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30cm Pleco. 17293-17299. Green phantom pleco l-200 $ 49.99. Gold medaka However, when water parameters are not in their favor or they are under stress they tend to easily get sick. 62 Products Found Sort Live fish Northern Long Nose Cory 3cm $14.90 Add to Cart Bristlenose Catfish - Ancistrus Common 3-5cm (1 Review) $11.00 Add to Cart There is a variety of commercially available . GET DISCOUNTS AND SPECIALS | JOIN JACK WATTLEY, Copyright 2023 Wattley Discus | Maintained by. Specific Care Requirements: Hypancistrus plecos generally come from swiftly flowing waters that are clean and rich in oxygen. tanie tanio Crockoonboo V-neck Bez rkaww Tulle Sd pocig CN (pochodzenie) Dugo podogi zipper Aplikacje Koronki simple They show aggressive behaviors when they are fully grown adults. In the event that a fish arrives dead in the shipping bag, you must take clear digital pictures of the fish in an unopened bag and email it to vegasvalleycichlids@gmail.com within four hours of receiving your package. The male, recognized by it's heavier odontodal growth and wider head, guards the clutch in a suitable cave. ADULT BOLIVIAN BUTTERFLY RAMS While the excess algae and glass slim is helpful this should not be their sole source of food. They are omnivore in the wild and will consume excess algae and biofilm in your tank. Small 4cm head to tail Sailfin molly Sold Unsexed. YOU CAN MIX super red and peppermint if they are same price 2-3cm $12.5 each or 5 for $60(New Batch) Shipping: Please review checkout for final shipping options based on items selected, quantity, and groupings. ! Breeding Pairs $100 each GEOPHAGUS ORANGE HEAD TAPAJOS Live Aquarium Pleco for sale | eBay Live Aquarium Pleco All Auction Buy it now 12 results 2 filters applied Species Gender Difficulty Level Water Type Water Temperature Condition Buying format Delivery options All filters L400 Adult Pair Wild Male Over 10cm Female Over 8cm . Large 8cm head to tail 50% DOA We will refund 50% of shipping the and price of the DOA fish. Males females available. Breeding L200 (Green Phantom) plecos. 3-4cm $40ea L168 Butterfly pleco (hardly seen on the market) All sizes available to suit your aquarium Make an offer on one or make an offer on multiple. L200 Green Phantom 12-14cm L200 Green Phantom Please contact for stock availability before making purchase Ideal water parameters, pH 6.0 to 7.8 temperature 76-82f Feeding, L200 Green phantom Should be fed a mainly vegetarian diet, with plenty of fibre in the diet. - $100 Join our newsletter, to . L200 Green Phantom Pleco (Baryancistrus demantoides) Size: Roughly about 2.5 -3 inches. HI ALL, L Number Plecos Deliveries are currently running as normal. Most non-aggressive South American fish are ideal tank mates for your Green Phantom Pleco. Make an offer for the lot Will deliver if within Victoria Shipping not available, So, for happy plecos, provide several cave options so each individual fish can find a satisfactory home to claim as their own. As they mature, the main difference between the two is found on the dorsal and adipose fin (the small fin behind the dorsal fin). The L397 Alenquer Tiger Pleco (Panaqolus sp.) Do not keep fresh vegetables like cucumber in the aquarium for more than 6-12 hours as they will start to decay and will make your aquarium dirty. Fish are randomly pick up and bag ready for pick up. 12-pleco sucking fish In the wild, their boney back and their unique colorations will help them protect and camouflage from predators that swim in the area. Estimated Size at Shipping: 1.5-2.5" give or take a bit. 4cm $25 each We have available and supply quality Tropical and Fresh Albino and Common Bristlenose Catfish/Pleco. Texts or Emails only please, I have for sale a large 32cm Pleco The Green Phantom Plecostomus originates from the rapids of the Rio Orinoco in Venezuela and even further downstream. 5cm $50 each The L200 Green Phantom Pleco is a beautifully marked Loricariid found in fast-moving, rocky areas of the Orinoco and Ventuari Rivers in Colombia and Venezuela. **Only 3 left available** Marsden park, Assorted bristlnose and angel fish for sale Avoid adding any new fish to your tank without properly quarantining it. PH Level. typhoon pleco for sale, Pseudacanthicus sp. Medium- $6 3 L202 (Tiger Pleco) approx 8cm each. SKU: Gree Phantom Pleco L200 3-4 Inches Category: Cleanup Crew Description Reviews (0) This is not recommended for shared computers, Location: Banjo Country aka just past Mundaring. Its always a good idea to get multiple different types of sinking foods and feed your pleco a mix of all of them. Aquarium Plants, L018 Big Spot Gold Nugget Pleco (Baryancistrus xanthellus), L253 Black Royal Goldie Pleco (Scobinancistrus sp. I have for sale several L333 King Tiger Pleco Catfish (Hypancistrus sp). A: Before shipment, we quarantine all fish for at least 24-48 hours. We also do not feed them during this time in order to 'clean out' their digestive system and limit their ability to soil the water. SUPER Red Bristlenose, If you see this adv, it means I still have it. The L200 Green Phantom Pleco is a classic cave spawner, where the male will entice a female into his cave and then attempt to keep her there until she spawns. They are omnivore in the wild and will consume excess algae and biofilm in your tank. The original one, Hemiancistrus subviridis, is more common in the trade. The L200 Plecos love to live in soft and tropical waters. (L024) " Flame Pleco, Red Fin Cactus Pleco Below are the tank parameters you can keep L200 Plecos in: When you first bring your L200 Pleco home you will need to test your aquarium water regularly to make sure everything is in their favor. Copyright 2023 AQUAHOLICS AQUARIUM SUPPLIES. If yes, here's the complete care guide you've been waiting for. Contact Us if you need support. Only 2 colonies available which are guaranteed breeders fry in photos, price is firm SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY PLEASE. Get all the latest information on Stocklists, Events, Sales and Offers. 2. Worth $250.00 sell for $200.00 or best offer. Place of Origin: Rio Orinoco, Venezuela. Rare RTC Aquarium tropical extotic catfish, plecos Tank busters! approx 300l tank 1.2m high 450mm wide, 750mm long AQUATICFISH.COM.AU has the following fish for sale and a whole lot more: XL - $15 Assorted black marble angels The mini auction will start approximately 8.30pm. Blue Eyed Lemon Bristlenose Pleco 1 inch - Quantity of 5 $49.95 $44.95 L027 Brazilian Platinum Royal Pleco - 3 inch : $44.95 L104 Clown Pleco - 2 inch $9.95 $7.95 L129 Stripes Peckolia - 3-4 Inch : $14.95 L155 Polka Dot Lyretail Pleco - Acanthicus Adonis - 1-2 inch $39.95 $22.95 L200 Yellow Spotted Green Phantom Pleco 5-6 inch $54.95 $39.95 Baryancistrus demantoides. L200 Green Phantom Pleco (Hemiancistrus subviridis), Origin: Wild Colombia Locale: Rio Orinoco along the Colombia/Venezuela Border Diet: Grazer and Scavenger. Buy direct from the breeder to ensure genuine proven genetics $220 NO EMAIL. Categories: Community Fish, Freshwater fish, Pleco. Starting from $10 depending on sizes and breeds 1- display blue dolphin cichlids They are very hardy and will not get sick randomly. Pick up Caversham- bring your own container pls, For sale L 397 plecos . Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LolwdBG4Xs&t=760s. Green Phantom Plecos: Interested in the wonderous algae-eating catfish? These fish will only eat sinking foods, which they rasp from the floor of the tank. If you look at their mouth, B.demantoides has a less circular mouth than H.subviridis. Same as in their natural habitat, you will need to furnish the aquarium with driftwood, rocks, plants, hiding spots, and a diet of vegetables and small crustaceans. During the day, they will hide in the shadows and crevasses created by the decorations; however, they feel safest in a pleco cave. Endemic to Southeast Brazil, this herbivorous, rheophilic, bottom-feeder only grows to around 155432849377 6x synspilum 8cm - 10cm $10 -$20 They are native to Venezuela: Rio Orinoco: Puerto Ayacucho and downstream Orinoco. Unlike aquarium environments, in their natural habitat, these fish have very low visibility in the water. (L020) L021 , L023 " Pterygoplichthys pardalis - Albino Pleco, Common Pleco L024 " Pseudacanthicus sp. The ideal tank mates for Green Phantom Pleco are the fish that can live in the same aquarium environment and parameters. Aquatic plants will remove toxins from your tank while providing plenty of hiding spots for your fish. *FREE SHIPPING on qualifying aquatic life orders $229 and up. With their light green body coloration and distinctive yellow spots, this pleco makes a colorful and unique addition to most medium to large aquariums. L200 "High Fin" WC L142 WC L260 WC Fr er svenskar, kolla in gruppen "akvarister" p facebook. tanie tanio CN (pochodzenie) Z zapiciem z tyu Stae sexy Fiszbiny NYLON Cienkie pod grub formy puchar Trzy czwarte (3 4 cup) This fish is a good pleco for a community tank despite its natural habitat in rapids as it will adapt to less hectic water conditions. Out of stock. I have one male L200 at about 16cm and a female L200 at about 15cm. $5 each or happy to discuss for purchases of more than Around 2.5cm diameter, 12-15cm Deep. Avocado plecos, also known as L200 Pleco or Green Phantom Pleco are very nice and make a great addition to any tank and adds some nice exotic looking colors and a exotic touch to your fish tank! L202 Pleco 10 cm Panaqolus sp. I was told there are 2 males and 1 female when I orginally 1. These fish are not always available in pet stores compared to other types of plecos. When they get clean water and a rich diet, they will live happily in the aquarium. 13- gubby, Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. * Pleco * L200 10-12cm Pictures posted are for reference on the species type. Like all freshwater aquarium fish, they are also susceptible to all common aquarium diseases that might get introduced to your tank by other fish. Calico Bristlenose Pleco is a very peaceful and hardy addition to . To start a Wish List: Login or Create Account. Flying fox Albino Sailfin Pleco (Plecostomus) Dragon Have the following fish for sale Theyre a peaceful species that will mind their own business without demanding a lot of attention. If this is the case for you, simply cut the vegetables and place them somewhere in the tank. Green Phantom Pleco are very manageable when it comes to water parameters they need. 9-black face cichlids Cheers #2 47Ronin Forum Member Joined: 28-October 08 Location: Toodyay Location: Toodyay Posted 23 April 2014 - 04:37 PM Yes, they are in Australia. Hey selling some pairs of l333 arround 6cm please call john ******** 991+click to reveal $ 150 for a M & F These Green Phantom Plecos are not aggressive towards other fish but can get territorial with other Plecos. After about 4-5 days the eggs will hatch but will not leave the cave for another 10 -12 days. $ 39.99 - $ 59.99 The L200 Green Phantom Pleco is a beautifully marked Loricariid found in fast-moving, rocky areas of the Orinoco and Ventuari Rivers in Colombia and Venezuela. #rare #l24 #exotic #lnumber, Albino pleco , tetra and guppies for sale, Albino sailfin pleco $120 10-fry flowerhorn L011, L035, L108, L116 " Squaliforma cf. Both tanks hold the same amount of water, but the high tank can house fewer plecos due to its narrower floor area. They are omnivore in the wild and will consume excess algae and biofilm in your tank. Category: Pets and Animals. L200 Green Phantom Pleco. I've seen them between $500-$1000 a few years ago. Birrong pick up, 3-4cm - L046 $1.3k each that big pair you have? Medium 6-7cm head to tail Our catfish price is very reasonable and affordable to our customer. Hundreds of articles to help you with your aquarium. L200 GREEN PHANTOM PLECO [CARE GUIDE]a beautiful pleco and a personal favouritejust some information to help make a decision on whether to buy one or notthan. Pleco - Sailfin Pleco Black Gibbiceps Algae Fish. However, when you keep live plants you will need a strong light so you should add more caves, decorations, and other hiding spots so your L200 Pleco can hide when the aquarium lights are on. This is because high tanks have a smaller floor area than low aquariums of equal volume. They are attractive-looking fish and are fairly peaceful. Every 10 you buy you get 1 free Estimated Size at Shipping: 1.5-2.5" give or take a bit. FREE SHIPPING on qualifying aquarium supplies orders $49 and up. Siamese algae eaters The Plecos broad flat head and body shape helps it navigate (or stay put) in very strong currents with minimal effort. Customer Favorites, Marine Invertebrates - Save 25%, Popular Value Packs, Marine Invertebrates, LiveAquaria Certified Captive Grown Corals, Captive-Bred Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates. These fish are noted for the bony plates covering their bodies and their suckermouths. Once you confirm you have at least one male and one female in your breeding group, you can start to condition your fish for breeding. When filtration of your tank cant keep up with the waste production, your fish will suffer and might face health issues. Plant-based pellets or fish flakes mixed with low amounts of high protein foods are an ideal mix to feed. 5- electric blue For Sale L134, L377, L397, L066, super red short fin bristlenose, common & calico long fin bristlenose fry Henley Beach XL 13-15cm head to tail Bristlenose size scale 17050-17053. $ 24.99 - $ 49.99 A beautiful pleco found in the Ucayali and Maranon river drainages in Peru, the Flash or Emperor is a relatively small species with a maximum adult size of 5. We are keeping a close eye on the weather! Leopard danio Collect Only 180.00 Collection in person or Best Offer SPONSORED He is about 16cm, healthy and with nice patterns. This means you will need to select other tank mates that can live in the same water parameters. . The Green Phantom Pleco L200 is an amazing burst of Green and Light Green spots. They also like warm water preferring the low to mid 80's F. In this warm water, oxygen saturation is compromised, so water movement and clean water become especially important in order to keep enough oxygen available for these plecos. In general, Green Phantom Plecos stay in the shadow areas where light is not strong. F1 Kigoma Frontosa Colony Beatiful patterns, cleans the tank very well and doesn't hide too much. In order to breed these fish, you will need a large group of Green Phantom Plecos that are mature and at least 3-5 years old. Breeding Green Phantom Pleco in captivity can be a frustrating process that most will not try. Explore 104 listings for Plecos for sale at best prices. . This species requires excellent water quality to thrive so large frequent water changes should be considered necessary. 5CM $74.95 Compare Whiptail catfish 7cm $34.95 Compare They will need other nutrition as well such as Pleco Wafers or protein rich sinking pellets. Clown FINE LINE PLECO LARGE 30CM+ L Pleco L Pleco All Auction Buy it now 216 results Species Difficulty Level Water Type Water Temperature Temperament Condition Price Buying format All filters L134 Leopard Frog pleco Live tropical fish 4 Cm 39.99 14.99 postage or Best Offer 99p Start No Reserve L181 pappermint starlight bristlenose pleco tropical 22.00 13 bids 17.50 postage Several functions may not work. The L201 Snowball Pleco (Hypancistrus sp. L235 Flyer Cat pleco. This is to ensure your fish can get all the nutrition it needs. Because of their soft belly, these fish need a soft and fine substrate. Scientific Name: Hemiancistrus subviridis Common Name: L200 Green Phantom Pleco Max Size: 8" pH: 6.0-8.0 Hardness: Moderate Tempera Only 1 left, Fish for sale African, Australian native fish, Bio logs 15cm long x 2.5cm width $3each Buy 5 $60 Have fry approx 4cms $8ea Fs: L134 @ 3 to 4 cm $90 each most are all 3.5 and over. Price: R 100. You should have at least one cave for each male present in your tank. They should be fed a varied diet high in protein. 1 dragon blood peacock African cichlids 16cm 30 2 albino pleco both are females I think one is 13cm and the other is 9cm 30 for both Blue turq discus . Copyright 2007-2023 Gumtree IP Aus Holding Ltd. All Rights Reserved. You keep the fishes that made it for FREE. These fish have been in the aquarium hobby for many years and have been bred in captivity by aquarists. Supplement the diet of their diets with foods that sink to the bottom of the aquarium such as a high-quality flake food and sinking algae or spirulina pellets and wafers. The fins are large and triangular-shaped that are fan backward. come in and experience the difference at Caramels Fishy Friends and Pet Supplies . A: We offer a Live Arrival Guarantee service for four hours after door delivery. XL 10-13cm head to tail Assorted white angels Here are a few of the fish you can house with this species in the same tank: By now you know all the fundamentals of Green Phantom Pleco care and can confidently look after your pet fish. Trades open for exotic large growing pleco, Plecos for sale L333 and L168 L333 Yellow King Tiger (black and white) Should be offered a varied diet high in protein Adult Size: 5 Recommended Tank Size: 30 gallons Compatibility: Peaceful, but can be territorial towards other plecos, Preferred Water Parameters pH: 6.5 7.5 Temp: 76-82F Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: <30ppm, 2021 Aqua-Imports | www.aqua-imports.com, Tissue Culture, Cupped & Misc. 1 gold spot Pleco 30cm $110 BUNBURY Pets and Animals More info View Images $ 280 4x L397 pleco Once the male finds the right cave, he will clean the cave and wait for the female to arrive. Juveniles can live in smaller aquariums but you will have to upgrade once they grow. Related products. L204 Flash / Emperor Pleco (Panaqolus albivermis), Origin: Wild Peru Locale: Rio Ucayali Diet: Carnivore and scavenger. 4-electric yellow Display cichlid tank mixture of cichlids dont know the name of them all about 23 of them around 10 - 15 cm and a 35 Bristlenose and pleco catfish D shape cave 120mm long. Out of stock. The rivers these fish are coming from have fine sandy and muddy substrate. No emails or Hi Guys, L253), L014 Goldie Pleco (Scobinancistrus aureatus), Spadetail Checkerboard Cichlid (Dicrossus maculatus). In an aquarium, sand is the best substrate for Green Phantom Plecos, however, if you have live plants in your tank, which we highly recommend, then many planted substrates are also great options. L200 10-12cm Should you require more information, pls whatapps us @ 90407842. These caves are specially made for plecos and will provide a dark space for the fish to rest during the daytime. March 2011. No Hey selling some pairs of L104 arround 5 - 6cm please phone john ******** 991+click to reveal $ 150 An adult Green Phantom Pleco will need a tank size of at least 30 gallons. These fish each claim a cave and retire to it to rest and escape threats. I have had this pleco in my Cichlid tank for over 2 years now. 3-4cm $10 each Im leaving the hobby . 3-5cm $80 each L168 Butterfly Pleco B.demantoides is a very beautiful Pleco with it's yellow/brown colours, and once settled it's also a hardy aquarium inhabitant if given proper conditions. We understand that purchasing live fish can be a significant investment, which is why we offer competitive prices on all of our fish. FOR SALE! DON'T ASK STILL AVAILABLE OR NOT Please carefully look on my picture for size comparison and choose your size. Western Australia; Victoria; South Australia; Australian Capital Territory . 1 gold spot Pleco 30cm $110. Txt or call only. If live food is not an option, you can feed your L200 Pleco frozen foods that are widely available in most pet stores and online. Even though they are carnivores, they do need some veggies in their diet to balance things out. These Plecos will catch the eye of everyone! The cheapest model is Mitsubishi L200 at 738,000. Aquarium Plants, L018 Big Spot Gold Nugget Pleco (Baryancistrus xanthellus), L253 Black Royal Goldie Pleco (Scobinancistrus sp. Actual piece for sale L330 full spotted #0204 19cm (Actual piece) Should you require more information, pls whatsapp us @ 90407842. . #3 Michael the fish fanatic (Usually around $75 - $80). Report abuse. Log into or create your Afterpay account, with instant approval decision, Your purchase will be split into 4 payments, payable every 2 weeks, All you need to apply is to have a debit or credit card, to be over 18 years of age, and to be a resident of country offering Afterpay, Late fees and additional eligibility criteria apply. They dont have complex care requirements and can easily live in your tank. - $800 Live foods like bloodworms, brine shrimp, and other small live foods can also be a great treat for them if you can source any. Medium 6cm head to tail Its bright orange and black striping are very distinguishable and among the most striking colourations of the hundreds of known plecos. 6.5 - 7.2. Setup Considerations: These fish's natural environments are full of rocks with lots of crevices and caves. Have about 10 left at 8-9cms $15ea 4cm, Petricola Catfish - Dwarf Synodontis Petricola 3cm, Albino Longfin Bristlenose Catfish - Ancistrus Albino 5-7cm, Bristlenose Catfish - Ancistrus Common 4-5cm 3X, Medium Common Pleco Catfish - Hypostomus plecostomus 5-6cm, Medium Albino Sailfin Pleco Catfish - Pterygoplichthys Gibbiceps Plecostamus 5cm, Cuckoo Catfish - Synodontis Multipunctatus 4-5cm. Get all the latest information on Stocklists, Events, Sales and Offers.Sign up for newsletter today. I got L066 (King Tiger Pleco) colony 2 male 3 female and 1 not sure. Remarks: L200 Green Phantoms (Hemiancistrus subviridis) are great choices for moderately sized tanks. Get directions. During this time, the male cleans the eggs and fans them so the eggs dont go bad or get mold. Like all catfish, They are hardy and can tolerate different water conditions. 75% DOA We will refund 100% of shipping and 100% of all the fish. Can't sexes fry as they too small Clean and warm water will keep your pleco healthy so you will need to maintain your tank very well. Store; Location; Contact us; 1- (859) -817-0422. It inhabits fast flowing, oxygen rich waterways in the wild, so a bit of extra flow . Green Phantom Pleco (Hemiancistrus subviridis) is an interesting freshwater fish that is kept by many aquarium owners. Selling 1 tiger Pleco roughly 3-4cms 6 Bar Frontosa (10cm) - $50 Small - $3 Max Size: 5". Bristlenose Catfish - Ancistrus Common 3-5cm, Sailfin Pleco Catfish - Pterygoplichthys Gibbiceps Plecostamus 5cm, Super Red Bristlenose (Ancistrus sp.) However, avoid super aggressive and larger fish that might try to eat your pleco fish. I want to know if anyone has bred them and what specifically i need to do to get them to breed. Additional locales and sizes may be available! I've seen them between $500-$1000 a few years ago. Like all Jack Wattley fish, the Green Phantom Pleco is a freshwater fish. Save search and get notified when new items are posted, Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt, Residential Leasing & Property Management. On peacock Once added to your wish list you will be emailed when it's available again. is an exceptionally colourful and rare loricariid (suckermouth catfish) species that has been successfully tank-bred. Fry usually stays together in a cluster in a single spot until they grow to half an inch in length. Silver tip tetras L201 White Spotted pleco. They are primarily active during the night and will look for available food and stay in their cave during the day. Q: I just completed my order, what's next? 6-7cm $60 each 4x 20cm -25cm red bay snook $40 ea Green Phantom Plecos are omnivores and will fare well in a mature aquarium with driftwood and smooth edged or rounded rocks that host algae and biofilm. These are A grade L333 with exceptional markings, not the normal L333 you'll find in the local aquarium shop. Display or breeding needs Angelfish size scale Blue Phantom Pleco L128, Hemiancistrus sp. But the rest of the body, including the belly area, is usually light yellow with no visible dots. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. . The most expensive model is Mitsubishi L200 at 780,000 . Prefers meaty, protein-rich feedsAdult Size: 7Recommended Tank Size: 75+ gallonsCompatibility: Peaceful, but can be territorial towards other plecos Preferred Water ParameterspH: 6.5 - 7.5Temp: 78-82FAmmonia: 0ppmNitrite: 0ppmNitrate: &lt;30ppm It took a while for the worldwide Pleco community to realize that there were two . Note: If the arrival date above dont work for you please let me know on the note section upon check out on when you prefer to receive the package. They will eat your Swordpants though. Unfortunately I am looking to sell my Sailfin Pleco and Oscar. Edit your ad. $24.99 L027a Woodgrain Royal Pleco 'Tocantins' (Panaque armbrusteri) $249.99 L046 Zebra Pleco (Hypancistrus zebra) from $199.99 L104 Clown Pleco (Panaqolus maccus) $9.99 L333 Gurupa Pleco (Hypancistrus sp.) 2023 Next Aquarium | All Rights Reserved. Message for more info, L600 leopard cactus pleco 4cm $20 each few (SOLD OUT) DIVER'S DEN WYSIWYG Store - 100's of NEW Aquatic Life Added Daily! L200 Green Phantom Pleco (Hemiancistrus subviridis) $38.00 Shipping calculated at checkout. Two plecos are commonly known as the "Emerald Pleco" and with the L-number classification of L200: Baryancistrus demantoides and Hemiancistrus subviridis. They are food motivated creatures and if your tank setup is night they will swim around at all times. B.demantoides is very similar to Hemiancistrus subviridis (L200), which it lives syntopic with in the wild. Long fin zebra dan, For sale around 10 cms Their pH range is a lower 5 to 7.5 and grow 20cm-35cm. Las Vegas, Nevada 89142, $55 Flat Rate Fast and Reliable Overnight Shipping. $350 for all 2x long fin oscars 20cm 300 for both 2x albino oscar are a pair and have had babys before female has deformed mouth thats how i got her $150 for both Gold spot pleco 25cm $150 Albino pleco 15cm $150 Horse face 10cm $50 Chocolate cichlid 20cm $100 All prices are negotiable Happy to do a deal if, Saratoga and pleco for sale both around 22 to 25 cm 150 for Saratoga and 50 for pleco, I have up for sale 5 of L134 juvies . Panaqolus albivermis. After choosing a suitable aquarium for your setup, you can add slates, rocks, tiles, and other decorations to give your Green Phantom Pleco even more floor surfaces. This aggression can occur towards other male L200 or even other bottom-dweller fish. We take great care to ensure that our fish are healthy, vibrant, and ready to thrive in your aquarium. The L200 Green Phantom Pleco (Hemiancistrus Subviridis) is a classic suckermouth catfish species that is native to the Rio Orinoco in Colombia and Venezuela. AFRICAN CICHLIDS FOR SALE LEAVING THE HOBBY. Prefers meaty, protein-rich feedsAdult Size:7Recommended Tank Size:75+ gallonsCompatibility:Peaceful, but can be territorial towards other plecos, Preferred Water ParameterspH: 6.5 7.5Temp: 78-82FAmmonia: 0ppmNitrite: 0ppmNitrate: <30ppm. One for $10 or two for $18. They are a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts who are looking to add some variety to their tank. Hypostomus plecostomus Common Pleco 5-6cm. These parameters are easy to maintain even by beginner aquarists. Actually, there are two mimetic species that hide behind that L-number, which are often confused, although they belong to even different genera. Green Phantom Pleco, like most fish, prefers fresh foods over prepared dry food. 16. If insufficient caves are provided, these plecos will continuously battle for the best homes and can do serious damage to each other. 5-6cm $90 each Discover the Fascinating World of Catfish with Aquaholics Online! Business hours. The L200 Green Phantom Pleco also known as Hemiancistrus Subviridis has beautiful olive green skin and distinctive yellow spots along its body. These fish are shy and nocturnal and will need specific items in the aquarium. They are very passive and peaceful fish that will mind their own business. These freshwater fish need ample bottom space so the gallon that your aquarium can hold might not always be the best way to calculate how many plecos you can keep in your aquarium. Pair of glass catfish $20 $50ea Bagged ready on pick-up Will not reply to email. Bd x Leo Bd x Leo/motoro/bd Pure black diamonds They are olive-green in color with lime green spots that grow more dense on the head. DOA's must be reported the day of arrival and be accompanied by an emailed photo to ensure refund. They are 4cm . 2x 30cm NO EMAILS. Sale Sold Out Sold Out Add to wishlist L397 Alenquer Tiger Pleco 3cm. This is to ensure they live a happy and healthy life in your tank. At Philkotse, you can explore the latest deals on Mitsubishi L200 for sale with images, features, specs, and prices. $300.09 for all 3. Tiger platy Prefers meaty, protein-rich feeds Adult Size: 7 Recommended Tank Size: 75 gallons Compatibility: Peaceful, but can be territorial towards other similar plecos, Preferred Water Parameters pH: 6.5 7.5 Temp: 78-82F Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: <30ppm, 2021 Aqua-Imports | www.aqua-imports.com, Tissue Culture, Cupped & Misc.

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