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Clean yet punchy mic pre. Keep a look out for an API A2D - 2 channels of 512 style pre, plus really good conversion and great features (like output trim, so you can run the pre really hot for more saturation/aggressive tone), all ina convenient 1RU format (no separate power supply or host hardware required) - and they can often be found used for under $1000. 5501 U.S. Hwy 30 W, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 En primer lugar, el API 512v incluye un control de nivel de salida justo debajo del potencimetro de ganancia de entrada. 5 Proven Steps to Succeed in the Music Business, I can help you enter the music industry. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. We've never played follow the leader or settled for just \"good enough.\" With a relentless drive to provide the best experience, products, knowledge, and service, our first concern is always for you and your gear needs. From your first quality microphone to the console you dream about owning and everything in between, Vintage King is about creating quality sound. The 512v uses the same circuitry as o . Keep learning about Difference Between Preamp + Audio Interface by reading this article for more information. Dass der API 512c klanglich als hochwertig einzustufen ist, darin kann ich mich meinen Vorrednern nur anschlieen. The API 512v is a mic / line / instrument preamp, world famous for its ability to provide a low noise (-129 EIN) and unusually good sounding front end for all types of audio applications. . This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The brand new 512v changes things up by featuring a variable output level control that allows engineers to bypass the need for any external signal attenuation. This API 512v mic preamp is perfect for singers and entertainers that need a lot of volume. Use this URL to link directly to this page. If a Neve 1073 is a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow classically British, [], API has given the much-loved 512 preamp an overhaul. If youre running the 512v hard without the 3:1 tap reduction, you have the option of using the output attenuator to protect the next stage in your audio chain from being overloaded, should that be necessary. Want more vintage iron in your sound? Very easy to browse! Gear Head. MSRP: $ 945.00 $ 895.00. Turning that control clockwise to zero attenuation added a further 6dBto the output level. Find a melody composer to make your song memorable. The API 512c has become known as an indispensable tool in the studio and the 512v continues this legacy. It may not display this or other websites correctly. However, because of its placement in this particular unit it is now hanging off to one side where there are less millimetres for room restrictions with other 500 series equipment nearby and may potentially touch them if they're also at outer edges. It features 65 dB gain, so you can be as loud as possible without distortion. 512c has taken the world of sound engineering by storm. Free shipping. In earlier designs, the user could select 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 output ratios, the last two providing passive signal voltage gain. It is a rare occasion that you can see full size capacitors and resistors on display, but luckily there are still some at the local store. Standard model 795. or Best Offer. The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publishers. The beauty of the entire API 500 Series is its long-term flexibility and lasting value - especially when you consider that needs change over time. (5) $ 850 .25. hope my tidbit maybe helps. The API 512v is a line/instrument preamp with 45 dB of gain. Features, Mic Preamp, Front and Back Panel Mic Input Access, Line/Instrument . https://reverb.com/item/7363122-black-lion-audio-b12a-preamp-api-312-clone, https://www.gearslutz.com/board/so-much-gear-so-little-time/1003354-describe-preamp-color.html, http://phoenixaudio.net/products/drs-q4m/, http://www.smproaudio.com/index.php/en/products/500-series, 2023: The Year Epiphone Became Unaffordable, Don't store picks in zip bags for too long. Mike Hillier looks to see whats been done to improve on an industry-standard piece of kit Details Manufacturer API Price $995.00 Contact Source Distribution Web www.apiaudio.com The 512 preamp is an American classic. It's not good. For more on why you might want to use that, see the 'Gain' box. Get your FREE eBook on how to skyrocket your music career. The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publishers. If you're a guitarist looking for the most gain with your buck, then it's time to get acquainted with some 500-series gear. the 512C and 512V. American Standard Pitch Notation, a true work of evil. Although the apparent relative positions of the first 2520 and the Cinemag and 2503 transformers remain pretty much as they were in the 512c, fitting in the second 2520 has required additional components, which have necessitated a practically wholesale move to surface-mount devices (SMD) in the 512v. The API 512v delivers that legendary console sound! The first 2520 transformer in each board was moved over to make room for this second Cinemag unit. The 73 while a good pre is in the neve camp and not api. Offering an impressive 65 dB of gain, the . It seems unlikely any changes were made to this part of the original design. Sweetwater Sales Engineers help you buy music gear with confidence. Nor do I care. The mysterious front-panel switch that I mentioned is, in fact, another attenuator that works by changing tap selection at the 2503 output transformer to 3:1. For assistance in better understanding the content of this page or any other page within this website, please call 888.653.1184 during normal business hours. The 512s came along later as stand alone units for the lunchboxes. Essentially, the additional 2520 acts as a buffer between the attenuator and the output transformer. A third of the US population are paying $120 a year on music streaming. Could someone describe how the API "sound" is different form the Neve "sound". Very good and flexible preamp! SSL 500-Series SiX Channel. Our Sales Engineers are a world-class team of music gear experts whose sole job is to provide you with helpful advice and unparalleled service completely free of charge. Dass der API 512c klanglich als hochwertig einzustufen ist, darin kann ich mich meinen Vorrednern nur anschlieen. With the API 512v, recording has never been easier. Compared to the Brent Averill 312, the 512C has a warranty, decent metering, and a slightly cleaner and more hi-fi sound. The lunch-box size 312 modules that are out there are modified 312 cards. This is especially considering how narrow these margins were set from start-to-finish across all five models overall. API celebrate half a century of their iconic preamp design with a reissue for the 500 series. At this level of 500-series price and performance, youll probably be looking at, amongst others, units such as the Neve 1073LB, the Sunset Sound S1P Tutti, the Electrodyne 501, the BAE 1073MPL, the Chandler Little Devil, the Shadow Hills Mono GAMA and the RND Portico 517. By any standard, the API 512v is a superb microphone preamplifier with its own distinctive sonic signature. Pro Audio. $1,190 12. With its unique, internally illuminated buttons and newly positioned output attenuator knob that is black-centred beneath the gain control, this sleek mixer will be sure to impress any mix engineer looking for something different. That's where you come in! Everyone should try it outat least one time ;-) When running the 512v hard without a 3:1 tap reduction, you have two options for protecting your audio chain from being overloaded. SONG NAME" what a wonderful name for a(n) GENRE song! The 527 Compressor/Limiter makes use of the 2510 and 2520 Discrete Op-amps and exhibits the reliability, long life, and signature sound which are characteristic of API products. Mic Preamps . One minor change to note is that the signed inspection label on the 512v has had to move from its PCB position on the 512c to the side of the 2503. 0VU into its ideal gap in my Radial 500-series rack to get ready for testing with two other interrelated pieces of equipment: an Audio GAL 9000E Hearing Test Amplifier (which meters preamplified decibel levels) and MOTU 896 Digital Console from MSC Soft labs. I'm really close to getting either 2 of Brent's 312A's, or 2 API 512c's in a lunchbox. Brilliant! American Standard Pitch Notation, a true work of evil. It works well in acoustic guitar or percussion instrumentation when using DPA microphones on stage without any distortion at very loud volumes. There is a new button on the front of this interface that you'll want to pay attention too. Shortly after the release of the their first console, API quickly became the leading console manufacturer for radio and television networks. In particular, this preamps phase linearity makes it apopular choice for recording transientrich material, such as drums, and the output transformers unusual construction bestows the preamp with lowlevel but appealing lowfrequency distortion properties. 30-Day Return Policy. $50. API 512v - Microphone Preamplifier 500 Series (Ex-Demo), Microphone Preamplifier 500 Series. The The intuitive design of the 512v made it easy to figure out. Prices include VAT. Ich betreibe nun schon sechs Jahre vier Einheiten und mchte aber doch . New Release: EDM Expanse (Construction Kits). http:///www.lanauestudi.comApi 512c vs Golden Age Project Pre 573. Please note: this item is available for purchase in the United States only. The API 512v is a high-quality, 3:1 output transformer tap selection for your amplifier or powered PA system. This is useful if you want to maintain privacy while playing in public or singling, but still have some level for soloing with friends at home. The API 512v is a 500 series mic/line/instrument preamp that expands upon the legendary sound of the original 512c preamp. . SSL 500-Series VHD+ Preamp. All buttons are now internally illuminated when active. Its design has not changed in decades, but it still packs quite an emotional punch when played loud or soft. API Audio 512v Preamp. Impressively, the only gain bunching, acommon issue with cheaper preamps, occurs at the very bottom of the gain controls rotation, and the rest of the range is pleasingly uniform. The API 512v is a 500 series mic/line/instrument preamp that expands upon the legendary sound of the original 512c preamp. With its wide dynamic range, low noise floor as well extra headroom on your mic or instrument tracks it will provide you with crystal clear sound that can't be found anywhere else. Phone Hours | 500 Series Discrete Mic/Line/Instrument Preamp with Output Level Control and 3:1 Output Transformer Tap Switch, API 512V 500 Series Discrete Microphone Preamp, Music background: Music Engineer/Composer, Music background: Studio Musician, Recording Artist, Music background: Singer/songwriter, music production, Music background: guitarist, song writer and programmer, Thank you for your request. Feel free to copy anything from this article. The second harmonic distortion is coloured blue (low level) and red (high level), while the third harmonic is green (low) and orange (high). Op-Amp. A New Take On The 512c. . TRS inputs on the 512c have been replaced with a combo input which makes a lot of sense and frees up space for the additional 3:1 switch and the output pot.At this point, you might be asking yourself what the use is for an output 3:1 switch, when the 512v comes with an output attenuator? call avedis (toll free) at brent averill's he will explain the difference in 10 seconds to my retarded half an hour. The API 512v is actually an API 512c with one important exception - it features a variable output designed to meet the needs of audio professionals using DAW's or other input level-sensitive devices in their workflow. Transient detail is incredibly fast; the low-end is weighty but its the midrange where the signature 512 sound comes through the most, producing an aggressive, meaty tone, which is also the reason why these preamps end up being used for so many rock-guitar recordings. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. New Release: EDM Expanse (Construction Kits). Questions? Heads Up SoSer's - When SSDs Fail, They Fail Catastrophically! The latest member in this dynasty has some tweaks that are sure to please anyone who loves these sound engineers. Weve grown accustomed to the attack of the 512c and the 512v gives you the same sound. SSL 500-Series VHD+ Preamp. With the new API 512v, the storied pro audio brand has taken its most versatile pre amp, the API 512c, and tweaked it to be a better fit into the workflow of DAW users.Utilizing the same exact circuitry created for the original API 512c by Saul Walker, the API 512v changes things up by featuring a variable output level control that allows engineers to bypass the need . Since the placement of the 2503 in the 512v seems to use up virtually every millimetre of the 500-series hardware width specification, if that label starts lifting (as it had on the review unit) then it may well catch on the front panel of a neighbouring unit in the rack especially if that particular unit is on the outer edges of the 500-series hardware lateral tolerance. The curious clockwise rotation confused us for a few seconds but once we realized how that worked, set up was quick and simple. With the 512v, you get an API console-grade microphone preamplifier with traditional discrete circuitry, in a design that's flexible, expandable, and portable. Nov 25, 2017. Buying music gear can be complicated, but your Sweetwater Sales Engineer is here to help. Internally, there's 512c's Cinemag input transformer with 2520 op-amp and 2503 output transformers joined by another module that contains two compact Panasonic DPDT surface mount relays. The capi pre's are great but then you need a 500 rack. First, API fitted the 512v with an output level control just below the input gain knob. However there are some new additions here as well such as silver knob design (which provides easier adjustments)and metering scale starting at 18dB instead 17. With its gain held back the 512v produces a clear, warm, punchy, dynamic sound with a crisp high end, a detailed mid-range and a really solid bass. The API 512v 500 Series mic pre gives you all the features - and legendary sound - of the 512c, with a couple of valuable additions. The 512V solves that with an output knob! Neve 1272 vs. API 512c for general recording. Oh, and the 312s were actually cards that fit into the larger input modules of early API consoles. My measurements, taken with an Audio Precision analyser, also confirmed that while the technical performance is obviously not current stateoftheart, it is certainly very good for a50yearold design. We'd love to save your interests, but first we need to know who you are! But because SMD components take up less space than through-hole ones, you can see why it made sense from an engineering perspective. 512V, and 512c mic preamps. With its simple integration and ability to drive output harder or softer depending on what you need for your project, it's no wonder that this mic preamp is so popular with professionals around the world.

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