RPG on mobile. There is a bug in the calculator. You give only Gastorsquish for this pairing. Destiny 2 Guided Games. Pandalf + Terracrank = Goldfield. please i need skiples and duchess givee meeeee that plisss, I already unlucky all of the monster and legendary. ), Ok, thanks. But there are a few rules to breeding that youll need to keep in mind. The number of trials is still relatively low, but until someone can show evidence of an Epic resulting from such a combination I think its right to make the change. Lol. i got 1 million white my habitats and how get 5 million because i got attaked all 5 min!!!!!! Opposite elements are: Fire/Light Nature/Electric Water/Dark Nature/Magic This means you cannot use the single element monster and breed directly with the other. PS: i am gonna get another legend(duchess+scorchpeg=vadamagma)!!! KoopiggTime: 0:08:00:00Odds: 14.00%Expected: 3:14:51:36 There are just so many options when it comes to the many different types of monsters that exist in Monster Legends. who has got it? i mean.Thorder can be in Thunder habitat or cant. But, the thing is that even if you have a legendary, you cannot put it in any other habitat except Legendary habitat. Tap the monsters you want to breed and wait for them to make an egg. Both at level 30. Some monsters are impressive, some are just a b See more 5,011,290 people like this Should I try Duchess first and Skipples second? i breed fliploch+fliploch and i got rocantium in 1. try. k guys how is it that some players monsters seem to have insane health. So now Ive been too slow to breed a legendary You can use other combinations to get the monster you want. if so would you plz share it, would like a 100% chance brred for a damn razfeesh anyone know of 1 or 1 that has a very good chance of sucess, i know all monster breding i completed 100 levels of monster legends s a have all monsters coz i dnt hav odin?? Need to add Shanky to the Breeding Calculator as an offspring from Razfeesh & Drop Elemental and Fliploch & Fliploch. Monster Legends is a multifaceted role-playing game that involves a number of different activities. I never started doing them and never built a arena so Im making money for upgrades and food with no problem. RockillaTime: 0:00:02:00Odds: 25.00%, I dont think I am getting any one of them, Ive breed skipples lvl 13 and duchess lvl 10. Fayemelina + Fliploch = Nebotus, nakakuha ako ng legendary nemstrinus pero benenta ko dahil wala akong pera na 5m. In addition, breeding two Mersnakes together typically produces another Common Mersnake but can occasionally result in an Epic Razfeesh. haiz if i get legendary monsters , but i not ENOUGH gold to buy the habitat!!!! add nyo ako totoruan ko kyo paano i breed ang mga gsto nyong monsters.. to get komocat you play in a cellphone with wifi. The following are some well-known Earth breeding pairs along with the resulting hybrids for each. Uncommons can be fed up to level 60. !!! is it tht my chances of getting epic and rare dragon increases if the monsters i am breeding are fully evolved??? For example, earth monsters are brown or green, water monsters are blue or red, and fire monsters are orange or yellow. As the Panda is replaced by Treezard.. what does this mean Were sorry but PVP in under maintenance please check later? so much What Is a Mythic Monster in Monster Legends. Another Shanky from Razfeesh and Drop Elemental. The cool thing about these hybrid monsters is that if you pair them with another hybrid monster, they can have brand new abilities for you to collect. iala brai hada achno radi ndir Dolphchamp. plzz answer me joseph. You can use the table provided in this guide to sort the name of different species. Start out byselecting the Breeding Mountain, located on your island near the Hatchery. jungle peanuts for 45 mins only not 6 hours and rinbow snowpeas for 1 hr not 12 hours. add me up. The most prominent characters in group B are Dr. Wattz and Metalbeat. The highlighted character in group D is Kralik. you know maybe goldfield and nebotus are breedable. is there any other way to breed lord of atlantis without useing razfeesh? Please help me, monster legend yang mengasikan dalam peperangan sugeng,yanto,rovi,muhammad lutfhy,dan ferdiandan pikimon, i breed rabidex +taetarus and get thorder, alguien q m ayude kon la combinacion de drop elemental y razfeesh. Rhynex + Rhynex = (4 Hour). Each of these elements has a specific color. Scorchpeg + Duchess = Vadamagma., I am working on it. . Djinn and Pelitwhirl. Rabidex + Skipples = Thorder Monsters with water in their DNA are likely to douse the flames of Fire-based beasts. wow,, i got rudicius,,, Let me know if it's Obsidia. the life points in monster book change ?? I have no clue if it matters what order they go in just an observation hun. Looking for daily players to help each other out add me. For that, you have to work hard in the game or use quick tools like dragon city cheats . mersnake x treezard = dendrosaur? Hope its good !!! 3) State-based actions are checked. Breeding two single-element monsters (also known as common monsters) usually results in a basic hybrid (known as uncommon monsters) or, if you're lucky, the outcome can be a rare monster or even an epic monster. Furthermore, you can buy it only when you have 1700 gold, 25,200 XP. PLEASE add me on Dragon City & Monster Legends EVERYBODY!!! u I breed famalina and succuba and it takes 13 hours which doesnt match any of these.

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