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Be sure to know the meaning of the name you are gonna pick and be sure it is encouraging and positive. This strong name is related to Zoroastrianism, an Ancient Iranian religion where Azar (also spelled Atar or Atash) was a holy fire burned in honor of Ahura Mazda- their supreme Lord of Wisdom. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Others come from the 10th-century Persian epic, the Shahnameh, inspired by mythical warriors and brave kings. The alternative spelling, Jaleel, is more prevalent in the States, placed in the top 1,000 from 1991 to 2004. Your little Farnaz will surely be as splendid and delightful as her name! The one who is worthy to be praised and blessed. Ehsan is the Persian form of Ihsan an Arabic name meaning excellence or perfection. Its also a religious term describing a Muslims goal to strive for perfection in the eyes of Allah. It derives its popularity from the biblical matriarch Sarah, the wife of Abraham and a major figure in the Abrahamic religions.It is a consistently popular given name across Europe, North America, and the Middle Eastbeing commonly used as a female first name by Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike, and remaining popular also among non . Ian. In Persian mythology, Mithra was the god of light and friendship and the son of the supreme deity Ahura Mazda. 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Mandana is one of several Persian female names associated with royalty, born by the mother of Persian ruler Cyrus the Great. This name has a Persian origin and is one of the top trending names. Rostam is famously associated with Rostam Farrokhzad, a holy warrior of the Sasanian empire immortalized in the Persian epic Shahnameh. Others are from the famous Persian epic the Shahnameh, giving them an exciting, mythical past. In the Shahnameh, Gordafarid was a heroine and warrior who helped delay the Turanian troops marching on Persia. This name is all over the map! Ashraf: Most . Sibyl (Greek origin) meaning "seer" or "oracle". The 100+ Best Egyptian Baby Boy Names Baby boy, hindi, persian names. Brantley - Norse name or Old German name for "fiery torch." Brody - Gaelic name meaning "ditch" or "mire.". On the hunt for cute Persian names for boys that will stand out in the crowd (in the best way, of course!)? Shahrazad avoids this fate by telling the king a captivating story for 1001 nights. So here's a selection of Persian baby boy names that are guaranteed to be cool for years to come. Finding a meaningful Persian male name with a fascinating history is a breeze. 7. This traditional Iranian boys name has thousands of years of history behind it, giving it a difficult depth to match. This name was made famous by Jahanara Begum, a 17th-century Mughal princess and eldest child of Emperor Shah Jahan. Dog roses are associated with health, love, and youth, all positive characteristics for your baby-to-be! The blue tang, sillyfish suffers from short-term memory loss. In order to make your search simple, We classified names into two categories, Persian Baby Boy Names and Persian Baby Girl Names. As you wait for your little bundle of joy and try to figure out which moniker will suit her best, take a look at these popular Persian girl names for some inspo: Anahita: Persian goddess of fertility and water. Its rarely used outside of Iran, making it an exotic choice for non-natives. Shervin is shrouded in royalty, with several early princes of the ancient Tabarestan region of Iran named Shervin. . It means rare or alchemy, referencing the 11th-century Sufi text Kimiya-yi sadat or The Alchemy of Happiness. So, if youve been looking for something with a little pizzazz, you might find the perfect name for your new little best friend here on this list. Description: Do you know that your child's name can influence their personality? Mina has several meanings in Persian, our favorite being azure sky, perfect for a girl born on a bright and cloudless day! This is a complete collection of all Persian Baby Names for Girls starting with S , covering traditional or modern or religious, modern, trendy, popular, cute, short and sweet and easy to pronounce Persian baby Girl names to help you make the right choice! But later, the Islamized Persian ruling revived Persian as the literary language. In recent years, there has been a trend of choosing modern Pakistani girl names that are both unique and meaningful but a bit different from old, heavy names.. Today, kids don't prefer old-school traditional Pakistani names and want to stay relevant, hence the . Still, it has a beautiful meaning, daughter of the moon, which may make you think twice. Arabic girl names in the US Top 500 include Aaliyah, Amina, Layla, Fatima, and Zara. Honor your homeland or history by giving baby a beautiful name of Cambodian origin. Filiz: Filiz is a very unique Turkish name that means 'to spring up and develop'. I have a soft spot for anything Persian, including Persian baby names, since my kids . Fatemeh is a significant figure in the Muslim faith, seen as a symbol of compassion, dedication, and morality. Soraya could be perfect for your future Persian princess! Narges is the Persian form of Narcissus, a beautiful young man in Greek folklore who stared at his reflection for so long he died and became a narcissus flower (AKA a daffodil). A name might mean "New Year" or "Happy Fortune." Male names could be after gods or kings while female names depict wisdom, fertility, and goddesses. 121. Verywell Family's content is for informational and educational purposes only. Arashs shot was so powerful that it flew for hours, eventually landing on the banks of the distant Oxus River. Although Minoos rare in the U.S., its adorable enough to earn our approval. 6. Give your daughter the wings to fly through life by naming her Parvaneh! Persian baby names often originate from a work of Persian literature called the Shahnameh (the Book of Kings), making them beautiful and unique options for your little one. A popular choice among our Persian girls names, Leila is a variation of Leyla, meaning night. Leila has taken the West by storm, ranking in the U.S. top 1,000 since 1900. Perhaps your little Shahab will also rise to stardom? 50+ Beautiful Biblical Baby Names for Girls (& Meanings) ThePersiansare known for their intricately inlaid metalwork and their legacy of show-stopping architecture. Deciding on a name for your little one is certainly an exciting task, but it will likely take some time to narrow down all the amazing options. More. While some parents pick traditional names from books like Shahnameh, others prefer modern names inspired by Arabic Christians. We are confident Rayan wont stop until its at the top! In the 11th-century epic the Shahnameh, Bijan was an Iranian hero who fell in love with Manijeh, the daughter of a rival king. Some of the meanings, myths, and stories behind a name are not always as cheerful as you might imagine. The name has dipped off slightly in the States and has an old-fashioned feel. Ekbir: Ekbir means 'brave'. Take a look at a special and unique selection of modern baby names from A to Z. Shahrokh comes from shah (king) and Rukh (a giant mythical bird), altogether meaning king of the Rukh. In One Thousand and One Nights, the legendary bird Rukh helps Sinbad escape from a dangerous island. However, its lesser-known than the rest, an original choice for your beautiful star in the making! Arnavaz and her sister, Shahrnaz, were very beautiful, said to be the most desirable women in the world. Gohar is a unisex option within our Persian names for girls, considered feminine in Iran and Armenia and masculine in Pakistan. 220+ Beautiful Norwegian Baby Girl Names This page is comprised of a list of beautiful Pakistani baby names with meanings. Arsyn. If you live Stateside, Haleh could be a captivating Hailey alternative thats gorgeous but not overdone. Dilshad Joyful. Shahin is a Persian baby name for boys that means "falcon." You will find this gorgeous name all over the world and spelled in many, many . When you shop through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This could be an excellent motto for your son to carry through life! Search for the Perfect Baby Name. 34. Amir is sleek, elegant, and ages well, so itll continue to mature as your son does! Or, for more beautiful names that have a similar vibe, check out my post with Arabic boy names. These baby name lists are organised . To narrow down the list, MomJunction has compiled a list of Persian baby names with meaning. The names of the Persian speakers residing in Iran consist of a first name and a family name. In the Shahnameh (The book of Kings) Dilara was a beautiful and wise queen of the Persian Empire. It means 'the victory of one God'. If you love place names but want something more unique than Austin or Dakota, Darab could be a wonderful pick. In Farsi, Kambiz is pronounced like come-BEES, which may cause some confusion in the States. Manuchehr is a nice-sounding name for a boy but may be a little difficult to pronounce in the beginning. The hard part is trying to pick just one! The name signifies someone wealthy, influential, and has traits of a leader or a ruler. A girl named Marjane will likely enjoy spending her time beneath the waves. Then, you may enjoy Razan, a Persian name meaning vineyard. Razan is like a nice glass of wine- sweet, refined, and only gets better with age! When you shop through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Erica May 10, 2021 Baby. Iraj was also the inspiration for the name of the Iranian nation. Mehrab was also the 10th-century king of Kabul in the Persian epic Shahnameh. Leilas arent hard to find, including the Turkish orphan in Lord Byrons poem, Don Juan, and the mother of Nessim Hosnani in Lawrence Durrells renowned book series, The Alexandria Quartet. Fereydoon was a mythical king revered for his generosity, righteousness, and bravery in Persian literature. Common names like Darius, Cyrus and Xerxes represent the greatest kings, while Yasmin and Esther the beauty of nature. Milad is the Persian form of Mithridates, a Greek title for several ancient kings of Iran. Arman () Origin: Persian. Fun Fact: Jafaris the main antagonist ofDisney's1992animated feature film"Aladdin.". The Best 264 Indian Baby Boy Names She remains a symbol of courage and wisdom for Iranian women. These names are guaranteed to make the other mamas wonder why they didnt think of that first. I happen to love this exotic flair and the unique quality that it gives to baby names. Elnaz is derived from the Turkish el (country, people) combined with naz (delight, comfort), meaning delight of the people. With a name like Elnaz, your daughter will likely warm the hearts of everyone she meets! Pair this archaic name with the adorable nickname Ash to bring it into the 21st-century. Written By Cora Lydon. Axel - Old German name meaning "Father of peace". But, Ill be stuck using eyelash serumsforever just trying to keep up with my lucky kids. . Beauty of faith or a helper or supporter. These baby name lists are organised . In Persian literature, Sepideh symbolizes eliminating darkness, replacing it with the promise of a bright new day. In the ancient Zoroastrian religion, Khurshid was the name of a sun angel associated with power and light. Princess Soraya, a European socialite and wife of the last Shah of Iran, made this name famous. Almas is an Arabic name, ultimately derived from the Middle Persian alms, meaning diamond or jewel. It is also Spanish for souls and Hungarian for apples. In Mongolian folklore, an Almas was a humanoid creature with dark black fur said to live in the mountains (like the Yeti). There are many variations, but Hossein has a traditional sound that makes it stand out from other Iranian boy names! Searching for an awesome name that will make heads turn? Its most prevalent in Iran and Iraq, never making the U.S. top 1,000. 161 Cool Baby Girl Names And Their Meanings Kimia has the potential to be a worldwide sensation with its elegant sound and simple spelling. It belongs to Arabic origin. However, Jeyrans meaning of gazelle gives it a feminine touch, as a type of antelope known for its elegance and grace. Social Security Administration. The unusual name Homayoun is rare outside of Iran, making it a unique choice for a Persian-American. Real-life Behnazs maintain this image, including well-respected fashion designer Behnaz Sarafpour and Iranian motocross rider Behnaz Shafiei, who persuaded the Iranian Sports Ministry to allow for the countrys first female-only motorcycle race. Whether you like Mehrab for its religious or mythical connection, its charming either way! Zand is almost exclusively a surname in Iran, but we think its cool enough to make a first-name appearance. Mohsen is the Persian form of Muhsin, an Arabic name either derived from ihsan (excellence of Gods worship) or ahsan (an act of kindness or charity for someone). These Names are Modern as well as Unique. The names we have are Louis, Jasper and Beauden. Amir has always been popular in the Middle East but has started to make in-roads globally, ranked in the top 500 in nine countries. Glass; Mirror. Want to SAVE or PRINT this post? Elaheh is a Persian name borrowed from the Arabic ilha, meaning goddess. Naming your daughter Elaheh will make her feel special from the day shes born! What are cute Persian baby names for boys? Baby Names for Irish American Heritage Month. In her free time, Chelsea enjoys hiking, creating artwork, reading about true crime, and spending time with her husband and their adorable French Bulldog, Stella. From The House Of Armand. Iranian Background. Zal belonged to a famous warrior in the 10th-century Persian epic, the Shahnameh. Choosing a unique child name can be exciting, yet difficult for any parents. Meaning a fighter or a warrior; the word is derived from the Persian name Arsin. Its strictly feminine in Iran but unisex in Georgia, giving it a gender-neutral vibe. A classic option among our Persian names for girls, Hayat means life- an apt choice for your little girl whose life is about to begin! With a name like Hengameh, your daughter will surely be a wonder to behold! In Sri Lanka, Saman is a protector deity often depicted holding a red lotus and riding a white elephant. When we think of Bahador, we picture a courteous boy who always stands up for whats right. Persian boy names are steeped in ancient history, many originating during the early Persian Empires before modern-day Iran. Zhaleh may inspire your daughters love for the great outdoors! Bentley - Old English name meaning "from the moor". From classic and traditional Indian baby names, like Ravi, to unique baby names, like Osheen, read on for some of the most beautiful (and totally trendy!) While the top Persian names for boys tend to change a lot, these popular names remain winning year after year. Hushang is derived from hu (good, well) and os (intelligence, wisdom) with syah (selecting, choosing), altogether meaning good or wise choice. In the Persian epic Shahnameh, Hushang was a king of the world who made numerous discoveries that benefited humanity. Total collection of 2905 baby names. Christine is a lifestyle journalist with 17 years of professional experience and the author of the parenting book, Rattled! Name of a Persian King; A Character in Shahnameh; Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present. Poetic and beautiful, Ramin is a lovely choice for a romantic soul! Roya is an elegant name with a hint of mystery, commonly used in Iran, Afghanistan, and Azerbaijan. Ancient Persian language was basically an Indo-European language influenced by Italian, Russian, and English, with its own writing system. Naming your son Jahan ensures the world will be his oyster! Peggy is out in the States, not placed in the top 1,000 since 1989. What are popular Persian baby boy names? Khodadad. Is your daughter your entire world? Whether you want your son to be devoted to God or serving others, Mohsen captures it all. Ekamjeet: The name Ekamjeet is very rare. Fun Fact: Farouk was the tenth ruler of Egypt from the Muhammad Ali dynasty and the penultimate King of Egypt and the Sudan. What is the meaning of baby names? Then consider naming her Arezou, an adorable name derived from the Middle Persian rzg for desire or wish. Arezou is common in Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, and India but hasnt made it across the pond. If youre looking for Persian options, The Bump brings you a wealth of Persian baby boy and baby girl name suggestions along with their meanings in a single place. Iraj is a mythical figure in the Persian epic Shahnameh, representing those killed in defense of just causes. One who Brings Good Luck; Fortunate; Lucky. Taraneh is harmonious and joyful, perfect for your future songbird! Looking for more baby boy names? Khadijeh has a religious past, belonging to Prophet Muhammads first wife, the earliest convert to Islam. Teymour is the Persian and Egyptian Arabic form of Timur, a Turco-Mongolian name meaning iron. Iron is an essential metal thats crucial for the survival of all living things. Or maybe, you want a name that honors nature? The Zoroastrians believed that fire was a pure element representing their gods infinite wisdom and power. Yahya is the Arabic and Persian form of John, a Hebrew name meaning Yahweh is gracious. John the Baptist, also known as Yahya ibn Zakariyya, is a prominent Muslim prophet. Persian Boy Names; Discover Persian baby boy names that modern parents love. In the States, Kians been inching up the charts since the early 2000s, ranking 452nd in 2020. Vahid is the Persian and Azerbaijani form of Wahid, an Arabic name meaning unique. In the Islamic tradition, Al-Wahid or the unique one, is one of the 99 names for Allah, signifying that he is the only god. Ava has several origins, meaning voice or sound in Persian, desired in German, and to live in English. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Persian names, embodying advanced civilization, elegance, and royalty, have been gaining extreme importance in the US as well. 87 Japanese Baby Boy Names With Their Meanings Afsaneh is a Persian and Urdu girls name meaning story- fitting for your daughter whos about to start the story of life! Jaziel. Earl died of thyroid cancer in 2010. If youre having boy-girl twins, Ariana and the male equivalent, Arian, go together like PB & J. Arnavaz was the daughter of Jamshid, a mythical king of Persia. The Nasrin and Nasreen spellings are prevalent in Iran, whereas Nesrin is more common in Turkey.

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