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He never did something like that! Wanda can easily beat these guys, no doubt! Only giant blades scale to supersonic speeds. Loki is fine, unless we use Comics like Black Bolt, than he is on par with the Cosmic Gods. But Wanda can teleport now! Create New Template All MCU Movies and Series (MCU) (2023) Marvel Movies (The Infinity Saga, Phase 1-3) Spider-Man Movies (including No Way Home) Marvel Cinematic Universe All Phases MARVEL: MCU movies & series Marvel Comics Superheroes Ranking That being said, Hawkeye has an array of specialty arrows at his disposal, and he is likely the greatest marksman in the fictional world of the MCU. Being a genius when it comes to creating weaponry, Rocket knows his way around a gun better than anyone else in the MCU. Strange 10 Spider Man 11 Wasp 12 JARVIS ADVERTISEMENT 13 Black Panther 14 Vision 15 Scarlet Witch 16 Star-Lord 17 Gamora 18 Drax 19 Rocket Raccoon 20 Groot ADVERTISEMENT 21 Yondu 22 War Machine 23 Pepper Potts 24 Falcon 25 Winter Soldier 26 Time Stone was never invincible. This doesn't mean that a higher class would always beat a lower class character. Here Valkyrie dodges it casually just like Hogun! She has instant reality warping with plenty of speed feats to say she is not actually slow fodder. I said he can't without Portals! No! Which is below subsonic. Don't make up feats! No, the final fight of course! And as far as I can remember Agatha wasn't shown after that. But it didn't reversed after Hex is gone! He also attacked her from behind! But I hope you don't complain about the feat I brought for Wanda! ! While Scott Lang has landed into the superhero role quite nicely, Hope Van Dyne seems almost born for it. A new addition to the series, Shang-Chi is a highly likable MCU hero who has the power to control the Ten Rings. No he doesn't! It took Iron Man + Thor + Vision firing at the same time to defeat Ultron. Do you have any proof it's subsonic? Characters are also ranked within tiers, so the most powerful of each tier is furthest to the left in the group and the weakest is furthest to the right. Alfredo. Tony Stark actually got two huge upgrades in the Ultimate Universe. Are you referring to that one scene in a trailer? I already proved. Because it's exactly the same thing! However, he does lack any sort of serious combat training and is a bit impulsive, not always thinking before he acts. And from this perspective, it looks like Loki suddenly sends Blast, but if you look better, it can be easily understood Thor lifts his hammer at the same moment when Loki lifts his scepter! in this particular scene, Hela's blades move with 72 FPS. How? She's just not god tier. All the stones are similar in nature. NEXT:10 Biggest Differences Between Sandman In The Spider-Man Movies & Comics, Saim Cheeda is an entertainment writer covering all of Film, TV, Gaming and Books. @kevinforgod: Except none of these guys beat her directly, only attacked her from behind, which is not our topic. He is mid tier at best, his feats are all meh. Since when do you need to physically hurt someone to beat them? The characters of the MCU are all powerful in their own right but some are simply stronger than others. Wanda doesn't have the ability to survive anything Thor does to her. Agatha may be less powerful than Wanda, but she knows a lot more spells, and has far more experience. which I can also use for every other character! Yes! Drag and drop items from the bottom and put them on your desired tier. Even for the likes of Captain Marvel and Thor! and gained abilities due to exposure to Wanda's magical manipulation. I will answer to you with your words to make you understand me better. How? Apart from freelance writing, Saim is a lifestyle blogger, co-owning the blog 3 States Apart. The Marvel Cinematic Universe ( MCU) is an American media franchise and shared universe centered on a series of superhero films produced by Marvel Studios. RELATED:5 Best Marvel Fighting Games to Play (& 5 Worst to Avoid). But he couldn't save himself from Ebony Maw's cage, he couldn't save Loki from Thanos, he couldn't save himself from Thanos again in Endgame when Thanos was about to stab him with his axe. Reality warping is part of her power set and shes more power than the people youve listed. Spider-Man has taken on his own powerful villains while also helping the Avengers save the day inAvengers: Endgame. - 5 stone Thanos definitely should be below both Celestials and Dormammu. Would someone with mystical powers like Doctor Strange be the most powerful Avenger in the universe, or would someone with nearly limitless brain power like Tony Stark take that title? Yeah! Agreed on Hogun not being fodder! 2, its that his brains more than carry him the rest of the way. Can you hear yourself! Being the adopted daughter of Thanos, Gamora was raised from a young age to be the craziest weapon in the galaxy. Agatha is still locked in Westview, where she is doomed to play noisy neighbor, even tho hex is gone! They were defeated on occasion, but the fact that the Loki variants were successful in taking down He Who Remains is a testament to their skills and abilities. Ultron killed off every powerful hero and villain, ranging from Captain Marvel to Thanos and more. You can say that, but it's factually wrong if you look at their feats. Having a similar level of combat training to Gamora, he ends up higher than her on the list just through his drive and his super-strength alone. Iron Man 3 (2013) Iron Man 3 is far and away the most underrated movie in the MCU. Ragdolling someone when you have TK isn't that impressive. He needs to lift his hands! He never send big shields around to transmutate random things! Thanos single-handedly resisted Mantis, who TP'd a Celestial! We love. And we can see from video, we saw the blade for at least 0.50-0.75 seconds, so time is definitely not shorter than that! Since she can't make the hex again, there's no proof she could do everything she did. They are fast of course, but they are still not close to subsonic, let alone a bullet, which is supersonic! Same goes for Vision. This site uses third party cookies for analytics and advertising. Bruce Banner's attempt to bring her back to life along with the dusted folks is a failure.. But Scarlet Witch simply used her own power to reality warp Agatha! All 30 MCU Main Characters From Weakest To Strongest, Ranked, Mantis Has Powerful Empathic Abilities That Rely On Touch, Falcon Is Military-Trained And Wields Captain America'sShield, Hawkeye Is A Skilled Marksman AndS.H.I.E.L.D. Squanchy70 10 mo. A lot of the characters you put at the God tier and high tiers are either featless or don't currently exist in the . While Bucky was little more than a normal guy when we first met him in Captain America: The First Avenger, that all changed when he was turned into a super-soldier for Hydra. If you don't know to use your powers at full potential when you are glass-canon of course you will be ragdolled. But she is! This is the only part I disagree mostly.". 13 October 2017. Sure, he doesnt have any powers, but he does know how to fight and is an excellent shot. Then I asked for feats! Like a few of the Marvel heroes, Sam Wilson is just a regular guy. Which gives him the victory! She is of course in God Tier! The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is an American media franchise and shared universe that involves productions of superhero films and television series. It also confirmedwhyDoctor Strange will require her help to stop a multiversal threat later on. Fair, but I proved she can do these things much faster than Thor, which gives her the edge, and unlike what you said, not making Wanda the slow one here! Having better training and more precise actions as the Wasp, there are several times when she put even her partner to shame. With the release of Eternals it's time to talk the MCU. They really aren't team busters. It will be interesting to see if she can do one better when she shows up for her spin-off in the future. Also, I don't see why opening a hex is something impossible for her anymore. Theres probably no character more overpowered than the one who absorbed the forces of other beings. This is the only part I disagree mostly. Superior. Black Widow should be in Super Soldier. The MCU considers Celestials or those created by Celestials to be cosmic in nature, with beings like gods, aliens, and mystical wizards not factoring into this. There are many ways in which he could have lost if he didn't have the stones. While she was ultimately beaten by Scarlet Witch, Agatha was outnumbered by the formers children and Vision. From the chaos magic of Scarlet Witch to the legendary abilities of Shang-Chi's Ten Rings, MCU's Phase Four brought incredible power in the year 2021. She still do. Sir I'm using what happened in the movies to debate. The MCU has since introduced weaker heroes, but Hawkeye is still just a human with a bow and arrow. Which she can stop easily? I'm taking the distance even longer than it is, for your sake! Thor is not dodging after Loki sends his blast! The hex was an area in which she had control. So we have to assume Thor dodged right? Nice logic. This version of Ultron took hold of all the stones and could do whatever he wanted to, resulting in the destruction of all species in his universe and his subsequent trip into other universes. Strange tho. Getting his shield to touch a stoneless Thanos won't be hard. Wanda's power set is a counter to Thanos. She has barely any applicable feats. His best telekinesis feat is also holding a 10 lbs -magical- box. Strange. He can be beaten by other heroes and seems to get knocked down much more than Stark. Fair for me! Like you've previously said in your argument with Heiqn, if Thor while restrained is able to summon lightning why won't Wanda be able to create a hex again? Strange goes to Team Busters tier. But that's doesn't change the fact that Wanda is below Hawkeye, Proxima Midnight etc. Today Chris and Altaf assemble another tier list, this time their top Marvel Cinematic Universe characters!Nice Dude Productions is. You are not using combat feats! That's pretty much a lie! #8 TobeyMaguire84. I'm talking about summoning lightning just by thinking! She can only break the mind stone, because her powers are similar. And we don't even know if Giantman killed that leviathan either, unlike Hulk who punched leviathan so hard its armor broke apart and it flipped on its head, Giantman simply punched it away and we don't even know if it didn't just flew away in the other direction afterwards. In addition, you can see the most watched/liked stuff amongst your friends. Stranges powers were such that he protected all of the Guardians of the Multiverse from Ultrons powers, eventually sealing Ultron and Killmonger in a casing that only he can overturn. Iron man in the Avengers also solod a leviathan and you've put him in mid tier. However, the War Machine armor doesnt seem nearly as versatile as the Iron Man suit. But the bigger the difference in Class is, the more obvious it is who'll win in a fight. MCU Character Power Tier List 66 results 1 2 #1 Edited By Arexii 11 months ago #2 Edited By heiqn First of all, thanks for using my template Good to see people noticing it Very good. God tier - Is fine, but far too vague. Why would she be able to destroy the time stone? Why wouldnt she be able to destroy the time stone? That's not fair. She can also open hex anytime, so there is no reason to not believe she can teleport next to the Ego core and turn his core to jelly. She can take down armies of foes, tackle creatures from other planets, and even stop other superheroes. Spoiler Warning: This list contains spoilers for Eternals. He was just beat up by Thanos, all maw did was tie him up. Which is 1800MPH at worst! at unknown speeds, but considering he's supposed to be the physically strongest character, i don't see how that's an anti feat. One-Above-All 2. List of some Bottom Tier champs who got balanced buffrecently: Magneto (Both), Venom, Spider Gwen, She Hulk, Luke Cage, Red Hulk, Carnage, Punisher 2099, Falcon, Gambit, Ultron, Diablo, Mole Man, Kingpin, Venompool, Angela, Nebula, Thor Ragnarok, Crossbones, Odin, Bishop, Hawkeye, Spider Man (MM), King Groot, Black Panther, Joe Fixit, Vulture, Black Panther's Shuri (Letitia Wright) was recently introduced to the MCU, but has already made a significant enough impact to earn a spot on this list. I never said Dr strange can hurt Thanos I said he could beat him. What makes him special is his military training and the high-tech wings that he uses, as well as his outstanding character which has earned him the title of the new Captain America in the MCU, along with a Wakandan-tech suit. Other Lokis, including Sylvie, Boastful Loki, Classic Loki, among others, all had variations in their powers of magical illusions and outright sorcery. How? or use telekinesis and hold him in the air like Wanda. It was when The Watchers defeat madethe latter assemble the Guardians of the Multiverse that Ultron was outnumbered and defeated. How is this calculated ( INT^1.3 + (STR*0.5 )^2 + (SPE*0.5)^2 + DUR^1.6 + (POW + (SPS*SPL))^2 + COM^1.8 ) ^ TIER Super Power Score and Level Fights have different circumstances, but we have to consider every high-end feat to put characters where they belong! Create a ranking for ULTIMATE MCU CHARACTER (250+ CHARACTERS!) Party Thor's feats are still not very impressive if we take out the scaling from Captain Marvel statements. She can even mind control people from miles away. The War Machine suit is impressive, having a host ofoverpowered weapons to get the job done. She even ragdolled her!. 10. Shang-Chi is certain to become more powerful as he makes more appearances, but his introduction in the year did enough to establish him as a real force. I never said she is faster than neither Thor nor Captain Marvel! Equipped with jet boots, a blaster, and some other useful items, Star-Lord can think a few steps ahead of his opponents and knows how to win a fight. There's no proof she could do the same thing outside. And we are debating Wanda and Dr Strange not Thor. But I'm using the projectile term in what we understand in science-fiction! 0. Strange's magic can cut Thanos' skin!! Even he completes %90 of the flip after the blast! I don't think there is any reason to put them on high tier. 1-) He saw an only single way to win, which doesn't contains portal attack! Rocket isnt very strong, but if he proved anything in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Wenwus mastery with the Ten Rings is the stuff of legend and more feats might be revealed in future installments that dive into his past. So I'm going to do something a little similar and a little different, an MCU Tier List (Iron Man to . RELATED:10 Games To Play If You Loved Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Lie! Not the same thing! Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. She can pretty much Mind Control the entire Civil War Avengers in one hand gesture now! If she were to go up against someone who knew how to fight, she would most likely lose. Having better feats in later movies does not mean that your past self is weaker. Living Tribunal 10. Winter Soldiers expertise in all sorts of equipment, combat, and his metal arm make him a great asset to the Avengers. His lack of ranged attacks and flight is the only reason she could beat him. Imagine still using 2015 Age of Ultron Wanda to lowball character, that could never be me. After she gained her conscience, she simply destroyed her! I don't understand why he is too high! Wanda factually has shown nothing to prove she should be that high. He never struggled with Strange. While Stark cured her, he later built Pepper her own suit of armor that she wore inAvengers: Endgameto become Rescue. Wanda is clearly overrated, you've just been blinded by hype and rumours that you can't see it. Ajak. His cosmic energy beams managed to damage Ultron when the latter had all the Infinity Stones, so theres little doubt The Watcher goes right up among the most powerful MCU characters overall. But it's the same logic as yours! Being above him doesn't mean much. Ego, who couldn't tag random fodders, and Ronan, who can't bust a planet without killing himself belong in the same tier with Celestials and Universe buster Dormammu, or even funnier, you think Watcher and WI Ultron, who can affect multiverse with his punches should belong to the same tier with Ego and Ronan, that's also inconsistent!! A Tier - Captain America, Black Widow, And Kate Bishop Steve Rogers is an S-tier hero that is still trapped in A-tier. Press the labels to change the label text. Black Widow Is Highly-Trained And Stark-Equipped, Nebula Is A Powerful Cyborg Trained By Thanos, Gamora Is Known As The Deadliest Woman In The Galaxy, Drax Is Incredibly Strong And Better Known As The Destroyer, Groot Can Grow And Manipulate His Powerful Alien Tree Body, Quicksilver's Super-Speed Should Have Overpowered Him, U.S. What makes you think she can't stop that? Agent, Pepper PottsWears Her Own Suit Of Armor As Rescue, Star-Lord Has Advanced Alien Tech And Element Guns, Rocket Racoon Is A Brilliant Weaponsmith And Pilot, Monica Rambeau Gained Untested New Abilities As Spectrum, Ant-Man Can Change His Size To Become Giant-Man, The Wasp Has Size-Changing Tech, Wings And Blasters. Pietro Maximoof was introduced alongside his sister Wanda in Avengers: Age of Ultron aspoliticalactivistsenhanced by Hydra, which resulted in Pietro's development of super-speed which made him an almost unstoppable threat. Conclusion = Even Lowballed Wanda is above any MCU Avenger by a large margin, bruh. You are using BFR Option! What! Strange that can hurt Thanos, please don't use any portals tho. Again, Thor can't summon lightning with thought, he never did. Again, they can't send their things and kill their opponents with Massively Hypersonic speeds or light speed! There's no proof her TP is any stronger. She has a lot of feats! Here is a list of 30 Strongest MCU Characters From Superheroes To Villains: 10 Iron Man. What she did to Agatha was just what she did to everyone else in the hex. What's stopping Wanda from creating an obedience disk with her powers and throw it to Thor! is it too much to ask for feats? I guess if you just wanna say "planetary or above" it's okay though. Forum Posts. It was the year where the MCU entered Phase Four, comprising films, along with shows on the Disney+ service. Can you think Hela send her daggers with the size of 2 colossal titans, or 2 stadium sizes in less than 1 second! Follow 473. 9. Vibranium Ultron did somewhat overwhelm Mjolnir Thor in 1vs1 but that's as far as his feats ever go. I don't understand why do you put Ronan, who can bust a planet with one touch below him, he should be definitely above him. Why didn't loki teleport away to save his life against Thanos? Ragdolling is just the funny part of it! This allows him to constantly get the drop on his foes and take them down without even realizing it was him. None of these guys have above Subsonic combat speed, therefore Wanda can easily keep up with them, and we saw Wanda blocking Captain Marvel in the new trailer. But here some of you guys use Headcanon, Scaling, etc to debate..How can a supposed "god tier" be beaten by these fodders and street level characters and we will lift her up and then those that already beaten her are placed to lower level. But he has made a huge shield which blocked a black hole attack from Thanos and turned it into birds. There is no reason her small blades would be any slower. Fair for me, but it's nothing wrong with her being on God Tier. 1. It should however be noted that sometimes having overall destructive capacity is not enough to defeat others that have "broken" or "hax" abilities. While he eventually was forced to go undercover when S.H.I.E.L.D. Hi all! Except they are, because they can easily be seen. Shang could also move up too. RELATED:Marvel: 10 Best Video Games, Ranked By IGN Score. You literally said Wanda needs to move her hand to use TP. The only reason hes managed to survive so long in the cosmos is he uses all sorts of tricks to get out of situations and he spent his childhood learning how to survive among space pirates. Magus Infinity Gauntlet. Cull wasn't actually killed or even KO'd with that step, we later see him fighting alongside other Thanos troops, and just overwhelming Cull temporarily isn't anything impressive at all, considering Spiderman did it on several occasions, and you've put him in mid tier. Make reasonable arguments. Yeah!, but you know it still takes time! If she can break Uru I don't see what's stopping her from breaking the timestone. which needs physical contact with his shield. With Shang-Chi and the. Falcon is one of Captain Americas closest friends. or even VFX, or even logic! Just like Maw. He also demonstrated skills with other weapons like a katana when he adopted the Ronin persona in Endgame,though he also has to rely on his cleverness and wit in order to win a battle. That said, If you think Wanda is overrated, Strange is even more overrated than her. You're underestimating Thor. By directly overpowering him, something the team could not not do , that doesn't change anything. Because Loki never showed teleportation before the Loki series' final episode! She's not similar to the time stone at all. She pretty much does! Like her partner, she also makes effective use of her sizing technology, throwing massive salt shakers and Pez dispensers at just the right times. The go-to source for comic and superhero movie fans. Perhaps the black sheep of the Avengers, Hawkeye has had an interesting legacy. Disney+ continued the storylines of a number of characters pastEndgameon series likeWandaVision, which alsoempowered Monica Rambeau. Thank you! Giantman is overhyped. If you're referring to Wanda then tell me one feat she can perform after Wandavision that doesn't require the hex, and is enough to make her god tier? Here's an official ranking! Yes. Which is impossible. Becoming the new Ant-Man, Scott combines his agility with the shrinking and growing abilities of the suit. Yeah! Alice Hernandez. That's your opinion.And even if we were to assume she was, if she tried to restrain Thor with TK, she would get hit by lightning. Furthermore, his suit hasnt had nearly as many upgrades, which puts a damper on hisupper levels when compared to other armored heroes like Iron Man. Lizard def mid-low street. Secondly show me a single anti feat for speed that guy has. You are right, I mean Wanda a Glass Canon Fodder is "god tier" while the fodders that beat her is Street Level and Human level. This "ranged ability" is just a headcanon / cope mechanism made by fanboys. Have you watched Thor Ragnarok? The mirror dimension for example. Nick Fury Is Marvel's Super Spy And Director Of S.H.I.E.L.D. In the same way that he can take TP she can't take a single lightning bolt, mjolnir throw, punch or any other type of attack from him. Very cool counter! Let's look at the distance of Thanos-Van! Same with the leviathan feat. Transmutation! Again, still don't even reach that number! 100=0.75xV V= 133 meter per second 133 M/s = 297 Mph (Subsonic Speed = 609 Mph). If I didn't, I guess you are the wrong guy here. But you know Loki has to lift his scepter to send blasts, which gives the opponent the chance of what we call aim-dodge! No. Well, because it clearly won't work! High tier - Giantman has no business in the high tier. While he still has a long way to go for redemption, Walker is one of the few remaining super-soldiers and has adopted the identity of U.S. Otherwise, all he had to do is just look at someone and think of lightning! 4-5 times slower than the slowest bullet speed itself, the blades Hogun dodged! I don't see how that's connected with the hex itself! Scarlet Witchs fragile mindset was the only thing that held her back, as she could have done extreme damage if shed wanted to. Pretty much plasma weapons and things we saw in Star Wars universe, which usually travels between Hypersonic and Light speeds! That makes no sense. RELATED:10 Pokemon Who Resemble Avengers & MCU Characters. Good for her. The Marvel Cinematic Universe spans an incredible 22 films and has been around for over a decade. 4. She is Agnes for now! Which means at her very worst she can reality warp people with single touch. All of the Peter Parkers had great fighting abilities in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which makes it difficult to just choose one.

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