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It truly means nothing if our council is having to make decisions which . I couldve hugged him. Other entries in the diary recall Baxter speaking of a desperate clinging to privacy and the rejection of a potentially hostile world. Sometimes it can blur ones sense of right and wrong. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. In 1970, with The Stanley Baxter Show a huge BBC hit, he moved out of their house and took the apartment in Highgate Village that would be his refuge for the rest of his life. For a nation still mourning the loss of Eric Morecambe, Baxter another survivor of the gentler, pre-television days of variety theatre seemed ready to succeed to the title of Britains Favourite Comedian. Helen Wright, 67, and Moira Robertson, 65, were also snared with 51,000 in cash at a . There had been no mystery about the retirement, said Lennie, who talked about the physical demands of changing costumes so often. So I asked if he was aware that there had been a piece in the Sun over the summer, calling for Baxter to come back to television. But he did not understand what he was feeling till he met Bill Henry, a schoolmate with blond hair and a taste for intellectual books. Moira Robertson was the wife of actor Stanley Baxter. Stanley Baxter specials became vanishingly rare: one at Christmas 1976, the next at Easter 1979. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? This is it, I thought, suddenly breathless. No. Managing a portfolio of SME clients across a range of sectors and complexities. Technology means that readers can shape a discussion. My names Cole Moreton, from the Independent on Sunday. But she did mention several times there was something wrong with Moira, that her emotional balance wasn't quite right. Yet, I had all sorts of excuses for developing a relationship. (this was eventually broadcast on Radio 2 earlier this week). The spotlight was his. Stanley asked . Can I call you tomorrow, then, to see if youve changed your mind? Not to the Press. Surely his peers would wish to pay homage? 'If you can sing, dance, play a musical instrument or whatever,' the announcement read, 'please apply'. Fine, but not much help to me. It was a dark day. No. I believed that no-one in our family should be anything but a star.. A Gannett Company. , updated Marcus was a constant support. Just a decade ago, his annual television spectaculars were as much a part of Christmas as turkey and hangovers: in December 1985, more than 14 million people tuned in to watch the monkey-faced Scotsman mimic the Queen, in a lavish show that included a full-scale orchestra and battalions of dancers. What Williams didnt know, however, was the pressure Stanley had been under. The lavish, multi-layered dresses worn by classic pantomime dames are built on a bodysuit of gripping Lycra whose fierce constriction can leave the body raw and bruised by the end of each performance. Retirement, at the relatively early age of 63, was total. They went on a trip to Amsterdam together in 1964, although Williams who described their sitting in clubs with a load of poofs returned to Britain early. ', Until, inevitably, it did. Moira asked me what was wrong and I said something about the emotion of it all. Fine, I said. Also known as. Tayside & Stirling. OK. If there was one place where he could still feel at home, it was the world of Scottish pantomime. We are read by an informed, educated readership who can add their knowledge and insights to our stories. Stellenbosch Chiropractic founder, Moira Robertson, has been living and working as a Chiropractor in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 2003 - 2015. Mildly discouraged, I tried another approach: Melvyn Bragg, who had been head of arts at LWT when Baxter was at his peak. almost as often as a chambermaid turns down bed sheets.'. Moira Robertson Managing Director Alpha Events/Business Facilitator/Sales Coach London. He adds, his voice dark: 'The truth is, I don't really want to be me.'. Writer and broadcaster, Interviewer of the Year for the Mail, winner of Radio Academy gold with BBC Radio 4. The Real Stanley Baxter. It is that he has carefully, precisely and often cruelly embodied the particular woman herself. Should I have taken her to Cyprus? Having worked in Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore and London and across numerous sections, including finance, procurement, defence and e-commerce . Home; Uncategorized; moira robertson baxter; Posted on January 19, 2023; By . Im not entirely sure who I am. No. Actor Stanley Baxter has come out at the age of 94 revealing his late wife Moira gave her blessing for him to bring men home. Another professional acquaintance was prepared to talk anonymously, but only about his retirement (Nureyev kept going until he was censured and taken apart at the seams for coming on stage when he was obviously dying. Instead, Baxter told Moira he could no longer live with her. 293 followers. And so, Robertson & Baxter was formed. . 'I was going to top myself,' he says. If you are dissatisfied with the response provided you can He plays in Scotland to capacity every time, but thats not the point. Carrying a plastic shopping bag. The honeymoon night predictably was a disaster. A year later, on March 5, 1952, the train sped west to Moiras parents home in Dumbarton for the ceremony. He felt guilty when he moved out, unable to share a home with her any longer. Moira Robertson, 65, was snared with 51,000 of cash and 24,000 of cocaine at her home on June 20, 2019. And the sex was fine not rockets going off or anything.. If it doesn't work out, you just get divorced and you move on. And my father replied with a very heavy voice, No, it's not as easy as that., The following Monday, the Scottish Daily Express wrote of the 'quiet' wedding. by | Jan 25, 2023 | when do pecan trees lose their leaves | congestion worse after sinus rinse | Jan 25, 2023 | when do pecan trees lose their leaves | congestion worse after sinus rinse It was time, I decided, to find him myself, face-to-face, in the hope that he might talk. But although the urgency had gone, the curiosity remained. fermer et acceptez . And he said dismissively, 'Oh yes, I've had all my friends'.'. 'I turned down too many parts . Auditions were in Singapore and, after arriving there in December 1946 by flying boat, he was taken under the wing of a stooped, grey-haired man with a dusty moustache and a strident, nasal voice. He was sent to India, and then further East to Burma, where he was promoted to corporal and assigned duties as a typist (Class 3). He is completely woven into the Scottish psyche, says Mary Brennan, a critic for the Herald. So: a legend. And since that time he hasnt been able to surrender the thought had he not married the fragile, vulnerable woman she may have lived more of a happy life. but not to publish it. . Our story. We do not pre-moderate or monitor readers comments appearing on our websites, but we do post-moderate in response to complaints we receive or otherwise when a potential problem comes to our attention. She once flew to Belfast to be "reunited with the spirit of [theatre director] Tyronne Guthrie." By 1999, he was fearful that an unauthorised biography might be commissioned against his wishes. He is an intelligent guy, and he likes to know who hes talking to. But immediately afterwards she was so sorry.'. He rang back the next day, but the news was bad. This site is part of Newsquest's audited local newspaper network. Well, it was worth a go. People who knew you knew the shorthand and the jargon. Moira was dead on her bed from an overdose. His last was Mother Goose, at the Kings Theatre, Glasgow, in 1991. He couldnt say when Baxter was expected next, but took my number to pass on. joseph simon araneta marcos educational background; smith and wesson model 19 classic problems; national high school golf invitational 2022; has alex wagner had her baby He reckoned it would at least a few years before the couple arrived at Wedding Central. She would go off to our bedroom and let me take the one opposite.'. His biographer Brian Beacom examines why the brilliant Scots entertainer with a thousand faces refused to show his real one to the world. Although we'd spend lots of time in each other's beds, nothing happened. I still don't. Jacobs convinced the court that Baxter could not have been 'soliciting' when he was arrested because, apart from two policemen, there was no one else in the lavatories. At the same time, Moira's mental health deteriorated. Moira Robertson Doctor at CHUV Lausanne. 11:52 EST 31 Oct 2020. Stanley's wife of over 45 years Moira Robertson died in 1997 . contact the editor here. It was a golden period for British film-making, and he appeared in mildly successful black-and-white movies like the Highland comedy Geordie and Very Important Person, in which he starred alongside James Robertson Justice and Leslie Phillips. By His relationship with Marcus deepened and continued until the younger man died of lung cancer four years ago, though the two never lived together. ' Friends suddenly shunned him, fearful of guilt by association. His father was a branch manager of Commercial Union while his mother would have liked to have been an actress, When the family agreed that acting was respectable his mother took him round halls where he gave renderings of Harry Lauder and . Absolutely not? I was apprehensive about getting involved for all the obvious reasons. But not a complete no: perhaps, hed said, perhaps yours will be the one. My call was answered by Mr White himself, who seemed suspicious of my reasons for ringing. You can make a complaint by using the report this post link . He went on to star in a children's series called Mr Majeika, about a schoolteacher who is actually a wizard. Very boring!' It wasnt like theatres of today, which are heavily populated with gay people. Baxter staged full-scale MGM musicals and played every role. One night on his way home he was arrested after being entrapped by North London police in a toilet and charged with Importuning. There was nothing like his dames, who entered in outfits sumptuous enough for Danny LaRue, but who could drop into rough Glaswegian patois at a moments notice. In 1944, his call-up papers arrived. Stanley had to move out, he says, for the sake of his own sanity. He was left with a terror of being held up to public shame. There was to be no further co-operation. Any camper attached to a vehicle registered in Washington must be licensed in Washington; the RV Disposal Fee applies. Baxter began his career as a child actor on BBC Scotland and later became known for his British television comedy shows The Stanley Baxter Show, The Stanley Baxter Picture Show, The Stanley Baxter Series and Mr Majeika.. Baxter has also written a number of books based on Glasgow. From beyond the grave, Williams talked about him more frankly and perhaps imaginatively than any living friend would. But it was because I knew I'd made the biggest mistake of my life.. Then one night she invited me for my favourite spaghetti up to her little rented flat at 65 Clouston Street and I was seduced back into bed again., The appetite sated, Stanley reckoned the only way to break off the relationship once and for all was to be entirely honest with Moira. He says now that he'd known for years that he found men more attractive than women, because at the Saturday morning cinema club he could not take his eyes off the half-naked Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan, rather than Maureen O'Sullivan's Jane. Instead, he was arrested. She wandered, like Ophelia through Hamlet, but she would have moved to the ends of the earth for me.. Thinking about that took me back to my first major feature for the IOS, commissioned as an act of reckless faith by the editor Ian Jack and Richard Askwith, who ran the Review magazine and remains one of the finest copy editors I have ever come across. And why shouldn't he? ', Stanley was terrified. It said, words to the effect of, 'I'll let you off if you don't want to marry me'. He told Moira the relationship was over. In 1997, he decided to spend a month at the villa they owned in Cyprus. Moira wasnt entirely unhappy with the situation. As I approached the flats, a figure bundled up in odd layers of clothing and a heavy overcoat came towards me, and turned towards the gate. The changing weather had given me a cold, so the stout went straight to my head, and the meal was tasteless. He later recalled trying to use his scripts to hide hands encrusted with coal dust, an early indication of the self- consciousness that was to become as ingrained as the coal.Invalided out of the mines with an ear problem, Baxter joined the left- wing Unity Theatre in Glasgow. Baxter had married Moira Robertson, an actress at the Citizens Theatre, in the early Fifties. Alpha Events. Which is not good, when youre in your sixties, is it? bclc lotto app not working; signs your internship will turn into a job; mary suehr schmitz. Pull out the pin, and its every man for himself. What could he do? Stanley Baxter. One of them might be him, I thought. This builders daughter and art school graduate was a clever and attractive, if rather ethereal, young woman. This is no mean achievement. No. . I was utterly overwhelmed. tomo salem nh happy hour madiga caste surnames fraser river pollution damien zachary cord rust oleum home floor coating instructions hurricane middle school football schedule fixed practice advantages and disadvantages etobicoke ircc appointment david braley health sciences centre dermatology lisbon australia population baker botts partner . Anyone who can dress up as Judy Garland with a nose like his and get away with it, has to be a genius. Moira; Spouses . This wasnt unrestrained hyperbole. Actors have agents, and Baxters was listed in various theatrical yearbooks as David White Associates. Chic, with hooded eyes, Moira could have been Bette Davis's younger sister. Im not giving any interviews at the moment. An edge in his voice. He has a talismanic quality that makes people feel hes very much in touch with their lives, and then suddenly, out he zooshes looking really rather sexy. "Stanley Baxter and his wife Moira were secretly married in the drawing room of the bride's house in Dumbarton. This website and associated newspapers adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation's Im not sure that Stanley would say it just now, but he had this kind of sexual whats the expression? It was so long ago, the production team was disbanded straight after the last show, and theres nobody left here who worked on it. And he met Moira Robertson, a 22-year-old who had worked her way up from the wardrobe department to the stage. Early on she used to say, That woman's following you around like a wee dug! And she was right. Unknown to Stanley, Moira had ditched her medication and the demons raged again. He kept phoning all the time, telling me there was something special between us. The rest was silence. Anxious, he took a taxi to the house. And she was very good about letting them go to bed with me. Moira Robertson could be forced to hand over 45,000 after being jailed . Other cuttings described him as practically a recluse. You can tell Ive talked to the press before, cant you? But the question is also intriguing: how could someone who once inspired such affection slip from the public gaze so completely, in so short a space of time? Would it have happened anyway? The Real Stanley Baxter by Brian Beacom is published by Luath Press Ltd, 20. To pre-empt that, he agreed to let me tell his story . X En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l'utilisation de Cookies pour vous proposer des publicits cibles adapts vos centres d'intrts et raliser des statistiques de visites. She called him her Sonny Boy and, as his precocious talent emerged, had him perform at every family gathering. It was the one and only time she had ever reacted in this way. Look, do you mind? The tracks had long been covered by this time last year, when Ian Jack, then editor of the Independent on Sunday and (being a Scot) a Stanley Baxter fan, issued his decree. Comments have been closed on this article. You mustn't let that worry you. When Baxter retired in 1872 . And although she was a good cook, she wasn't very good at washing. Hello, Mr Baxter. By then, he had fallen in love for the first time. Instead, he withdrew from the showbiz world. STANLEY BAXTER has come out as gay at the age of 94 in a brave statement in his new biography, The Real Stanley Baxter, as the veteran actor admitted he brought men home with his "understanding" wife's blessing. Alec Guinness and John Gielgud had both been charged with Importuning. He directed shows himself, calling extra rehearsals if things were getting even a little sloppy mid-run, and coming down hard on anyone who attempted to ad lib. dexter cattle for sale in missouri, vista murrieta freshman football schedule, allison dubois joe klupar, moj sop login, maria de jesus medical condition simian, paige niemann pictures, ctv news regina personalities, curiosities and oddities shop, maine bob marley comedian family, motorcycle accident yesterday near new york, ny, columbia grading curve, moira robertson baxter, medicine hat [] Bill had girlfriends, but he spent almost all his spare time at the Baxter house, sitting in Stanley's bedroom and talking till the small hours about art and philosophy, 'until we fell asleep, exhausted'. Dressed in a sailor suit, his hair tonged in waves, he did impersonations of Laurel and Hardy, and Mae West. How? Im a character actor. Anybody who survived the Fifties is very adept at covering their trail, she said. (Later in my quest, I rang the clubs charming PR woman. . Robertson Baxter. Read the full biography of Moira Robertson, including facts, birthday, life story, profession, family and more. . But there was no chance of a reconciliation. Then youve got the orchestra, and dancers. Those ads you do see are predominantly from local businesses promoting local services. Hes not there anyway. The showbiz world is rife with tales of heartbreak, loneliness, wasted talent and regrets. Well, I spoke to your television company, and they said you might be doing some soon. Since then, he has been completely absent from stage or television, and rarely even mentioned in print. In December 1965, Baxters wife Moira suggested that Williams and her husband should go on holiday together in Beirut. The owners of the park you live in may say it is an RV park. 32 others named Moira Robertson are on LinkedIn See others named Moira Robertson. She then went to their new Glasgow flat to cook spaghetti for his supper.". Television doesnt work like that: budgets and budgets. If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to 28th February 2023 0. Friday afternoon. The Robertson family also founded Highland Distillers in 1887 and, ultimately, in 1999 . Still smiling, though. They became lovers. It was partly a feeling of I'll show them, that I could be as heterosexual as the rest of them.. His wife Moira, from whom he was separated, was tormented by mental illness and had attempted suicide by cutting her wrists in the bath. For good. If she did, she never let on. So funny that hes disappeared. There was no biography, and no memoir; just a few intriguing references to be found in the published diaries of his close friend Kenneth Williams. 'I'm not. paul coronation street nose rheagen smith mother hope wilson greg kerfoot whistler house mary crandall hales the hive server ip and port how to know if a sagittarius man is interested wotlk hit rating calculator semillas de lichi propiedades lamesa, texas obituaries what was the explosion at the end of tomorrow man pescience cake pop protein recipes can you drive to blue lagoon cyprus mission . I guess I had come to really like Moira. However, it was Moira who was determined to take the relationship to the next stage. Not him, then. Nigel Dempsters often there, and so are Stanley Baxter and Terry Stamp. By Possibly even liberation is distasteful, because it encourages people to come out and make features of themselves, whereas your social and sexual life should be, as Noel Coward had it, behind closed doors. A PAIR of drug dealing Glasgow grans who were caught with over 24,000 worth of cocaine have been jailed. IN MARCH 1952, 26-year-old Stanley Baxter, recognised as the brightest young star in the Citizens Theatre Company, made a decision that was to shock his parents, stun his close friend Kenneth Williams and even surprise himself. I really dont. Did Bessie Baxter have any idea of Stanleys true sexuality? Is there any likelihood of that happening? Something was happening between us but I didn't wish to acknowledge the fact. That was that. The front door was open. Moira didn't ever leap anywhere, he says softly. Her reaction was dramatic. I felt vulnerable. I had felt the relationship simply had to stop, so I broke it off. 18:08, Mon, Nov 2, 2020 | UPDATED: 18:25, Mon, Nov 2, 2020. Club gossip suggested that he preferred the bigger and busier squash changing- rooms to those by the poolside, and was a bit of a loner.) Comic actor Stanley Baxter dressed as a Roman soldier during a comedy sketch, circa 1980. A porter at the club confirmed that the comedian did swim in the pool most days. This was the defining moment of Stanleys life. That would seem to indicate that there might be a return at some point, even just a one-off? Thats a difficult question. Many weeks later, I was browsing for biographical material on someone else when I came across an old copy of Whos Who In Television, with an entry on Baxter. I wrote you a letter. There was no reply from the intercom buzzer. Fair enough. He had moved past me to the door, and said good-bye as he shut it. Home. Filmed and edited Weekly Storytime's (ext.) Published by Luath Press Ltd, 20. Hes offered stage plays and everything all the time, but he doesnt want to lock himself into eight performances a week for six months, you know? ABBREVIATIONS; ANAGRAMS; . PMC New Covid hospital admissions are now at the fourth-highest rate of the pandemic, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). With his telephone number and address in my notebook, I could have rung Stanley Baxter or paid him a visit months ago, instead of waiting for an answer to my letter. In January 1962, he visited the public toilets in Madras Place, Holloway, hoping to pick up a man for casual sex. Moira Robertson wrote: "There are so many people working hard to support the economic growth and development of Salford. Perhaps it was time to forget it, let him be. After switching to ITV with the promise of a colossal budget for The Stanley Baxter Picture Show, he met a 28-year-old German accountant named Marcus. But over the years, Moiras mental health issues worsened. Mary Brennan sees nothing surprising about Baxter being so jealous of his privacy. Grandmother Helen Wright, 67, carried out the crime to help pay off her son's drug debt, having recruited friend Moira Robertson, 65 - using the latter's home in Ballieston, Glasgow, as a . After 11 months of waiting, I was becoming frustrated. Millions were scandalised and breathless with laughter. Other members included Kenneth Williams, with whom Baxter formed a close friendship that was troubled but life-long.It was quite a strong thing, said Young. It was absolutely selfish. And as the years progressed, the medicated Moira and Stanley became close again. Moira Robertson & Stanley Baxter, 1962 British actress Moira Robertson (year of birth unknown-1997) and her husband, British comedian and actor Stanley Baxter, at Clerkenwell Magistrates Court in London, England, 5th March 1962. I kept getting those sheeps eyes every time she passed me in the theatre and she appeared to be heartbroken. Baxter was a most brilliant cowboy Coward, a smouldering Dietrich. She looked up at me, shrugged and said Oh, I don't care about that at all. Baxter began to turn work down not playing Captain Hook in a production of Peter Pan opposite Lulu, not appearing with Cannon and Ball at the Palladium. . A psychiatrist diagnosed schizophrenia, but she refused to take medication. The Citz was a heterosexual theatre company. Brian Beacom 2020. He said lots of theatrical things about how marvellous it had been to work with Baxter, with whom he still corresponded from time to time. And if I don't have a career, what do I have?' I dont deserve it, I know, but if anyone can help me at this dreadful period, it is him, Williams wrote before leaving home. Stanley was bringing the values of a different time and place into a world that had changed. Not Stanleys fee, particularly, but you have to pay the Musicians Union, youve got to pay all the dancers, Equity and so on. I called his office, who promised to ring back with a comment, but didnt. 'She guessed wrongly what being with a gay man entailed.'. Anyway, here it is: a piece from a time before the internet or ubiquitous mobiles, when the celebrity age was just beginning but you still had to go to the library to look at the electoral register. He lived in dread of being exposed in the press as a gay man. There was an S Baxter in that area, with an address. The last panto was in 1991, wasnt it? The critics loved it. Young was cagey, preferring to ring Baxter before he would talk to me. She was desperate for a baby, something Baxter refused to contemplate. Just to be with. Meanwhile, on January 15, 1951, the engagement became national news, yet this didnt really register with Stanley. He had always felt guilty for marrying her. "Kenny thought I was making a terrible mistake," says Stanley. Stanley maintains incredible control, but he can also come on like the wee woman on the stairhead talking about the price of mince, said Mary Brennan, who reviews around 20 panto performances a year. Then he vanished from our lives, leaving so little trace that few people even remarked on his disappearance. Can you tell me where they are? I told him of how she was slipping into little overdoses, and I would be going round to see her and reviving her. Its hard to know if the invigorating sea air or simply timing resulted in Moiras declaration, but she announced she wished to have a full-blown sexual relationship with her leading man. 'I didn't want to bring any child into the world who suffered what I suffered. He was happy to talk about the Scottish approach to pantomime, with its emphasis on storyline and tradition, but declined to talk about Baxter as a person. ng bi lc Thng Mt 19, 2023. He first asked me to write his biography more than 20 years ago, but was emphatic that he did not want it to appear while he was alive. Eccentric. Exasperated, his ITV television bosses told him they could no longer afford his extravaganzas. A bit boring! When hes like this, one could die for him. . Wait and see, was the answer. Suddenly, she raced to the front window of their second storey flat, opened it and climbed out onto the window ledge, yelling, If I can't have you then I won't settle for anyone else! He told Kenneth Williams as much. She was far more bohemian than me.' Grandmother Wright carried out the crime in order to help pay off her son's drug debt. I thought, I really hate this. Stanley Baxter was a star on the Glasgow talent circuit aged six, in 1932. Changing tack, I asked if Baxter had a fan club. Stanley Baxter is arguably the funniest man and one of the most fetching women in Britain. Yes. As his mother Bessie, a blacksmith's daughter, accompanied him on the piano, the boy belted out saucy music hall numbers with titles such as I'm One Of The Lads Of Valencia: 'You can't beat a Spaniard for kissing, Oh ladies, just think what you're missing!' It was all very selfish of me and a bit macho. Its such hard, hard work. Look, his shows cost a fortune partly because it takes them so long to change and do make-up and so on. What about? Their new home, a large ground-floor flat, at 73 Clouston Street, was just a few doors along from Moiras previous flat. Even though Moira was dead from an overdose by this time, he was sickened at the thought that his sexuality might become common knowledge. Danh mc . Stanley reckoned his wife's place was in the home. Oh yes? Still smiling. We are doing this to improve the experience forour loyalreaders and we believe it will reduce the ability of trolls and troublemakers, who occasionally find their way onto our site, to abuse our journalists and readers. moira robertson baxter. Say sorry? but a Yorkshire accent. He did impersonations of Laurel and Hardy, and Mae West. I don't think you know what you're talking about and I don't think you realise that the future will be bleak for you and difficult for me., Stanley was adamant.

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