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This is why you need to take those ambitions for your personal life now as seriously as you could your professional ones. Since Plutos arrival in your 7th in 2008, you have been experiencing transformations around partnerships, who you love and who you are in relationships. This is the Moons ruling house. And the Autumn in the Southern. Or you re-framing your past in such as way you alter the dynamic in the present and clear the way for a new future to unfold. Did you yearn to be part of a group or circle? Not just the love and marriage variety either but any amazing duo or double act you are part of. Yes, I know you are prepared to wait, persuade when you can, but also take your time. And this is what fuels your growth. Which saw Jupiter and Saturn move from an earth sign into an air sign. Libra Horoscopes. Take a sneak peek at my Celtic Cross reading! It can be when Saturn is transitting our 1st. How to enable Javascript in Internet Explorer ? Ive been creating my Knight-Waite tarot deck for three years.It has been such a labour of love, I cant wait to unleash it! Jupiter in your 11th is all about wish fulfilment. This was also a Great Mutation. So, lets look at what shifts in that social scene and goal empowerment gets the Pluto promise. This was a true Christmas Star and it was the closest to us they have been in the sky in 800 years! And be prepared to act on any wisdom you receive. Serve up your smarts, your capacity for hard work and your ambitions under the full Moon in your 9th (7th). We know if its right. Your heart is on your sleeve and youre up for some straight talking. Small stuff is actually huge when looked at from a longer term perspective. The clues to finding your direction lie within. The future is the unknown territory for you to explore this week. If you were born with Saturn in Pisces you will be having your Saturn return during this cycle. If you allow yourself to be distracted or scatter your energy, youll miss out on the kick-starter vibe of March. Just bring an open mind and a willingness to spend a little time travelling. Only the strongest hearts need apply. Then let it go and know that it will deliver the details you need over the next few weeks. This is going to be a truth telling transit for you. The more you wriggle, the lumpier it gets. ), when we dedicate ourselves fully to a task or goal. The final full Moon of winter. Or even what transformative form love will take. You wont be able to get away with just talking a good game. Gimme, gimme, gimme my Pluto hack because I am worth it! So, the facts are inescapable and youll be alerted to what now needs that practical and pragmatic magical approach under the full Moon in your 12th on the 7th. And what will trigger it for all of us is Pluto arriving at 0o Aquarius on March 23. Youll reach for that fresh set of tools or new shades to define your future path thanks to the meetings between Venus and Jupiter (2nd). I'm laid back and get along with everyone. You are the real deal. You can expect to receive money in some way you least expected. Or they may arrive in surprising ways. If you cant immediately recall what was going on then, just assign the task to your subconscious mind. Assemble your team, join up, double up for anything you are thinking of doing, starting or that vision youve got for your future. Just to what you do best Pisces and open up that channel to higher wisdom. Are you creating a work/life balance where life is given equal priority to work? You cannot and should not be anything other than who you are this March. The Tarot card randomly selected comes from the Classic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck and the interpretations from theTarot Card Meanings by Psychic Revelation. web chat with your favourite psychic or chat face to face with a web cam reading, Michele Knight - all rights reserved Terms and Travel, romance, pleasure, attraction, children, carefree, free spirited company, indulgences, dreams (the bigger the better) and feeling like the spinning wheel of fortune now catches you up and sends you off on a fresh adventure. Again, ditch the blame, take ownership of your destiny and go there! Play with the power of possibilities this week! This full Moon is known as the Worm, Chaste or Sap Moon. Slaying our fears or limitations is what frees us. No matter how hard you tried, love may have proved elusive. Bringing in a new 20 year cycle for all of us. Whether you were in hermit mode or not back then doesnt matter. But we can change our choices and become responsible for our actions. And electrifies ruler Uranus in your 4th. Your power is reawakened. In a nutshell: Getting in touch with what you really want and need allows you to see your past choices in a new light. Saturn approves! What counts is the emotional maturity of someone. We can rely on ourselves just as others can rely on us. Horoscopes. You have something to say now. This was the date of the Great Conjunction. Therefore this week and under this new Moon place a higher value on your own time by ruthlessly carving some of it out for what you want and love to do. The mass media. As Pluto moves in, Saturn moves out. Even if it is mostly correct, one little error could prove costly. Saturns rings represent boundaries and also commitment. Your wellbeing and health are beyond price. Its love for the Now Age, baby! Terms and conditions. You want the big picture, Sag. You are not walled off from the world or others. You simply like to be certain. But we have to do our part. Especially after Mercury re-enters here. Especially the old and over-used kind. Validation and recognition see you ready to embark on a fresh challenge by the end of the month. If something is within your grasp once more, then fire up your courage and self-belief and take it! We have the fuel we need to get what we want and the passion to see it through. Expect to be handed more in terms of your income or access to the resources you need. You have your launch pad. The Venus/Jupiter meeting on the 2nd and the Jupiter/Chiron fusion on the 12th want you to experience the rewards and power of following your own truth. Important information will be revealed this week, Aries so how do you intend to use it? Just bring an open mind and a willingness to spend a little time travelling. I can say that because you are not a Scorpio. Your email address will not be published. So, just how are you living up to that mission in life, Taurus? When Saturn and Jupiter simultaneously left Capricorn and met at 0o Aquarius and your 5th. Are you trying too hard and in doing so, losing your authenticity in the process? By Lisa Stardust. And also use them with your best and most highest intentions. But retro time can see it remove barriers to progress. And where you have hesitated in the past from truly expressing this. Libra Weekly Horoscope - Free from Libra Weekly Sunday 19th February 2023 Venus' arrival in your opposite sign on Monday, coincides with a New Moon. This week's horoscope is highlighted by your ability to get a better perspective on things. Like a firework, leave them going Oh Oh Oh! Turn the volume down on that inner critic and tune out any negativity around you. Know yourself, know your partner, and create the romantic spark. Take that searing desire and those ideas which are juicing up your soul, and make your move. With a new clarity and surety you may not have exhibited before. Now Age Virgo is love ready. Want to amaze your friends with your uncanny and indepth ability to predict what the planets will do next? sagittarius. So long as you come from a place of total authenticity. Anything from your health and peace of mind, to those non-negotiables in love or other relationships. Make that approach, application or pitch. Don't get stuck in a loop. Even as it is! The new Moon in your 10th adds extra determination and impulsion to your desire to succeed. Back to December 2020 to be exact. Michele Knight - all rights reserved Terms and Tune In With Michele Knight. No, you are not being needy. Your Ideal Relationship Tarot Spread. Goddess Tanit Ibiza In Search Of The Goddess, Celebrating All Hallows Eve on October 31, Autumn Equinox a time of balance and harvest. Thats the lasting kind of take-out your ambitions need to succeed, Virgo! But it does want you to learn from the past and also own your part in the choices you have made. Once you understand this, you become the figure of the Magician in the Tarot. This was a true Christmas Star and it was the closest to us they have been in the sky in 800 years! A re-envisioning of your daily life. And nothing will tone down that clarity slider as it focuses your attention on something that matters to you in a very fundamental way. And your mixology or the perfect cocktail is all about the love you have been creating when you mix it up with your people. The same day ruler Venus and Uranus meet in your 8th. Solstice Day December 21. That is not necessarily the case. We are not responsible for their actions. Compassion and self-love, kindness and empathy these are not signs of someone who is a push over, Gemini. To use it wisely. If you want something kept under wraps but need to talk it over, please choose who you confide in wisely. Life takes on a lighter, brighter, easier outlook. Or discuss how to get there. How about being your own astro boss? And they may be found where you least expect them. Could your front door colour influence your home? Libra Weekly Horoscopes - Astrology Libra Weekly Horoscope Daily - Weekly - Monthly - Love Week starting 3rd March Events this week may toss curveballs in more than one area of your world. Use this exercise to clarify what youre doing right. There will be no more inertia. Ready or not, its time to serve realness for the Now Age, Taurus. Pleasure, hobbies, passions, indulgences. There is a strong concern with the principles of fairness and justice, and great interest in getting people to function smoothly together. Assess what's missing. Home / Weekly Horoscope / Libra Weekly Horoscope. Libra Weekly Love Horoscope. Get your free daily horoscope, and see how it can inform your day through predictions and advice for work, life, and love. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this. You may be looking at whether or not you need to install some boundaries. It triggers your sensitivity. It is said to have a masculine nature, and is therefore more socially outgoing in its nature. Channel yours and watch what lights up. Terms and conditions apply. Being willing to make the bold, untried and outrageous choice which sends you headlong into unexplored territory is what the cosmos wants for you. And an opportunity to show the world that yes, you are the right stuff could appear. This is your house of information and details we are exploring. You feel if not older, then wiser and more experienced. Hell, yes! See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this. The two biggest transits for all of us this month are Pluto in Aquarius (23rd). First, Saturn moves from your 4th into your 5th on the 7th. They may not all come at once. For a month, the Sun shines on us. During Plutos time in here you should see your professional/relationship status transform. What you vow to do or change is for keeps now, Taurus. And that tangible sexy and fierce aura crackles with a vibe that says you are oh so ready to accept something bigger and better. Time to leap into your future as faith in yourself is the best gift you can gift your future this week. At least if not in a Delorean, in your mind which you now need to cast back to December 2020 to be exact. If you have the desire, you have the capacity to follow it. The day of the Winter Solstice when the Sun enters Capricorn and your 11th. February reminded you of your independence, Libra. You are unlikely to feel like waiting for anything to come to you; thats a good thing go after your hearts desire. Plus you can choose again from this point onwards. 11/22 - 12/ . Have no doubt your higher self will deliver. This is good news for those Leos tired of let downs and disappointment. When Saturn and Jupiter simultaneously left Capricorn and met at 0o Aquarius and your 10th. Saturn will enter Pisces and your 2nd on the 7th. Tarotscope For All Signs July 2022 What Tarot Vibe is Yours? Finding that place where you can experience freedom and success, stability and expansion is what this Moon and then Saturn offers. Saturn asks we work within specific boundaries. New connections can be made too and if so, they could also have a role in freeing you from any restrictions you may have inadvertently created for yourself. Deeper transformations lie ahead. And one which repays your investment with passion and spiritual honesty, Leo. Entertainment SP Your other divine day for attraction, creativity and seeing the world and yourself for that matter, through a lens of beauty, has to be the 15th when the Sun and ruler Neptune meet in your 1st. And that they are right for you. There is no middle ground. Pluto ensures that for the Now Age. In a nutshell: Share yourself and your love this week and talk about your feelings, your desires and your dreams without fear. Ready Now Age Voyager? Dont forget, Pluto will continue to go back and forth over this degree as it enters, leaves, enters, leaves and then enters again to leave for good. The momentum you create is unstoppable. This particular lunation heralds something much, much bigger. It wont be wasted on the unworthy! More in your Full Moon in Virgo Moonscope. The Worm, Sap or Chaste Moon. But there is a deeper connection to those values. Ruler Mercury now in your 10th allows you to gain a higher perspective. Ruler Jupiter remains in your 5th until May. Something that has just been on the back burner simmering away an attraction, perhaps? And act on that? In a nutshell: Plutos arrival in your sign will rearrange every aspect of who you think you are and how others see you. You may donate to a charitable cause. In a nutshell: Embrace a powerful change that extends from facing what holds you back to releasing that passion in your desired direction, Taurus! So, no matter what needs doing or demands your attention, up the value you assign to them. And may be linked to who you meet or are connected to. This is your guide and please 1) Dont ignore what it is saying and 2) Address its needs. You will be in the spotlight professionally and personally so prepare to be noticed. You will be going out of your way to be loving, avoid conflict and to create peace and harmony in your relationships. The final full Moon of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Expect changes around your day job (paid or unpaid), exercise, diet and also a new emphasis on your mental health too. UPDATED: LIST OF INDICTMENTS, ARRESTS AND EXECUTIONS!! And if you and they want the same thing. You will hold others up to the same standards. You may have to spend some time thinking back to exactly what was happening on that precise day. They are about to assume a wider perspective. It marks the start of your new astrological cycle no matter when your birthday falls. Just know that knowing what you dont want isnt the same as knowing what you do. Do it and soar! Between now and the next new Moon (a rare eclipsed black Moon) in your 7th next month, you should see one definitive and bold new beginning emerge. Time wasters need not apply. As you scratch out one item on it three more get added? This week tells you that if you need to realign your power or make new choices you can. Consider this: Maybe it's not work that's zapping your energy, but rather the endless stream of outside feedback you keep listening to. Remember all decisions are final now. And it asks just what are you prepared to do or how far will you get to get it? Its these themes and how they were operating or not at this time, which will be all you need to accurately predict relationships of all kinds, your feelings and hopes and dreams around duos, duets and double acts, that contain all the insight you need to predict what the Now Age is about to bring you. Dont stop believin in yourself, Aries. If you have felt you have been sidelined into sad sack central during Saturns transit of your 5th, Plutos energy cleans house and reboots your love mojo. Were you the leading act or the best friend? Saturn asks we establish something. Theres a grand design occurring around where you live, with who and how. Especially if it is a dream which you feel has defined your soul essence. Keep your focus on the friendship/group love experience but dont rule out the possibility that one particular connection could morph into something more as time goes by if you would like it to that is. Discovering you and someone else share radically different views around something that really matters to you, may come as a surprise. 3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (10th), 4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (7th), Set yourself up for lasting (emotional) success. Saturn is about real, enduring love. Also, expect the tools you use to convey these your apps and devices, to change. Lend your unique voice and presence to aid the dreams of others. Or to bring you the result you desire in any area, Libra? And proved to be much more powerful when it came to striking a hard bargain. But you decide what it says about you over the next 2.5 years. If part of those delays have been due to you being out of flow of abundance and not just love, then whats been holding back the tide is now removed. But age could also play a role with that lover. Who frees you. February 28, 2022 Read what your sign's 2022 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Libra personality profile. Take your time with this. Yes, money talks as Mercury enters your 2nd before Saturn. Income, resources, love and other assets. And in true infomerical fashion wait! Drawing on your past especially when it comes to the choices you made that got you where you are today, provides the insight and the fuel for course correcting. The corner office. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this. Daily Horoscope Select your sign to read today's horoscope. Like metal, the bonds between you and another are forged into lasting ties. You may have to spend some time thinking back to exactly what was happening on that precise day. So, take some time to look not just those connections but your goals. Your time is precious, as is your good name. This is a good time for sharing your profound feelings with a loved one. But Saturn helps us draw up the plan to make it real. That conversation you have put off? Also, when Saturn is paying a visit to our sign, it tells us to pay serious attention to mind/body/soul maintenance. Maybe not outwardly but probably a lot within you. It fuels us up, charges our purpose and electrifies our whole being. However, take a What have I got to lose? approach to problem solving. Increased physical beauty and popularity make this an excellent time for dating, socializing, self-promotion, and starting creative or financial projects and partnerships. It is the final full Moon of winter. . Terms and conditions. That routine thats really a rut youre in. As will be freeing yourself from anything which no longer serves or restricts you. And in true infomerical fashion wait! Love could spin you in a fresh direction at the end of the month as Venus goes on to meet Uranus on the 30th. You want the hidden details and meaning. Lucky for you between now and Ceres return to your 1st you can re-draw it. Saturn rules karma. This is also a good time for discussing commitment, loyalty, and your family home. Possibly that mind/body/soul wellbeing. What youre seeking also seeks you. And Pluto is all about that ability. Breakthroughs and solutions appear as if by magic thanks to the massive stellium in your 9th which includes your ruler the Sun from the 20th. There is a motivation to achieve social or relationship goals.

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