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For more information please contact Sam Howellon 01282 704716 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. The programme gives talented young players between the ages of 16 and 18 the chance to combine academic studies with practical football experience. He has thoroughly enjoyed the training after joining aged seven, the coaches and methods used by the development centre has had an incredibly strong and positive effect on him as a person and player., Simon Cairnes agrees:When the boys play against other opposition, their superior skills, positioning and tactical knowledge really shines through and shows just how well they are coached.. BURNLEY ACADEMY Turf Moor, Harry Potts Way. Find trials by searching your local County including a, A list of clubs offering trials, enabling you to find the trial that. BCFC Community Trust are proud to have spearheaded the Junior Blues Football Programme for over 10 years, and we now are looking for the next generation of Midlands based talent. If you are a current Under 16, send your football CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. Training takes the format of age-appropriate activities to optimise development at different ages. IMPORTANT! document.getElementById('cloak0ab008a91ccdb6ec173d14f52a4af372').innerHTML = '';var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to';var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '=';var addy0ab008a91ccdb6ec173d14f52a4af372 = 'n.mottram' + '@';addy0ab008a91ccdb6ec173d14f52a4af372 = addy0ab008a91ccdb6ec173d14f52a4af372 + 'burnleyfc' + '.' + 'com';var addy_text0ab008a91ccdb6ec173d14f52a4af372 = 'n.mottram' + '@' + 'burnleyfc' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloak0ab008a91ccdb6ec173d14f52a4af372').innerHTML += ''+addy_text0ab008a91ccdb6ec173d14f52a4af372+'<\/a>';orThis email address is being protected from spambots. This is Velocity/ALK's first investment in UK sport. boys who live in Hounslow, Ealing, Richmond, Hillingdon and Spelthorne. You can join Tony's Soccer School and, Locations of Football trials where they are operated, Information relating to everything concerning the youth and, Information of Other Premier League Academies, New trials dates are as follows: Saturday 27th June 11.30-1pm @ Nelson and Colne College, Scotland Road, BB9 7YT Saturday 4th July 11-1pm @ Nelson and Colne College, Scotland Road, BB9 7YT Wednesday 15th July 3-5pm @ Nelson and Colne College, Scotland Road, BB9 7YT Tuesday 21st July 3-5pm @ Nelson and Colne College, Scotland Road, BB9 7YT Sign up for a trial on line by visiting www.burnleyfccommunity.org/ncc. All registered players with Tony's, Soccer School, who are seeking or attended. Experience working at academy level to first team . The programme is funded by The FA and Sport England and was launched in 2013 to get women and girls aged 14 and over to start, and continue, playing football using the reach Football League Trusts and Premier League to deliver at grassroots. The BFC Shadow Youth Team is a fantastic opportunity for, young people keen to develop their talent on the football. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The Academy continually supports West Midland District Schools at both primary and secondary level allowing the use of the training facilities for prestigious games in their calendar. Each week, the full hour of football activity follows astructured plan that will progress each child week by week, ensuring the children benefitphysically, socially and psychologically. Trial for Burnley FC Women Junior teams! Please send all application forms to Simon at This email address is being protected from spambots. document.getElementById('cloakf719315d11241d4f43af752386a5a1e1').innerHTML = '';var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to';var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '=';var addyf719315d11241d4f43af752386a5a1e1 = 'jordan.collins' + '@';addyf719315d11241d4f43af752386a5a1e1 = addyf719315d11241d4f43af752386a5a1e1 + 'cambridge-united' + '.' + 'co' + '.' + 'uk';var addy_textf719315d11241d4f43af752386a5a1e1 = 'jordan.collins' + '@' + 'cambridge-united' + '.' + 'co' + '.' + 'uk';document.getElementById('cloakf719315d11241d4f43af752386a5a1e1').innerHTML += ''+addy_textf719315d11241d4f43af752386a5a1e1+'<\/a>'; Your Genuine & Official Application for Trials at Port Vale Academy -Please note that in accordance with FA Premier League rules trials can only be offered to players in theUnder 9 to Under 11 age groupif the player lives withinone hour'straveling time of Port Vale Academy. football trials 2021. december trials 2021; football trials 2022. january trials 2022; february trials 2022; march trials 2022; april trials 2022; may trials 2022; june trials 2022; Please note, players invited to sign for the Academy must live within 1 hour of the training venue (up to the Under 12 age group) or within 1.5 hours if Under 13/14. REA Reading 14:00 This gives the very best talent the very best chances of success, thus growing our home grown talent for the international stage. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak7a4db76eb592c4bb900ecb26f30266c3').innerHTML = '';var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to';var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '=';var addy7a4db76eb592c4bb900ecb26f30266c3 = 'g.avery' + '@';addy7a4db76eb592c4bb900ecb26f30266c3 = addy7a4db76eb592c4bb900ecb26f30266c3 + 'burnleyfc' + '.' + 'co' + '.' + 'uk';var addy_text7a4db76eb592c4bb900ecb26f30266c3 = 'g.avery' + '@' + 'burnleyfc' + '.' + 'co' + '.' + 'uk';document.getElementById('cloak7a4db76eb592c4bb900ecb26f30266c3').innerHTML += ''+addy_text7a4db76eb592c4bb900ecb26f30266c3+'<\/a>'; HOME VENUE Gawthorpe Training Ground ADDRESS Habergham Drive. This website employs cookies to improve user experience. http://stockportcountyacademy.co.uk/trials/, RUGBY TOWN FC TRIAL - YR 11/12 FULL TIME FOOTBALL BTEC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. Head of Player Recruitment at Birmingham City Simon JonesThis email address is being protected from spambots. Are you male and aged between 16 and 18 years old? Many players are lucky enough to find themselves in the right places when scouts are watching games, but Burnley are also very aware that good talent can slip through the net, so do offer players the chances to directly contact them with the below details. At the end of each block of training sessions, players will be given a personalised, constructive report, based upon their performances and developments. document.getElementById('cloak791287fccdd56466bf0f6d17c5737cc4').innerHTML = '';var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to';var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '=';var addy791287fccdd56466bf0f6d17c5737cc4 = 'daz.waring' + '@';addy791287fccdd56466bf0f6d17c5737cc4 = addy791287fccdd56466bf0f6d17c5737cc4 + 'scunthorpe-united' + '.' + 'co' + '.' + 'uk';var addy_text791287fccdd56466bf0f6d17c5737cc4 = 'daz.waring' + '@' + 'scunthorpe-united' + '.' + 'co' + '.' + 'uk';document.getElementById('cloak791287fccdd56466bf0f6d17c5737cc4').innerHTML += ''+addy_text791287fccdd56466bf0f6d17c5737cc4+'<\/a>'; For general Trials with Kings Lynn Town FC please emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. TRIAL DATES: Thursday 3rd June 2021, Accrington & Rossendale College, 9-11am Tuesday 13th July 2021, Nelson & Colne College, 9-11am On 26 May, West Bromwich Albion announced the signing of John Swift. Club News. Sport About Us Moor for your Future Premier League Primary Stars Premier League Inspires Premier League Inspires Challenge Premier League Changemakers Education About Us Premier League Kicks Disability Sport Project Veterans Programme It's Your Turf! The last date to apply for the scholarship will be 31st July 2020. Garhwal Heroes Football Club Scouting, New Delhi. document.getElementById('cloak6c1c3ba91b08b8927ae6bfdb6e5672b1').innerHTML = '';var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to';var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '=';var addy6c1c3ba91b08b8927ae6bfdb6e5672b1 = 'Jordan.clark' + '@';addy6c1c3ba91b08b8927ae6bfdb6e5672b1 = addy6c1c3ba91b08b8927ae6bfdb6e5672b1 + 'dorkingwanderers' + '.' + 'com';var addy_text6c1c3ba91b08b8927ae6bfdb6e5672b1 = 'Jordan.clark' + '@' + 'dorkingwanderers' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloak6c1c3ba91b08b8927ae6bfdb6e5672b1').innerHTML += ''+addy_text6c1c3ba91b08b8927ae6bfdb6e5672b1+'<\/a>'; Info on: BTEC & A-Levels Representing @DorkingWDRS & @DWFCLadies Career & Higher Education Pathways. Shop. home. The 2021-22 season was Burnley 's sixth consecutive season in the Premier League and the 140th year in their history. combine academic studies with practical football experience. Previously, Category three clubs could only recruit talent within a 90 minute travelling time to the academy, but the FA have reconsidered this following thinking that the best talent should only fairly be allowed to play in the best academies even if they do not live nearby. Burnley kept up their push for a return to the Premier League with a 1-0 win at Stoke which restored their three-point lead over Sheffield United at the top of the Championship.. more 22.12.2022 17:17 Belgaum United Football Academy Selection Trials. Apply Here You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The Academy is underpinned and supported by a vast network within the Community Department consisting of Pre-Academy, Centre . Add your CV. Wrestling #2 div I . You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I look forward to welcoming a selection of young players to the Barnfield Training Centre later in the year, assessing the talent on offer and hopefully ending the search by offering a place on our academy to a player with the talent to follow their dreams into the Premier League., Darren Peries, founder and CEO of AiSCOUT said: This is the first time a Premier League Club will undertake an open, public trial via the AiSCOUT app. FOOTBALL ACADEMY TRIALS FOR OVER 21 ADULTS OVER 21 ADULT FOOTBALL ACADEMY TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIP OVER 21 ADULT FOOTBALL TRIALS LEAGUE 2 CLUBS PREMIERSHIP OVER 21 ADULT FOOTBALL ACADEMY TRIALS OVER 21 ADULT FOOTBALL ACADEMY TRIALS LIST BY COUNTRY OVER 21 TRIALS PREMIER LEAGUE CLUBS OVER 21 ADULT FOOTBALL TRIALS BY DATES OVER 21 FOOTBALL TEAM TRIALS Please select a link below to register for a place: For more information, please contact Tom Bryan, Academy Head of Recruitment: This email address is being protected from spambots. http://www.burnleyfccommunity.org/bfc_syt/, > MARCH 2023 - PRO FOOTBALL TRIALS IN MARCH 2023, > APRIL 2023 - PRO FOOTBALL TRIALS IN APRIL 2023, > MAY 2023 - PRO FOOTBALL TRIALS IN MAY 2023, > JUNE 2023 - PRO FOOTBALL TRIALS IN JUNE 2023, > JULY 2023 - PRO FOOTBALL TRIALS IN JULY 2023, > AUGUST 2023 - PRO FOOTBALL TRIALS IN AUGUST 2023, > SEPTEMBER 2023 - PRO FOOTBALL TRIALS IN SEPTEMBER 2023, > OCTOBER 2023 - PRO FOOTBALL TRIALS IN OCTOBER 2023, > NOVEMBER 2023 - PRO FOOTBALL TRIALS IN NOVEMBER 2023, > DECEMBER 2023 - PRO FOOTBALL TRIALS IN DECEMBER 2023, > JANUARY 2023 - 2024 - PRO FOOTBALL TRIALS IN JANUARY 2023 - 2024, > ALL FOOTBALL TRIAL - DATES, DAYS IN 2023 - 2024, FOOTBALL ACADEMY TRIALS AFC HAYES - ADULT MALE, SHEFFIELD UNITED FC ACADEMY TRIALS FOOTBALL TRIALS, BARNET FC OPEN FOOTBALL TRIALS - ACADEMY - APPLY HERE, NORTHERN PREMIER - NORTH WEST TRIALS - L8 S4, NORTHERN PREMIER - SOUTH EAST TRIALS - L8 S4, SOUTHERN DIVISION 1 - CENTRAL TRIALS - S8 - L4, SOUTHERN DIVISION 1 - SOUTH TRIALS - S8 L4, ISTHMIAN LEAGUE - SOUTH EAST TRIALS - S8 L4, ISTHMIAN LEAGUE - SOUTH CENTRAL TRIALS - S8 L4, Medals for player of the week, most improved and best attitude, A chance to be recommended to our player development centre, A visit from a Burnley FC first team player*. Burnley Football Club - Home of The Clarets. The programme focuses on having fun as well as the social and health benefits of playing football. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. They are actively looking for upcoming talent to join their academy, and are very selective about who gets in, as competition is tough. Burnley FC will use artificial intelligence to identify the next generation of football stars as part of a new partnership with talent identification platform AiSCOUT. For further information, get in touch by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. The childrenare coachedin a relaxed environment, where the focus is on fun and developing the child as a whole. The Burnley FC Shadow Youth Team (SYT) programme is delivered by Burnley FC in the Community staff in partnership with the Nelson and Colne College Group. Burnley FC Shadow Youth Team Trials - Registration Form The criteria that must be met for players/students to register for and attend a Shadow Youth Team trial are: You must be a UK or Irish citizen. The PDC will run for a block of 12 weeks at a time. Interested in a career in football? Now they come to Aggborough looking to put more distance between themselves and those battling for survival, that gap currently at three points, though Boston . You must be selected to have a trial at Burnley Academy, so it is important that players are spotted in the right places at the right times. We simply provide available information to send football CV's to clubs and academies, along with any available information on any trials coming up. Ronaldinho's 18-year-old son Joao de Assis Moreira has signed a contract with Barcelona and will join the club's fabled La Masia academy after impressing on an initial trial with the Catalan giants. The Football Association have allocated Watford FC CSE Trust the new 'FA Girls Emerging Talent Centre,' with the main aims of increasing the number of environments to support player transition from participation to excellence, creating a wide base to the pathway that's fully inclusive and accessible to all players, and creating a diverse player pool of . Join the Junior Blues! Contact addresses & information for clubs in the same league. Damian Christian, whose son attends our FDC, said:We would like to thank the Brentford FC Football Development Centre and all the coaching staff for helping with Frankies footballing progress.

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