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Please refer to the permit agreement to answer most if not all of your questions. Weyerhaeuser Co (Toll free hunter hotline): 1-888-741-5403 GiustinaResources, Eugene: 541-485-1500 The Landowner Hunting Permit (LHP) Application is now closed. No ATVs on property. The next open application period will occur in 2023 for the 2024-2026 seasons. Primary: mule deer, elk, pronghorn, sage grouse, predators, chukar. Contact: ODFW Newport (541) 867-4741 or Corvallis (541) 757-4186 Consult the Big Game Regs for more info. Washington Community Forest Trust Program. MID-VALLEY RESOURCES, INC. Staff across the state work with private landowners to develop the best strategy for their lands, and for wildlife. The following industrial timberland owners participate in the program:Hancock Timber Resources Group, The Hampton Tree Farm Affiliates, Stimson Lumber Company, Weyerhaeuser Company, Longview Timber Corporation, and the Lewis & Clark OR Timber, managed by the Green Wood Resources.Contact:ODFW Sauvie Island, 503-621-3488 or Tillamook, 503-842-2741, Project cooperators: In some cases, landowner contact may also be required. No camping, no fires, be careful with cigarettes. From I-84 eastbound: exit 317 Pleasant Valley. As of fall 2018, WDFW offers four different types of access agreements to landowners; Feel Free to Hunt, Hunt by Reservation, Register to Hunt, and Hunt by Written Permission. Find Related Places. Whether youre just starting your career or youre a seasoned professional, Hampton has an opportunity for you. LHP contracts must provide at least one of the following: Hunting opportunity that otherwise would not exist AND/OR. Turn right onto USFS 39, then turn left onto USFS 3915. mule deer, elk, pronghorn, forest grouse, turkey, rabbit, California quail, bear, cougar, coyote. Department staff are available to help landowners plan habitat improvements and may also help landowners apply for or implement federal- or state-funded habitat improvement programs. Hard working and dedicated employees can count on Hampton to support their career development and advancement with the company every step of the way. Under this policy, permits are available to the landowner and WDFW. Properties open during zone 1 duck season and South Coast zone goose seasons except as precluded by farming operations. Community Forest Trust lands are selected based on nominations by communities and purchased from willing sellers of private forestlandor from other state land trusts. Visit the ODFW's agency site. <> ODFW Sauvie Island, 503-621-3488 or Tillamook, 503-842-2741. and Hanna-Arbukle Road, Primary: Mule deer, pheasant, quail, Hungarian partridge, grouse, dove, Secondary: elk, pronghorn, bear, turkey, predators. Bud Hampton purchased his first sawmill in Willamina, Oregon in 1942, initially to supply his lumber business in Tacoma, Washington. A&H funds are used to pay the landowner to allow the public to access 4,276 acres of private land and improve access to adjoining public land. No morotized vehicles; walk in hunting only (horses and bicycles ok). Look for access. US Forest Service, Siuslaw National Forest Office: 541-750-7000 endobj Follow Iron Mountain Rd. <> with up to 5 times the number of maximum matches per search vs. non-subscribers. Approximately 9 miles east of Joseph. The majority of our Pierce County lands are a part of our expanded Eatonville recreation area, previously managed by Manulife Investment Management (Hancock Forest Management). Cant find what you need? Year-round. The majority of land is due west of Salem, Trask 14, Stott Mtn - 17, and Alsea 18. Reservation hunts currently listed for this property. No camping, no fires, be careful with cigarettes. Leave gates as you found them. MID-VALLEY RESOURCES, INC. was incorporated on Mar 27 1996 as a PROFIT Regular Corporation Type registered at 10166 US HWY 12, RANDLE, WA. BLM, Salem: 503-375-5646, Project information: This area is industrial timberland with multiple landowners. p|k]zLf-~wxj9[sGJ[*]|;4\T77n*^~=4gw[U@v]gg?wo=.gk[(~?o.w3PAw6x[} -,cQc9|+:Sa~@}s,*cYf.)m_DH_GyS&'p7$7_0g^w .[heESwD5|c:krCQQqO:fYv8Ok>v!4d^{[^$q^_gWm)mcX Weyerhaeuser Columbia Timberlands - Longview: 360-575-5112; Seaside 503-717-8288 Game Management Unit (GMU) Maps Download large format, printable boundary maps for each GMU in the state. After the initial review, all completed applications will be distributed to regional staff. I-84 eastbound to exit 327 at Durkee. The LHP program is designed to complement the other WDFW private lands access programs (e.g., Feel Free to Hunt, Register to Hunt, Hunt by Reservation and Hunt by Written Permission). Cooperators require day use only on private lands, no ATV use, no e-bikes, no vehicle may block any Rd or gate, no fires, no camping. Monofilament recovery and recycling program, Standard Operating Procedure and Application Packet. To see the next application deadline, please see the Landowner Hunting Permit Application link. 4 0 obj Emily - 54, elk, deer, bear, predators, grouse, turkey. Must have Maury Unit tag to hunt deer or elk. )_9mV7tO/vV'I}'u_*{~q}8^p=}ws q{=~us{8o_~O"l8L:](0'&Xk9$c}D@_=\{[CZ PU|[" *md.zo]XVg+9J &oyv;(#{{ Od]?xT(-4{{I]:EKe2/rss Copyright 2023 Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, Check for access and understand point reinstatement/refund policy. company profile page along with the rest of the general data. Scattered parcels in Klamath, Jackson, and Lake counties; see map, Sprague - 33, Silver Lake - 76, Interstate - 75, Klamath Falls - 32, Keno - 31, Fort Rock - 77, year-round (seasonal travel restrictions apply). We do close our lands when fire risk is high so please check our website before venturing out to ensure our lands are open. Foot traffic only; no ATVs. Do you need this information in an alternative format or language? Hunter must obtain permission prior to hunting on the property. Wildlife Areas WDFW manages about 1 million acres of land spread across 33 wildlife areas. Salem, OR 97302 Sponsored Links. A&H funds are used to pay the landowner on a per acre basis for public hunting access. All gated, posted and/or barrier closed Rds within Alsea, Stott Mtn. Motorized vehicle travel within the Travel Management Area(s) boundary on all other roads and trails, and cross-country is prohibited except by special permit from the landowner or land managing agency. Trees from Hampton forestlands are certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative SM (SFI) in the U.S. and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for Sustainable Forest Management in Canada. Avery Family Forest: 503-589-2701 Sled Springs - 57, Catherine Creek - 53, Ukia - 49, Starkey - 52, Mt. Contact:ODFW Hines, 541-573-6582, Map(pdf) SE of Heppner on Willow Creek Rd. Access limited to walk in only at fire level 3. Some areas under travel management restriction. 60% Hem-fir, 30% Douglas fir, 10% other. Salem, OR 97302 MID-VALLEY RESOURCES, INC. A&H funds are used to pay landowners on a per-acre basis for public hunting access. Fax: 503-947-6330. Phone: 360-902-2515 wildthing@dfw.wa.gov : Hunting Access. <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 792 612] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Do you want to enter your opinion about a specific issue into the public record? mule deer, white-tailed deer, elk, waterfowl, quail. Bull elk with a 'dropper' antler, Kittitas Valley Scott Gentry. All rights reserved. Some of these lands fall under Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlifes Cooperative Travel Management Areas (TMAs) and Access & Habitat Program. These areas are closed by Fish and Wildlife Commission action. The land includesrangeland, steep rimrock, and brushy, riparian zones.Contact:ODFW Hines, 541-573-6582, Map(pdf)Project information:A&H funds pay for maps, signs and survey permits.Contact:ODFW Ontario, 541-889-6975, Map(pdf)Project information:A&H funds are used to pay landowners on a per acre basis for public hunting access.Contact:ODFW Hines, 541-573-6582, Map(pdf)Project information: A&H funds are used to pay the landowner for access to 16,734 acres of his property. Johnson Rd NW x Sheep Canyon Rd - FFTH -- 441, Manulife Investment Management_GMU 673 &684_2022 -- 973, South Fork Russell Creek Scenic Loop -- 824, Western Pacific Timber - Goldendale -- 794, Adams Road x Road 9 West and Frenchman Hills Rd -- 404, North of Monument Hill Rd NW - HBR -- 922, Road 7 SE and Road G SE (Whitehall) -- 826, USFWS - Leadbetter Point - Willapa -- 901, Baird Springs & Monument Hill Rd- HBWP -- 501, Baird Springs Rd West of Rd M - HBWP -- 460, Griffith Rd x Bauman Rd and Klein Rd -- 333, HWY 395 North and South of Ritzville -- 607, Phillips Rd, Herman Rd, Sackman Rd -- 915, Rd 6 (Highland School) and Rd H - HBWP -- 580, Rd M and Baird Springs Rd NW - HBWP -- 966, Rosenoff Rd and Neilson Rd, West of Ritzville -- 328, Theil Rd and Anderson Rd off Tokio Rd -- 314. This area is mixed forest and meadows, surrounded by public landContact:ODFW Baker City, 541-523-5832, August 1-September 30, through January 31 of 2025, Catherine Creek WMU Map(pdf),Starkey WMU Map(pdf),Sumpter WMU Map(pdf),Walla Walla WMU & Vicinity Map(pdf),Wenaha WMU Map(pdf)Project information:A&H license dollars and funds from Natural Resources Conservation Service grant provide access to 250,000 acres of theseindustrial timberlands.Contact:ODFW LaGrande 541-962-1838. Primary: Elk, deer, bear, cougar, predators, quail, grouse, turkey, Secondary: Band-tailed pigeon, mourning dove, western gray squirrel, furbearers, unprotected mammals, Vehicle traffic restricted to green dot roads from August 1- December 31. Annual production capacity of 200 MMBF. WDFW works within formal agreements with the landowner to outline and develop a plan for enrolled lands. :i& \wh@;Zh]v~.p PY=5wnQ\c0 GT[F'= (Q.YRtW7 -&8c[u*}VXrHr(;YEa9`mwuLo/wqBwR_1Eu=F9'\O2:woIg^jbdM'_ZduBu5k/YGx_ x]4u%nefs\$m~uBOzg^%{X'3y}Rn{ a^]x@W%w'pk0{=.S2M6!+ 5f d,\Q xn THE FOLLOWING IS A PRESS RELEASE FROM THE WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES. The Mid Coast Access Area is made up of three A&H projects, the Weyerhaeuser Access, Weyerhaeuser Westside Access, and the Handcock Westside Access. Claim this business (360) 748-4638. No littering, pick up any trash. Hunting will consist of 5 unguided archery deer hunts (each for 3 days), 5 guided youth deer rifle hunts (1 day each) and 6 spring turkey hunts (2 days each, first day guided), for two seasons (2021-22 and 2022-23). WDFW regional private lands biologistsare strategically located across the state to provide assistance to landowners looking for help with hunting access, technical assistance with habitat conservation programs, or a variety of other access issues. The VPA-HIP grant is a competitive grant that states can apply for to aid in enhancing and supporting access and habitat opportunities to landowners and the general public. and Trask Units. All participants enrolling in the Hunt Reservation System must have a valid WILD ID and e-mail address. Reservations will not be taken over the telephone or through ODFW offices. 9600 SW BARNES ROAD, SUITE 200 PORTLAND OR 97225, 9600 SW BARNES ROAD SUITE 200 PORTLAND OR 97225. endobj Bay View-Edison North -- 84; All LHP hunting seasons adopted by the Commission in April will be implemented that hunting license year. To protect our site, we cannot process your request right now. ContactODFW's public service representative at odfw.info@odfw.oregon.gov. Our forestlands in Pacific and Wahkiakum Counties are open to the public for recreation under general access. Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. 2023. 1655 S MARKET BLVD STE A CHEHALIS, WA 98532 State Forestry, Dallas: 503-623-8146, Sweet Home: (541) 367-6108, Foot traffic only; no ATVs. In return, the landowner has agreed to allow three years of by-permission hunting access.Contact:Reservations. For more information on this program, please contact: Stott Mtn/N Alsea Map/Hancock FM NW- front, Stott Mtn/N Alsea Map/Hancock FM NW- back, Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit information, Portions of Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook, Washington, and Yamhill counties, Saddle Mountain - 10, Scappoose - 11, Wilson - 12, Trask - 14, elk, deer, bear, predators, grouse, quail, band-tailed pigeon, Area under travel management restriction, consult current Big Game Hunting Regs, Portions of Lincoln, Polk, Benton, Marion, Lane, and Linn counties, Santiam Mountain - 17, Alsea - 18, McKenzie - 19, Siuslaw - 20, Indigo - 21. The latest program, "Hunt By Reservation," allows hunters to get hunting information for specific properties and book a reservation online. 10166 Us Highway 12, Randle, WA 98377-9201, Quarter & More Thrift Store and Community Services, Apple Valley Pta, West Valley Council 11.1.10. who is david ameh of seattle washington dc in u s a? Philomath: 541-929-3266 The agent name of this company is STACEY WETZEL. 1 0 obj Interested Landowners must mail the completed application to Ciera Strickland (address above) by Aug. 1, 2020 to be considered for the upcoming three-year season setting cycle (2021-2023). Please make sure to obey all posted signage and any directions that are available on the website for specific properties. MID-VALLEY RESOURCES INC: Mailing Address: 9600 SW BARNES RD STE 200 PORTLAND, OR 97225: Levy Rate Distribution. After the April Commission meeting, all accepted landowners will be notified of the final decision and the process moving forward, including the formal contract process. Today those values are the heart of Hamptons company culture. Annual Production Capacity of 85 MMBF. Freres Timber Inc, Lyons: 503-859-2121 Interested landownerscan still viewthe Standard Operating Procedure and Application Packet. A&H funds are used to pay landowners on a per acre basis for public hunting access.Contact:ODFW Baker City, 541-523-5832, August 1-January 31, through January 31 of 2024, Map(pdf)Project information:A&H funds are used to pay landowners on a per acre basis for public hunting access to thisrangeland area which is surrounded by public land.Contact:ODFW Baker City, 541-523-5832, August 1-January 31, through January 31 of 2027, Map(pdf)Project information:A&H funds are used to pay landowners on a per acre basis for public hunting access.This area is priarmily rangeland and is surrounded by public land.Contact:ODFW Baker City, 541-523-5832, August 1-January 31, through January 31 of 2026, Map(pdf)Project information:A&H funds are used to pay landowners on a per acre basis for public hunting access. Privacy Policy, 9600 SW Barnes Road -Suite 200 -Portland, OR - 97225. Directions Advertisement. Terms of Service apply. While the permit is similar to years past, it has changed in some ways. Mid-valley Resources, Inc. has been operating for 26 years 11 months, and 8 days. Huntable species, overall access and other restrictions will vary and are at the discretion of the landowner. Hunters, See map, multiple parcels in central Malheur County, deer, pronghorn, chukar, quail, sage grouse, predator. Deer, chukar, predator, antelope, sage-grouse, Motorized vehicle travel only on BLM access road posted as open. Approximately 16 miles south of Ukiah. The top-ranking applicants will then be recommended to the Private Lands Section Manager. Hunters must still obtain a hunting and/or As early season hunters know, dry conditions and the associated wildfire danger can have a large impact on your hunting Current conditions and opportunities to fish, hunt and see wildlife. The Standard Operating Procedure is provided for applicant review and informational purposes. Landowners enrolled in this program are also required to submit all of their permission slips to the local private lands biologist at the end of the hunting season. To see private lands eligible for hunting in Washington, please visit our private lands access webpage. Combined production capacity of 335 MMBF. GetDirections. Ron Parker, CEO of Hampton Affiliates, said the new. A&H funds are being used to hire 5 Oregon State Police Senior Troopers to patrol the private timberlands from Augustto December. Our forestlands in Pierce County all require recreational access permits. All landowners are required to reapply during the three-year season setting cycle. x}[7#iN8y [v{=}(JT=_ 2 o_]\g_|4n+}E,[7d_^kKO}KO86.yq6-J_' MID AMERICA CHIROPRACTIC CONSULTANTS OF WASHINGTON, INC. 2018 - 2023 www.washingtoncompany.net - UBI Lookup, Washington Business Search. Increased law enforcement on these public and private timberlands provides an incentive for landowners to continue to allow public The increased law enforcement provides an incentive to private timberland owners to continue to allow hunting access.Contact:Brian Carroll Linn County Forest Protection Association 541-924-6916 ext. Staff time is supported largely by Pittman Robertsonfunds which comes from the sale of hunting licenses and equipment. Maps showing the access provided can be found under the North Coast TMA and Willamette Private Lands projects shown below. Our similar businesses nearby shows similar businesses in their industry and region based on information found in their Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Review profile. Inc. does not allow unauthorized commercial packing, guiding, or hunting services or commercial gathering of firewood or mushrooms on its lands. Area under year-round travel management restriction, consult current Big Game Hunting Regulations. Funding for the Private Lands Program comes in many different forms. Email theOregon Fish & Wildlife Commission at odfw.commission@odfw.oregon.gov. Aquatic Lands Habitat Restoration Program, South Lake Washington Restoration Project, Scientific and Technical Support to Aquatic Programs, Washington Geologic Survey Publications Catalog, Washington Geologic Survey Photograph Collection, Wetlands of High Conservation Value Map Viewer, Timber Sale Remaining Volume by Purchaser Reports, Spanish - Brocha, Salal y Otros Productos Forestales, Complete: Baker to Bellingham Non-Motorized Recreation Plan, Community Wildfire Resilience and Preparedness, Utility Wildland Fire Prevention Advisory Committee, Blanchard, Reiter, Walker Valley and Nearby Islands, Teanaway Community Forest Advisory Committee, Teanaway Community Forest Advisory Committee Past Meetings, Identify local working forests at risk of conversion to other land uses, Consult with DNR, as needed, in the identification and proposal process, Gain broad community support for a Community Forest nomination, Identify sources of funding for the local share of acquisition costs (at least 50 percent of the difference between the parcels appraised fair market value and the parcels timber and forest land value). For the best viewing experience turn on the thumbnail option. Once the parking lot is full, the property is at capacity. hunting, please contact the WDFW Wildlife Program. Permits are available for purchase now through the My Outdoor Agent platform. For more information on what is considered as substantial public benefit please see the SOP. 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. Page 1 map;Page 2, North map;Page 3, South mapProject information: These timberlands are patrolled by Oregon State Police Special Trooper using A&H funds. A&H-administered Open Fields funds were used to help cut juniper on mule deer winter range, develop springs, treat invasive weeds, and wildlife-friendly fencing. The increased law enforcement provides an incentive to private timberland owners to continue to allow hunting access. Properties enrolled in the Hunt by Reservation Programrequire an advance reservation permit issuedthrough the online reservation system. wildthing@dfw.wa.gov. 100% Douglas fir. (360) 748-4638. In return, the landowner allows public hunting access on a limited, random basis.Contact:ODFW Central Point office 541-826-8774, Map(pdf)Project information:Funding will be provided through the A&H Program to FIA companies for access to private lands, and enforcement of travel management area restrictions by OSP.Contact:ODFW Charleston 541-888-5515, 30,696 of private and 34,724 acres of public lands, Primary: Elk, deer, bear, cougar, predators, quail, grouse, turkey Secondary: Band-tailed pigeon, mourning dove, western gray squirrel, furbearers, unprotected mammals, Map(pdf)Project information:A&H funding provides increased OSP enforcement of the travel management area restrictions. Elk, deer, bear, predators, grouse, quail, band-tailed pigeon. Green Wood Resources, Seaside Office: 503-738-6351 MID AMERICA CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN LLC. More. The Mid Coast Access Area will allow motorized access during IFPL 1 and 2, walk-in access during IFPL 3, and closed to all access during IFPL 4. Hwy 30 north to Land Rd. It is at this time that applicants will be notified if they have been preliminarily chosen to participate in the LHP program. Motorized vehicles permitted on roads identified in green on the Access Area map. See a county-by-county breakdown. Two additional forms of public access are strongly encouraged (ex. Camping allowed only within 200 feet of open roads. Since the 1980s, more than seventeen percent of Washingtons commercial forests have been converted to other land uses. Each year, WDFW wildlife biologists consult their local sources and contribute personal observations about hunting prospects throughout the state. Tax Year Tax Code Area Total Levy Rate; 2023: 625 : $7.63 per $1000 value: Rate District Percent* $0.03: . Access and Habitat Program Coordinator Longview Timberlands, Silverton: 503-873-6457 This example will show you how to read a pointsummary report. Annual production capacity of250 MMBF. Consult map for restrictions; camping allowed on adjacent BLM only. The fee access permit areas and recreational leases are listed and managed through My Outdoor Agent.

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