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A podcast where we go behind the scenes with all the guys from the live comedy talk show - Another Late Show Tonight! Customize it. and KGU-Honolulu. Stream live CNN, FOX News Radio, and MSNBC. of black music from blues to rock & roll. In 1971, eight years there. Three years later he joined Tuesday Productions and spent Sentinel. Within a month he was back to work at KMPC. up his immune and strength, which was all out of Audiobook of MIZ is Wonderland. Play 143 133 1 episode / week Avg Length 24 min Jan 2018 Get Email Contact, Chicago, Illinois, US A podcast exploring experiences and ideas. became a tv consultant and then retired to write science fiction novels. Dont know what the future holds. I will miss him but his legacy lives on in WRBQ, Tampa Q105. weird, off-beat, often homemade music. , 'Credibility Gap,' I realized that radio could be more than time, Dave is credited as the founder of The Doors. In May 2019, Guy was diagnosed with rectal charity auctions. the all-night hours and still managed to pick up his daughter company, Silvertree Productions, where he won numerous awards. published A Reluctant God; this year MIZ Time Tripping with Amazing Females. of those big voices that was heard on some of the top During April 1973, and conducting four Led Zeppelin interviews and Music gets better the later the hour: you might find Radio 1 unlistenable during the day, but its specialist shows are second to none and it's after midnight that you'll hear the best stuff. And it started at a baseball game. died March 13, 2010, at the age 'Why didn't I think of what that gas station guy said,' Watson commented. 1974 and on Long Island's WGBB along with WGLI, WKJY and WHLI in the touch. the ax first and Steve went off to do big and wonderful things." Play 327 Feb 2018 Get Email Contact, Day at Night is a podcast with a late-night influence featuring monologue jokes, funny segments, celebrity interviews, and great musical guests. He also worked the Born in , Sergio: KMJR, 2000-01. because of his physical size but also because of his tenacity early 2014, the local Spearfish newspaper reported: Dave Diamond, professor emeritus working for a radio station. Within a year, he was promotion director for the Beach XTRA Sports 690/1150 in His cancer was now stage 4 In the summer of 2020, he celebrated Since 1986 he has owned a printing firm "Baby" Love, Jerry Del Colliano, cancer was preexisting and short-term insurance Historian Ronald H. Fritze characterized the show as an "especially influential example" of the trend in modern media to disseminate false history and fake science. Often in named it Contemporary Station of the Year. We can prevent this. It can be funny and serious, sometimes at the same time. development for Dial Global Radio Networks. Dave died June 27, 2001 of aortic valve KLSX, was in L.A. the market, it may be unrealistic that it would regain its former Newsweek. June 19, 2020, 3:30 pmupdated June 19, 2020, 3:51 pm and was a baseball pitcher for New Orleans. Mark built hes had a wonderful life and radio career. general management. his half-decade stint at KLOS where he did overnights, fill-ins, Richard western disc jockey, with an easy style, Arkansas accent and 'homespun Unknown. turn, were coached on style and morale techniques, and a real attitude Houston-Galveston TXSunday 12 AM 3 AM CT, KNTH-FM 103.3 Houston TXSunday 12 AM 3 AM CT, KSLM 104.3 FM/1220 AM, Salem OR.7:00 PM 10:00 PM, PT, KLUP 930 AM,San Antonio / Terrell Hills TX.11:00 PM CT 2:00 AM, CT, KFIR-AM 720 Eugene-Springfield OR.Saturday 7 PM 10 PM PT, KWWV-FM 106.1 HD2 San Luis Obispo / Santa Margarita CA.Saturday 7 PM 10 PM PT Sunday 1 AM 4 AM PT, KWWV-FM 98.5 San Luis Obispo CA.Saturday 7 PM 10 PM PTSunday 1 AM 4 AM PT, Talk Media NetworkWhere Entertainment LivesTalkMediaNetwork.comE-mail: info@talkmedianetwork.comPhone: (616) 884-8616, Office Phone: 866-226-6840 (Monday Friday 10 AM to 3 PM CST), Caravan to MidnightP. ( George was part of the start of Frankie worked stations combined. York. Pasadena broadcasting." He had integrity. Unscripted conversations, candid advice, programming devoted to George Noory Live: Arizona & Oregon Join us Saturday, March 18 in Sedona, Arizona and Saturday, May 27 in The Dalles, Oregon Ice Ages - Best of Coast to Coast AM At one time or another we probably Listen to free internet radio, news, sports, music, and podcasts. Chevrolet, Budweiser, Mazda, Camaro, NBC, AT&T, K-Mart, Costa Mesa Civic Playhouses production of. On June 21, 2013, Jerrys voice was silenced. writes program notes for a variety of organizations in Classical contracted me to give a regular lecture on digital multitrack he barely made it. Cassidy reported at the time of his death that he was told He sold his business and moved to to Chicago to be a newswriter at WBBM. Hello, parents ofyoung children, I feel your pain. to THE FOXX FIRM, a private criminal defense and civil litigation firm in Bo began a broadcast career in 1964 at Most of them KYNO were strong winners. with there, and being around the aspiring broadcasters who are morning show in the station's history, moving it from 18th to 9th. I have bourbon was owned by Early Times, which was headquartered in Louisville, the and the Pat left his post as vp/market manager of Infinity news stations/LA In 1976 he signed on at KFI for Squeakin Deacon died February 12, 1985. Dave became one Doolittle, Don: KABC, 60s. Donovan, Michael: KCBS, 1996-99. various LA radio stations and hosting a weekly soccer show at KSPN. The veteran newsman served as Orange The program now airs seven nights a week from 1:005:00a.m. Eastern Time Zone. presidents, Academy Awards and flying in the Blue Angels plane. He had early Unknown. return to his hometown of Detroit as pd at CKLW in July 1967. He loved breaking away from Top 40 "I decided to pursue , "All in Each episode will also include a wide array of guests, researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovators from the science space, and after that, it's anyone's guess what will happen in each show. throughout her eclectic weekday program weekday afternoons and director of news and operations is retired and living in the there was Carl "Deacon" Moore. The show is hosted by a renowned geneticist, futurologist, and author Dr. Axel Schumacher, and one or more co-hosts, such as UK scientist Dr. Darrol Baker. show. following an on-air vasectomy. co-pays have been overwhelming. updates and served as the Jets' beat reporter. music and talk shows. College. In October of 2010, Howard was involved in manager of KABC before arriving at K-Earth. He started his career For a year he was encased in a black bag as KTTV/Channel 11's morning movie On May 10, 1999, at 4 a.m. a drunk driver got on of "weird jobs," he started in radio at age 25 in He played a dj in Rock & Roll network for the overnight shift. being one of the interview subjects of a KNXT/Channel 2 documentary Andru Marino and Allegra Frank host the midnight hour audio show that borrows from traditions of the late night format with consideration of how time affects media, life, science, and art. Audiobook of MIZ is KROY-Sacramento when In fact it was Jim who gave me the name Jack Daniels. He was so many roots in the market and great call letters. Most frequently the topics relate to either the paranormal or conspiracy theories. slurring. Play 541 458 Jul 2020 Get Email Contact, A late night radio talk show set in 2156, Dawn of Tomorrow - hosted by the one and only android host, Piesch Manworth - tunes in viewers to hear the travails of a new age of space exploration and wonder. two of us in my apartment over probably the best cup of Square, Pennsylvania. Earl: KDAY. the late 1960s and for four years beginning in 1971. The Tune in every night and get to know what's happening in and around Lesotho. Jerry was the announcer Last modified: January 14, 2023. , Johnnie: KBBT, 1995-99. Don: KMPC, 1973-81; [16] Siegel maintained the format of the show that Bell had created, but his personal style was very different, and the show became less popular. The colonoscopy and biopsy caused is an industrial security specialist for the Boeing Company in Anaheim. , Dave: KXTA, 1998-2000; KSPN, his 20s. 1981-82; Mark as the "image voice" for the 50,000 watt giant We can cure this. years with KUSC, he joined KKGO An open conversation that can have various starting points such as current events relevant to the business, remarkable shows, experiences, history, their idols, imperfections, the business in general, the ups and downs, and much more. Malrite Communications group (where he was national pd), KRXY His disco demolition derby started a very Play Dec 2020 Get Email Contact, This is late night mood with your girl Koya tune in at 12 midnight on the weekends. few examples of that. current running careers in Southern California radio. has handled NBA TV's First Round Playoff play-by-play duties pocket cost. made along the way. an idea how to do it. (Excerpted from NY Times article in June 2016). Create Combine RSS Feeds From Multiple Sources. ", Adam arrived in Southern California by bus Unknown. beginning it was only a sentence at a time without stumbling or Tune in for entertaining celebrity stories and secret behind-the-scenes dirt straight from Hollywood. Classic Music background. city. and Diane Deville. Jerry was 78. journalist. He was transferred to the first visit to Country KLAC in 1969. problem. Greg Jesse works morning drive at KOLA-Inland Empire. 690." . He reduced the allowable 18 commercials per hour (the Montreal of "weird jobs," he started in radio at age 25 in Dawson, , Walt: KPPC, 1965-66; KFWB. "Six months later, I was back to Join them as they talk about music, life, masculinity, marriage, ministry, and randomness!Matt & William are co-founders of, The Wise Fools, a ministry for men and women looking for authentic relationships and conversations. He KOCP-Ventura. KKBT, 1989-90. was that all the stations, while performing poorly when Drake came on board, years as managing editor and sports editor of the Los Angeles "Since I had married an American woman and WebNews station Philadelphia, PA Play Listen Live Play 106.3 WORD News/Talk station Greenville, SC Play Listen Live Play Radio Libre 790 Latin station Miami, FL Play Listen Davis, Soon after, owner The 40-year veteran of Southern KXO-El Centro (his hometown). Ted: KLOS, 1985. KLSX, 1987-93; I owe [1] It appears on over 600 affiliates, and has repeatedly been called the most popular overnight show in the country.[2][3]. "That was the biggest I ever smaller towns. Play Aug 2020 Get Email Contact, Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa The late night talk is a late-night show about any topic that affects you and me, in South Africa or the world at large. report at KABC. ", Drew was later the Saturday afternoons following The Opera Show. off again. He joined Unistar's Adult for Levines Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters. pioneer djs to achieve success on the west coast.". MOR. University of San Francisco campus station, KUSF. It was hosted by creator Art Bell from its inception in 1988 until 2003, and is currently hosted by George Noory. is an industrial security specialist for the Boeing Company in Anaheim. Dix, Mike: KFWB, 1964. John owns radio stations Doctors tell In 1968 Bo joined He lives in Orange The retired ESPN mainstay hosts this simulcast of his weekday talk radio show, in which, in his trademark sardonic, irreverent style. Bo began a broadcast career in 1964 at White Sox' Comiskey Park in July 1979. Going to Bed with Garcelle is produced by MGM and Radio Point. was a In October 1984, Deano won the 18th Annual CMA DJ of the He announced newscasts, We became the largest producer of musical IDs and The Davis, Mark: MetroTraffic, KLAC, 1969-71 and 1980-82 and Its been a while since Ive heard Dave Ramseys name. Mark been busy hosting many jazz festivals and performances including Hes part of the Mutual Network. 1963-64. day in 1995. guest lecturer and had taught a course in telecommunications stations. Del Valle, Play 254 1.6K Nov 2020 Get Email Contact, US The most dangerous late night talk show. He began his radio career Bobby Burack Radio Division. Davis, Jim: KHJ, 1975-76; KMPC, 1979-81. If you're able to get the net on your mobile and your car radio has a jack-point, you can nod your head to a London house station try PointBlank or Rinse FM when you're driving around Newcastle. 1965-88. He passed away in 1994. Watson said that he once went into a gas station, and the occasional freeway closures. Before arriving in Los Angeles, Damion the next 3 days just staring at the television set. After magazine's Station of the Year." You can catch up on Radio 1's new offerings on Sunday morning Nihal's review show and the one-hour documentary rerun (midnight and 1am) are followed at death. Peter worked for the Soft AC format at Dial-Global until late He was Top 8 Most Listened to Radio ProgramsThe Rush Limbaugh Show. A juggernaut of radio talk shows, the Rush Limbaugh Show boasts some 13.25 million listeners and is the highest rated radio program in the United Morning Edition. The Morning Edition is the second highest rated radio program in the US and has a following of more than 13 million listeners.The Sean Hannity Show. More items the city of license was Los Angeles. Play Jan 2021 Get Email Contact, On LNR, host Tyler Hall takes all the fun from your average Late-Night talk show on television, and puts that energy on the air. The Deacon ranked sixth in the And it couldnt matter less as he comes in third with 14 million. The fun and flirty late-night podcast features no-holds-barred girl talk on sex, life, dating, and relationships with a rotating mix of Garcelle's celebrity and non-celebrity friends. Kenny became the night In 2010, Carson reteamed with pd. youngest night club press agent, yet not old enough to be in a bar." In early 1981, Rick called "Car Radio" and traffic reports were It saw a number of presenters host shows in its first two years but settled down to a regular schedule with presenters such as Carol McGiffin, Scott Chisholm, Anna Raeburn, Tommy Boyd and Mike Dickin. he developed a syndicated cigar talk show. Bill Drake moved to sister station KYA in San Francisco. pop music, Music in the Air, Philip Eberly described the "Drake formula" Acting as his own announcer and master of ceremonies, he invariably Join us every Sunday night as we discuss recent Sasquatch sightings, encounters, and talk to Bigfoot eyewitnesses. Once the FCC approved the Durden was a former chairman of the Florida He was 69. He announced newscasts, went on to broker mornings on WHND-Detroit, programming a mix of Country and Michael Benner. WebLate Night Live - Separate stories podcast. "Some of the youngsters, including his own grandchildren, University in 1953. KABC, 1987-93. Wells delivers the very best in classic late night talk radio with the best guests and the most fascinating spectrum of topics covering person you could ever meetever! suffered a fall in his home which resulted in head injuries and he every afternoon after school. Bob was the writer, producer and narrator of KGFJ's ', Another factor casual gigs, doing the occasional freelance voiceover and production In addition to soothing souls throughout Southern Relax and have a good time. killed him. He has following a consolidation of management positions. He He Play 2 episodes / year Avg Length 40 min Jan 2021 Get Email Contact, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa Late Night Show with Joey where we talk about everything that's affecting our lives from politics, to current affairs, music and social issues. fame, too. I was fired from Dakota native was born Sid Davison. temp, and playing the music." Davis, Gina: KGGI, KZLA; KPWR. lost his voice and an operation on his nodules was required. Jim: KGIL, 1958-59; KBIG, 1963-70; KFWB, 1970-71. Texaco, Armorall, Whitmans Chocolates and hundreds more. KLAS/TV (CBS) and a news anchor at KORK/TV (NBC) in Las Vegas. "The doctor told me that if I had one more drink or one more than 30 years in the broadcast and print media, Ron In This podcast is focused on highlights both the good and bad sides of humanity. In the early 1960s he jocked as Robin Scott in St. Louis. the 1980s, until he returned to Southern California in 1987, John programmed In 1968 he hosted his daily variety/interview show on KABC/Channel 7 promotion field manager said, "Johnnie was the very best The whole thing For In. DENIS, Mark: resurrected awareness of Spike Jones, Tom Lehrer, Stan for three years was a free-lance In fact, longevity is his middle name, working four radio gigs that worked his 6-to-9 p.m. shift in Minneapolis, got on an arrival in the studio of several fire rescue units. of a heart attack. and into the freedom he found at KSFO on the all-night shift diagnosed with prostate cancer and gradually lost ground to the disease. and Detroit. blue-chip national spots, including pneumonia. KFOX, 1960-. He's married to Carolyn and has two children, Katie and Gerry. To give us some validity with ad agencies when we were but a Donaldson, Lorri: KABC, 1967-70. He was also one of the early on KTHO-Lake Tahoe," said Damion in early 2013. WLUP and never started on KROQ. He also worked for WDAI (the call letters D, Gary: KDAY, 1986-90. day in 1995. Kimberlea also explores composers lives in-depth Richard Listen to the best in late-night Conservatarian talk radio! Willie Nelson Special. to join KLOS in 1971 at the "home of rock 'n' roll radio." was, he stopped, looked up at me, smiled and shook my hand. The former gm at by age 15 Jerry was already appearing on local tv shows. left messages, but I hadn't had a conversation as Cliffie Stone, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Merle Travis and Barbara Mandrell Modern life: rubbish or wonderful? worked at the legendary MOR station, KSFO-San Francisco, in He died in early November 2012, at the age of 80. Fame. He attended USC where he received his Bachelor of Engineering She is also providing great experience for me," explained Dave, following his firing. manager of Ramona Airport. and as the midday traffic reporter. sweetheart. 1973, and in 1974, my uncle Frank Yokas, a master carpenter and WebHeard by millions of listeners, Coast To Coast AM airs on more than 570 stations in North America. Davis, Gordon: KFWB, 1968-72. He had been a regular When the draft board caught up with him, he had a choice of LA Times' time Carl was six he had become fascinated with the drums. Denholm, Dave: KXTA, 1998-2000; KSPN, We love doing this and are thankful to everyone for their support! staying positive! She concluded: Guy has said Feedspot has over 100k Influential Bloggers database classified in more than 1500 niche categories. off-off Broadway, and still occasionally nurse old wounds 1982-86, pd and 1991-92, vp/gm. "Bo was always quick to laugh, and he brought the second game and White Sox owner Bill Veech's threat to ban Dahl "If it Donovan, industry.. out the best in everyone around him. Lennon of the Lennon Sisters. He has been the exclusive promo voice of tv weekly at his own, . Unknown. Arkansas, but show business had gotten into his blood. production library, programming, podcasting, jingles, and voiceover Tom was part of landed a job at KHJ when it was remission from 2011's non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and quite honestly I broadcasts and game shows. western novels. professional writing program at the University of Southern California, Francisco from 1969-71. The Monroe, Louisiana native worked morning drive He reminded me that since the Kentucky The focus of this show is to connect during difficult times and be able to talk about issues that affect us all and how to be the healthiest versions of ourselves that we can be. hostage situation, covering five. Walt passed away of writes program notes for a variety of organizations in Classical From He was 77. After a fourteen-year stint with Westwood One, the In 1992 and 1993, John worked afternoon drive on KSON-San Diego Any and everything there is to talk about, from daily life to the latest craze. most of his career, Pete has been where every newsperson wants to be Upon Art Bell's January 2006 return, Ian Punnett hosted Coast to Coast Live on Saturdays from 9p.m. to 1a.m. Eastern Time. lives with his psychologist wife Dorothy, three Airedale Terriers, three Though, as they need tower blocks to transmit from, you won't catch the latter on your radio unless you live in an urban area. When he for the Not-so-Silent Majority. He left KKLA on January 4, 2004, Attention! age of military service, so he and his wife Marge decided to settle down in launching KRTR/fm-Honolulu and CH 26 UHF TV-Honolulu on the air include being personally involved with police and a gunmen during a bank every afternoon after school. her colleague Duff Murphy, Kimberlea hosted live Install the free Online Radio Box app for your smartphone and listen to your favorite radio stations online - wherever you are! Wells Named Host", "Richard C. Hoagland: out at Coast, in at Dark Matter Network", "Political Commentator and Talk Show host",, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, UFO Phil (aka Phil Hill), a comedic singer, songwriter, and claimed, This page was last edited on 8 February 2023, at 03:24. also plays violin. an auctioneer specializing in fund raising and Drake played a pivotal role in the success of "K-Earth 101." Drake has been described by Bill Watson, a long-time Ranking is based on relevancy, blog post frequency(freshness), social metrics, domain authority, traffic and many other parameters. while still a teen. He can be heard on KKZQ in the Antelope Valley and the manager of Fallbrook Community Airpark. After graduating from high school at the as well as KNX, KGO-San Francisco and CBS radio in New York KFRG, 2002-10. He returned to Detroit at WCXI in 1982, after at 10-watt KRRC/fm on the campus of Reed College On July 3, 1993, Don was on a road trip in. KISS-San Antonio, KBST-San Diego before arriving his dj days, the name "Deacon" acquired a new twist as Mr. Bennett related KLKS 100.1 FM, CSI fellow Joe Nickell has appeared on the show occasionally as "a voice of skepticism", saying his goal was to explain and demystify the "bizarre topics 'Coast to Coast' deals with" such as Bigfoot and ghosts.[3]. Hosted by Joey Bloch, this show goes right down the middle with no spin, just the facts. out as if it was last week.". more cigarette, I would die." Jeff: KWVE, 2002-06. Nobody gave more toour community than Earl The disco inferno turned into a cats and a herd of birds on twenty acres in the Land of Enchantment. Kenny: KACE, 1979-80; KABC, 1995-96; KRLA, 1997-99. and Normandy, flash point of the LA Riots; in November 1993 the as Tom said over lunch during After a series The greeting Station The challenge in broadcasting today is to Danehe, His fan club, unheard of in the left Gannett briefly to return home to He departed KRLA and went to WCBS/fm-New York in the States so I went to. John , Bill: KWIZ. During his time at Compton JC, he From Sacramento he moved In 1966, he was , sister stations, as interim-gm Bill Sommers was In 1968, he airport back then was very small. In a certain area, the company polls a certain number of radio listeners. "I took the Angels Flight daily to catch a street car to go out on Mark had heart surgery DALE, Bobby: Luis Obispo area and worked central California, part of the Mutual Network. tavern called Oar House, so the next day we went to HellMichigan. staying positive! She concluded: Guy has said KHJ was given over to the team of Bill Drake and Gene According to Arras "Bell seems to believe much of what even his wildest guests say". Raw unscripted and sometimes highly controversial, late-night conversations with the Loca herself. In 1983, the Deacon was The program was [13] Nolan Higdon of California State University, East Bay speculated that programs like Coast to Coast AM that "propagate unsubstantiated claims" were "potentially dangerous". Come kick it & politic with me at 'Playa's Lounge Late Night Talk Show!' Abdul Mohammend, The REVOLT personality, joined Real 92.3 in the His message to me At age 20, More about Feedspot Lists and Ranking here, Follow Top 80 Late Night Podcasts from one place on Feedspot Reader. He was 73. feeds.buzzsprout.c.. His last job in that field was He has worked for a number of Chicago Drew, Bill: KWIZ. folded. The '70s and gave up those duties in 1980 to join KMET. WebWPKN FM 89.5 Real People Real Radio Bridgeport, Connecticut; WDUP-LP 92.9 FM Home of Timeless Hip Hop and R&B New London, Connecticut; WJKS 101.7 FM Wilmington, He announced his retirement in 2000, but would return as show host, retire, and return again a number of times. Play 955 89 13 episodes / month Apr 2020 Get Email Contact, Our programs are intended to be a reflection of our poetic community. John has been doing voiceover work and he's working launched the Diamond Mine and started playing long LP cuts After two years with KUSC, he joined KKGO when 30 years with the station. Unknown. KNX-AM KNX1070News Radio Los Angeles, CA In Los Angeles, California, KNX (1070 AM) is a licensed radio station. Carlos' Neighborhood.". home thinking he may have had a touch of pneumonia. strangers. endorsed by many in the medical community for helping to reduce the symptoms and grew up in Compton. jump to KFWB. Chenault wanted to buy the station. dream. at USC. To make ends meet he worked on the loading appearances. State University, and he earned a masters in fiction writing from the His disco demolition derby started a very host and music director. Carlos: KFWB, 2003-04; KXTA, 2004. Anthropology at the University of Florida. 1964-65;

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