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You can easily project your idea of the other person (rather than who they really are) and the chase gives you time to do this. They love to get lost in daydreams, perhaps because they have a tendency to put off reality for later or because they admire the world of fantasy so much. Ryan Hart is a relationship science and technology writer. Unlike other placements, she cant separate from her emotions. They will not be the types to boast and brag. Going on 2 years now, and it's the best relationship I've ever been in . Mars in Pisces is known as the peaceful warrior. Although Mars in Pisces people can be extremely driven, theyre also emotional and fantastical. if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[580,400],'astrologyowl_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_12',119,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-astrologyowl_com-medrectangle-3-0'); Dislikes: You will dislike feeling invalidated. They want to feel inspiration and can be easily tempted to neglect their daily responsibilities for the sake of adventure and discovery. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. You can feel what the other person likes and is turned on by, and easily inhabit that space. They have charisma and confidence to their name. While your outlet is probably unique to you, whatever you create is about more than just aesthetics. At risk of becoming combative, this person will protect him or herself with a great deal of zeal. They like to protect the people that they care about. He is a strong, independent and assertive man. You love to daydream and might yearn to skip ahead to the good part. We earn from qualifying purchases. When you get angry, you probably feel a bit guilty about it. When youre able to figure out what you feel and why, and when you can tell others what you need in a constructive way, you will feel a lot happier and more well-adjusted in your own life. They tend to get stuck in their heads. Her anger can be unnerving, because it's just so unexpected. Her feelings will often be based around the first meeting instead of the relationship today. Venus in Pisces women tend to attract men pretty easily because they have such a sensitive, feminine aura. As a result, you give the best advice when it comes to dealing with emotional issues and relationships. Most importantly, if his partner doesnt fulfill his expectations and desires, he might seek solace in the arms of another. You have a natural attraction to the vibration of spiritual objects tending to fill your life with anything that gives you a sense of enlightenment. But if you do this too often, you might start to see yourself as a victim. She is a deep thinker. Many of your emotions are unconscious so its nearly impossible for you to control them. Hes a dreamer, and he will only get involved in something when it has some chance of success, when the idea at its base is revolutionary, innovative, even a little idealistic. This type of anger will often manifest physically as disease or a vague sickness thats undiagnosable. Its up to you to choose with energy you identify with more. A deep desire within you is to be accepted, however this manifests. She has a wonderfully kind heart, and almost always wants to help out others. You are also very good at helping to identify common ground for people, even when it is very small in the grand scheme of things. Check out these related Venus posts: Venus rules so many areas that the characteristics of your Venus sign can have a large impact on your entire life. These Piscean qualities will show up directly in the personality. You quickly build up energy because you feel so acutely. The Mars in Pisces woman has a tendency to be a bit of a love addict. At the same time, nothing feels stable, so it can be difficult to discern the truth. You also have a tendency to mirror whoever you are with, so you are highly changeable as you move between different social groups. Mars in Pisces people have a tendency to be addicted to either substances or love, but this is because they want to avoid looking inward. Mars in Pisces natives usually make very passionate advocates for any cause. Energies are often channelled into fantasy and daydreaming. She is always looking for new experiences. Sometimes, it is difficult for people with Mars in Pisces to hold a job because their moods are so unpredictable, but much of this will depend on the rest of their chart and how directly involved Mars is in their career. People who are born with this placement will most likely behave in a friendly manner towards others. Aries woman may be jealous, but the cancer man may turn this jealousy into romance. Keep reading to learn how Venus in Pisces manifests in regards to money, style, pleasure, values, attraction, relationships, and sex. The Mars in Pisces man is the definition of charm. No one and nothing else matters to him because his emotions are what drive him. Dont know your Venus sign? At first, those with Venus in Pisces might have trouble understanding money because they live in an almost mythical realm inside their heads. Their intentions can be very unclear and they may wallow in their own self pity. Sexually, the Venus in Pisces man is very creative, but he wants an open woman who he feels comfortable expressing his desires with. Relationships/Sex: For a Venus in Pisces person, love is a mystical experience. Here are the most common qualities with the Venus in Pisces placement. Some of the most beautiful and talented actors, musicians, and artists have this placement, but it also comes with a whole host of problems. Mars in Pisces folks can be a bit melodramatic. They are creative, intuitive, and sensitive. He hates confrontations and avoids conflicts at all costs whenever possible. She does not have a mean bone in her body, and is very warm and sensitive. They are willing to surrender to love or anything that they consider divine, thus losing track of reality. . Intimacy is very important to you, but you can smother others if you are feeling insecure. 2022, part of the Hopnetic network. He doesnt like aggressiveness or impetuousness because that only eats away his energy and might even annoy him. This transit can cause relationships to be difficult because there is often a different kind of bonding between two people that takes place during this time period. While she is genuine in all her interactions, she is also an intuitive flirt, so she has no trouble attracting whoever she is interested in. Its perfectly natural for this woman to have more than a few relationships in order to learn the skills she needs to find a suitable partner. This is because he is very good at reading people, so he already knows if he is in with a chance. A day later, all is forgotten. The Venus in Pisces man is a highly emotional individual, sensitive, and affectionate with his partner. See our Venus sign tables. Pisces Mars Man Men born with Mars in Pisces are often introverted and dreamy. They can roam about in other words, in their dream planes, which gives them a great energy that spills forth into everything that they do. You are giving, and you are extremely beguiling. These archetypes arent used by everyone and definitely arent absolute. Venus in Earth, Mars in Water (Romantic Earth, Watery Desires): You want stability and reliability in your relationships, but you also require emotional bonding and intimacy. You have a deep well of experience, real and imagined, that might fuel a variety of creative pursuits. They usually find some round about way to express their anger that does not involve a direct confrontation. The Mars in Pisces person is artistic, selfless, and kind. This man might be prone to cheating, but only if his social circle instills in him this sense, only if hes in the company of women for too much. These guys will definitely shy away from anyone who is too aggressive or angry; they prefer their partners gentle. For a Venus in Pisces person, love is a mystical experience. You can expect women born under Mars in Pisces are natural caregivers without falling into mother roles. You tend to respect tradition, and your sexual nature may be a tad conservative, but extremely passionate as well. They are usually very admired by women as well. She might have simply manifested the idea! He is adaptable, calm, and nurturing. They are often very open sexually, often experimenting with many different avenues of sexuality. Click Venus in Pisces is such a floaty, romantic sign that its very hard for him to find clarity. The difficulty for a Venus in Pisces man comes after he has been in a relationship for a while. This can manifest positively or negatively. When you are born under Mars in Pisces, you are a naturally empathetic person. The place where you are most independent is with your creativity, which is inspired by a deep well of emotional intelligence. They will play very passionately, they will give their entire heart to whatever game they play. Check out this book on Amazon. He falls head over heels when he finds someone he likes. With Mars in Pisces, you have a strong need for love. TEA & ROSEMARY LLC, Venus In Aquarius In The Birth Chart: Everything You Need To Know, Mercury Conjunct Venus: Natal, Transit, and Synastry, Crow Symbolism: Spiritual Meaning Of The Crow, 6 Effective Studying Spells For Exams, Class, & Enhanced Focus, Winter Solstice & Yule: Rituals, Traditions, And Ways To Celebrate. When they like someone, they fall completely in love, head over heals. Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Ascendant in the signs: Aries Venus in Water, Mars in Water (Romantic Water, Watery Desires): You are most receptive to emotional expressions of affection. This is typically a misplaced effort to get control of his own emotions because theyre simply so vast. She might always feel like a piece of her is missing. What does this placement say about your personality? With Venus in Pisces, you enjoy shows, movies, books, or other things that you can get lost in. There is no set in stone here these are just guidelines to help you figure out your chart! She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope. They will go to the depths for someone they are interested in. If you dont know what you want then you have no strong feelings either way. With Mars in Pisces, you are attracted to your own fantasies or projections of people instead of who they really are. or it will manifest as an outburst. The sensitivity is very pronounced. This placement is a bit changeable. These folks flirt by being slightly playful, yet they can be moody and changeable at the same time. He will try to counteract his never-ending emotions with masculine hobbies such as working out, sports, cars, the military, or anything that makes him feel more traditionally masculine. Mars in Pisces is sensitive to the subtle vibrations that occur when two people come together in love. Pisces is generally peaceful and emotional while Mars is active and aggressive. This can manifest as attraction to someone with past trauma or security issues, or can show up as interest in someone with alcohol or drug addictions. When the Mars in Pisces man first meets someone, he willfeelwhat they want and can turn into his partners dream man. Mars in Pisces man has a passionate and strong-willed nature. They yearn to be loved exclusively in a romantic way that feels almost vintage. You will probably find yourself well-equipped for the role, but later you might wonder what you actually gained from the experience. You may tell little white lies when you first meet someone, but this is because you want them to like you. This can cause problems later in the relationship when her true self is different from what she showed initially. The Venus in Pisces woman probably has millions of fantasies in her head that she is rarely brave enough to actually act out, but the desire is definitely in there. See More Venus-Mars Sign Combinations: Back to Venus-Mars Combinations chart. There is no controlling their emotions. Venus in Pisces desires a spiritual connection when in love. While she is happy to do this, she needs someone who doesnt take advantage of that and takes the time to consider what she needs as well. In a relationship, he knows exactly how to avoid dangerous emotional reactions, and instill a sense of peacefulness and tranquility in his partner. I have read and agree to the terms & conditions. They are willing to put their hand in the fire, walk on the coals, take the punches, and that makes them the bravest. You can also be passive aggressive and unpredictable. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. He may also have a fear of his partner leaving him once he has opened up. Moreover, the Venus in Pisces man is highly intuitive, one of the most intuitive of the entire zodiac. Sex with them should always be a beautiful, otherworldly, romantic, love making experience. She believes what a partner shows her immediately, even if its just an initial facade. Older women and confident Every placement has both good and bad qualities. See More Venus-Mars Sign Combinations: Back to Venus-Mars Combinations chart. He tends to get in very deep very quickly with a new partner. If your fantasy changes, then youre prone to fickleness. Venus in Pisces, Mars in Scorpio Your Venus is in a Water sign and your Mars is in a Water sign. You can love something one day and hate it the next, but just as quickly pick up a new obsession. Hes very emotionally unstable, his various reactions being the talk of the town. These individuals are the ones who will readily seek new adventures, not only because of their curiosity but also because they want to offer help or provide assistance wherever it is needed. A potential for conflict can be seen in the fiery depths of their eyes, but only if pushed too far. In a relationship, those with Venus in Pisces can sometimes discover that they dont actually love the other person, but are in love with theidea of their partner. She must be kind, generous, empathetic, understanding, to have a sense of obedience and dependency. He picks up on his partners energy very easy and negative feelings influence him over time. You care for others and simply want to be cherished by friends and family in return. Its easy for you to become addicted to intimacy and to go to any lengths to regain it in a relationship when it is lost. Such a long as a pisces women looking for dating a scorpion helps her. More specifically: Venus in Pisces, Mars in Pisces: Some Famous People with this Combination: Vincent Van Gogh, Eva Gabor, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jane Seymour, Norah Jones, Pat Benatar, Patrick Duffy, Heath Ledger, Bryce Dallas Howard. Mars and Pisces in Love. He can actually think quite badly of himself and have confidence problems. But these down-to-earth folk are also highly empathetic and protective. Thats the only way hell realize that youre the perfect woman for him. He's been searching for that special someone for all his life, and he made a purpose out of this. The cancer man may be shy and tight-lipped. You have no clear baseline. But as an extension of this, you also need to be around other people and share most aspects of your life. You gravitate towards the needy or the underdogs because imbalance intrigues you. by Ryan Hart | Updated on July 25, 2021 | Post may contain affiliate links. Virgo You can have a tendency to play the victim looking for a knight in shining armor. You may also be drawn to the occult, to gothic time periods, or to learning more about whats out there. You like the big questions as well as anything mysterious or mystical. The goal is for people with Mars in Pisces to figure out a balance between living in a fantasy world (which they always need to some extent) and seeing reality. Related: Mercury Conjunct Venus: Natal, Transit, and Synastry. Theyre attracted to the feelings that someone brings out in them, not just physical aspects of the other person. She needs a clear, concrete declaration of love from a partner; she doesnt like to read signs or guess, maybe because she already struggles to formulate her own objective theories about love. This makes you pretty engaging and witty during conversation, and you can easily hook people without being super outgoing; your energy is enough. They have a strong anti-confidence. The biggest lesson with Mars in Pisces is to learn how to create emotional boundaries between yourself and others. They are deeply peaceful, sweet, and kind men. You rarely put your needs first, and supporting the people around you is always your top priority. Though this can sometimes lead to an overly pragmatic approach to matters of the heart, Venus in the sign of the Goat usually meets her love goals. The Venus in Pisces Woman: Get to Know Her Better, Venus in Pisces: Key Personality Traits in Love and Life, The Venus in Aries Man: Get to Know Him Better, The Venus in Aries Woman: Get to Know Her Better, The Venus in Taurus Man: Get to Know Him Better, The Venus in Taurus Woman: Get to Know Her Better. You probably prefer morning sex in the shower over long evenings in the bedroom. Her romantic relationships might feel ever-changing or topsy-turvy no matter how stable the actual relationship is. The Venus Piscean man deserves to be loved for all eternity just for being this sensitive and affectionate. He has many mood swings, so the initial meeting will depend on where in his mood cycle he is. The Mars in Pisces man is the definition of charm. Many Mars in Pisces men have some insecurity about their masculinity and sometimes try to overcompensate by acting really tough, or being really athletic. Use our free birth chart calculator to find out. Pisces woman dating scorpio man The pisces and pisces have an experimenting phase together; link. While you have grand ideas, your mood might shift before youre able to make much progress. Mars is known as the planet of war and its position in your natal chart is indicative of your more volatile characteristics. You tend to underestimate the quality of your work and can be a bit shy about sharing it with other people. Sexually, youre turned on by romance, secrecy, privacy, and emotional power imbalances. The ideal career choice for a man with this placement is to be a therapist, teacher, musician, poet, psychologist or a writer. People with a Pisces Venus can be afraid of direct communication, criticism, confrontation (Mars signs are important here tooa nice Mars in the horoscope can make up for it, or if you have Aries placements). Some partners may consider you to be indirect and even roundabout. This astrological placement gives you an innate desire for peace and harmony, something that comes naturally to everyone born with Mars in Pisces. There is a tendency to be influenced by spiritual teachers and gurus or become one yourself. They do their best work when they are emotionally tied to their job and they will stop at nothing to achieve what they desire. I have 7th house in Pisces. They ride the waves of emotion and ambition as they come and dont fret when theyre just not feeling it. She is imaginative, creative and talented. They have a highly romantic nature. . This isnt to say that they wont fight back if someone picks on them. His research is focused on making connections between people better, stronger, more meaningful, and longer lasting using technology. Her needs are ever-changing and its hard for her to discern what she wants versus what her partner wants. Mars in Taurus also likes to play the role of the savior and to be in command in every aspect of a relationship. The man who has Venus in Aries is attracted to women who are assertive, feisty and free-spirited. Because herfeelings dictate if a relationship should proceed, she can have trouble with her judgment. Not always communicative in bed, you value a partner who seems to know how to please you intuitively. When you are born with Mars in Pisces you are a natural empath and very good at understanding other people. Venus in Pisces is a floaty, etherial placement. He will never criticize or make you feel bad when you made a mistake, but he should also learn to let go of the emotional pressure from time to time. With Mars in Pisces, youre often moody, so your drive is completely tied to your frame of mind and changes quite a bit. They will harm themselves before they harm someone else. True love isnt the romantic love at first sight that Venus in Pisces tend to fall into. Your fantasies mostly exist around being saved. With Venus in Pisces, you need to learn how to follow your gut feelings, not your fantasies, in order to develop relationships at the soul level. Long-term, its hard for the Venus in Pisces woman to find a true soulmate. Sometimes they are too nice though. Mars in Gemini and Venus in Pisces horoscope compatibility for marriage Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so when Mars enters Gemini, put this energy into overdrive. You have a lot to give, and your feelings run extremely deep. Once the Mars in Pisces woman feels an emotionally connection, she is hooked. She wants to feel that the other person is energetically all in right away. Those with Venus in Pisces can be difficult for their partners to understand because theyre so changeable. Generally, though, he is a very loyal and devoted lover, but he also cant fight against the orders of his heart when it starts sending messages of love in his brain. Some lovers may find you difficult to understand, especially because of your sensitive nature and tendency to brood or to become silent when unhappy. Neptune has made 7 stressful aspects ever since it entered Pisces, including to my ASC, MC, Sun and Moon, Venus, Uranus and Neptune, all in mutable signs. They are deeply peaceful, sweet, and kind men. It can help a person with Venus in Pisces to work on shielding their energy through various techniques in order to stop conforming to what others want. She is an excellent listener, very wise and insightful, so she knows how best to help the people around her. The main characteristics that the planet Mars shows are ones drive and ambition, ones temper, how one pushes through career/conducts themselves in the workplace, and how someone acts in a romantic relationship. The Mars in Pisces man probably wont make the first move or initiate unless hesreally in the mood to do so. Ideally, she will end up with someone who is also a bit responsible and steady. In a man (or someone with masculine energy), Venus will show what kind of qualities they areattracted to. If you are born under Mars in Pisces, you tend to be motivated by bringing people together and making people happy. Some women may get really annoyed with their less than masculine expressions. Sometimes, the Venus in Pisces man is attracted to someone who needs him or relies on him. Each person has a unique combination of both qualities, although this combination may be swayed slightly depending on the persons gender. In such relationships, he does realize what the future holds, or rather what it doesnt, but he finds it very hard to break-up with the other. Its easy for the Venus in Pisces woman to become jealous, but this is usually based on her fear that her partner will leave her, which would wreck her emotionally. This can result in you playing the victim and perhaps stick with partners that might victimize you in some way, as they feed the fantasy that someone else will come along and rescue you. They have a soft and sensitive allure that energetically draws others in. His partners are always worried that he will self-destruct so they tend to be more concerned about his needs than their own. Its a personal journey to figure out how you use your Mars versus Venus, or you may have some combination of both (as most of us do regardless of our sexual orientations). Learn More. If you have Venus in Pisces, you take pleasure in anything creative and expressive. At times relationship boundaries can seem confusing to you. Mars and Venus will showcase different qualities for men and women depending on how they self-identify. Men born under this combination are great friends to have. You are a deeply sensitive person, willing to give more than most, and you have a great depth of understanding when it comes to human nature. They are compassionate and empathetic towards the sufferings of others. TEA & ROSEMARY LLC, Crow Symbolism: Spiritual Meaning Of The Crow, 6 Effective Studying Spells For Exams, Class, & Enhanced Focus, Winter Solstice & Yule: Rituals, Traditions, And Ways To Celebrate. You dont like conflict, you tend to use guilt rather than confrontation to get your own way. Theyre a funny mix of odd and romantic. You simply put out a subtle shift in your energy that others can sense. . You need to find single man and pisces woman. Many people with this placement have romantic eyes or a mysterious gaze, while others dress in sweet clothing (soft colors, flower patterns, etc.) A Man with Mars in Pisces will say the exact words you want to hear. Youre loyal when youre feeling romantic. If you manage to surprise and fascinate him, then its all good. Possessing great inner strength, Mars in Pisces people will go to any lengths to help those in need, but they themselves expect to be taken care of and protected by those close to them. Sun-Moon Combinations: Exploring Your Personality, Rising Signs: Uncover the Hidden Meanings Behind Your Ascendant, Planets in Houses: How They Determine Ones Personality, Zodiac Birthstones: Channel the Power of Your Birthstone. The Mars in Pisces man is the person to pull out all of the romantic stops, to write poetry, to gush about his lover, etc. He loves that in a woman the most. I have a Leo moon and Aqua Venus. In the relationship, he will happily let his partner take the lead and bend over backward to create the perfect life for the pair. You have a lot of room for error on the part of others, but if you feel like this care isnt returned over time, you will eventually be emotionally drained. Most people with this placement love learning about alternate worlds in fiction; they generally like having an escape from real life through fairy-tales. His artistic sense is off the charts, it grants him an elusive aura, just like the world cant hold him, as he breaks the barriers apart. This is a selfish aspect of the placement, even though these folks can also be extremely unselfish with people they care for. They are always day dreaming, imagining, worrying. If he is grounded, then he can be a sensitive and caring loving, as long as he reciprocates. Its hard for him to say exactly what he is upset about because he stuffs his anger down. An individual with Mars in Pisces also has a kindhearted, sympathetic side that not many are lucky enough to experience. How this person willactdepends on their Mars sign, but their Venus sign dictates what types of energy they are drawn towards in a partner. Keep in mind that no individual will haveall of these qualities because it will depend on your specific placement (aspects, house, etc. Read more about Venus in Pisces and compatibility. They are natural born lovers. Even though he is emotionless much of the time, she clings to the idea of the statement he said and will visualize a picture of him that isnt real.

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